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Archibald Winner

by Linzy 26th Mar 2010 | 9 comments

You know how on Tuesday we mentioned that Sam Leach’s portrait of Tim was one of the finalists for the Archibald Prize, one of Australia’s most prestigious art awards? Well, it’s only gone and won!

Leach said he approached Tim to do a portrait, “primarily because I really like his style of comedy,” as well as seeing parallels between the pair’s lives.

“The topics he deals with – social commentary, the appeal to reason over religion and that kind of thing – tie in with my work.

“But in a funny way I also see my career reflected in his. His career is much bigger than mine but we became successful in our fields almost simultaneously and our first and second children were also born about the same time.”

He continued, “It was very important for me to get the toes in because he performs with bare feet and I was very happy with them.”

Tim gave this statement about his portrait: “What I like about my portrait is that it’s clear young Samuel has really put some effort into it. I particularly like how he made my lounge room floor look so clean – this will please my mother – and I’m seriously considering buying a print.”

Click the thumbnail to see the full prize-winning portrait.

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Karen Pearson on 27th of March 2010

that should be ‘print’ blush

Karen Pearson on 27th of March 2010

Love it, Well done to all involved. I want a pring :)

C.J. on 27th of March 2010

A Complete standout! I adore it. Amazing intensity for such a small piece. My sincerest Congratulations to all concerned! WOOT!

Chick on 27th of March 2010

Loved Tim’s idea of being crucified to a neon cross. One can only imagine….next year’s Archibald anyone?

Elaine on 26th of March 2010

….”F**k I love boobs though…” Thanks for your confession, Tim, though it doesn’t scan as well as the other verses… ;-)

Beautiful painting. Wonderful subject. Well-deserved prize. :-)

tim on 26th of March 2010

Just like to acknowledge that my “statement” is stolen. They asked for a comment and I panicked and plagiarised one of my favourite Tony Law bits: “I don’t know much about art, but I just want to know someone has put some effort into it. If I see a painting and it looks like someone’s really put some time and effort into it, I’ll take a print”. Or something like that.
Confession over.

Anne on 26th of March 2010

Time to play White Wine In The Sun again…

Luke on 26th of March 2010

“Tim Minchin is the most beautiful thing of 2010” – The Art World

All we really want is affirmation. Congrats Tim, I would have loved to see the painting of you on a neon cross though.

kaen on 26th of March 2010

amazing painting number one .
that just put’s tim where he should be (number 1)
going to check it out.

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