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Bits and Pieces

by Linzy 23rd Mar 2010 | 14 comments

As the post titles suggests, these are a few snippets of news that don’t really justify a whole news post to themselves.

1. Tim has won two Green Room awards in cabaret for the best artiste and best original songs. Unfortunately he wasn’t even nominated for best male dancer. The full list of nominations and recipients can be found here.

2. Tim has also won a Chortle award for best music or variety act. Looks like he’s going to need a bigger mantelpiece for all these trophies. The rest of the winners can be seen here.

3. Speaking of awards, a portrait of Tim, done by the artist, Sam Leach, is a finalist for the Archibald Prize, which is regarded as one of the most prestigious Australian art awards. The painting, along with the other finalists can be seen here.

4. ‘So F**king Rock Live’ is being repeated on e4, in the UK, yet again, on Saturday at 11pm. Not that we’re saying you should watch it because it’s already been on three times, and you’ve probably got the DVD too, but just so you know.

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Sharongayle on 26th of March 2010

Congratulations goes to Sam Leach for winning the Archibald Prize with a portrait of the great Tim Minchin. Job well done ..

26th March 2010

Patrick on 24th of March 2010

I love the painting. Well done Tim and Sam

Sam on 23rd of March 2010

Well done Tim, I feel your finally getting the appreciation you deserver. Yes I have watched it all 3 times and yes I do have it on DVD, but I promise you, I shall be watching it again. Sam – one of the E4 generation ;)

Melissa on 23rd of March 2010

I’m watching So F**king Rock on DVD right now :D

Helen on 23rd of March 2010

Wow! Big congratulations on all of those!! I have watching So F**king Rock Live everytime on E4, and i have the DVD, but ill watch it on Saturday anyway :D Fanstatic that you are getting the recognition you deserve xox

Lou on 23rd of March 2010

Yay for you! Glad to see that you are getting the recognition you deserve me dear!

forestfreak on 23rd of March 2010

i meant Tim obviously.

forestfreak on 23rd of March 2010

im, keep doing what you/we love!
I LOVE that painting, makes me kinda want to nibble on the toes. Very well painted indeed!

Danielle Lavigne on 23rd of March 2010

I’m glad you won because you’re so f*cking rock.

Tom Beasley on 23rd of March 2010

Congratulations on the recognition Tim. It’s nice to see that awards ceremonies are actually capable of recognising true talent once in a while.

Ellen paaal on 23rd of March 2010

Woohoo, i feel like a proud mother:), liked the painting very much also, it was pretty. hope the awards are also pretty!

Laura C on 23rd of March 2010

Oh how fabulous – Very pleased for you x

Tracey/rm on 23rd of March 2010

Thrilled with your awards, I mean, not at the possibility at becoming the new Friends.

Tracey/rm on 23rd of March 2010

1) Yay!
2) Yay!
3) Wow, and indeed Yay! (for Sam Leach, obviously)
4) Again? wow. Perhaps Tim is becoming the new “Friends”….

I hope you’re thrilled, Tim.

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