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September 2010

This new video trailer for Matilda A Musical features some of the instrumental score written by Tim and is the first opportunity to hear it. Excitingness indeed!

It can also be viewed on the Matilda A Musical website or the RSC YouTube Channel.

Now that the rehearsals have started, the RSC also have announced the cast details: Three schoolgirls are to play Matilda, the special little girl with extraordinary powers, with three teams of children sharing the other child roles. The adult team of actors includes Lauren Ward as the lovely Miss Honey, and Bertie Carvel as the formidable head mistress Miss Trunchbull. Paul Kaye takes the role of Matilda’s father, Mr Wormwood with Josie Walker playing his wife and Matilda’s mother, Mrs Wormwood. Peter Howe plays Michael, Matilda’s brother. Comedy fans will remember Paul Kaye, the award-winning comedian and actor,  who has had TV roles in Skins, and Pulling. He is also known for his celebrity interviewer character, Dennis Pennis and for voicing characters in Mongrels, BBC Three’s “first urban, multi-species, adult, puppet comedy.”

The full casting information can be found here on the RSC website.

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Tim is doing a one-off show at the RSC next January. It is called: Tim Minchin (Conversation With) and is on Sunday 16th January 2011 at 7:30 pm at the The Courtyard Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon.

You’ve probably heard that the RSC are putting on Matilda A Musical and that Tim has written the music and lyrics. Well there is a matinee that afternoon too, if anyone fancies combining the two for a Matilda/Tim day. More information about Matilda A Musical can be found at the official RSC site here.

The RSC will release tickets, for Tim Minchin (Conversation With), to members on the 15th September, with public booking opening on 11th October. However, the wise amongst you might make sure you are on Tim’s mailing list and check back with this blog from time to time…*wink*

In other news: the rehearsals for Matilda A Musical start on Monday- exciting! The RSC will be be posting a few updates on their Twitter feed throughout the day here: @TheRSC

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