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If you fancy rocking in the UK New Year in an irreverent, hilarious and at the last gorgeously sentimental manner with a mischievous Australian musician, then you’ll be pleased to hear that Tim’s going to be on E4 at 23.35 on New Year’s Eve.

The show is billed as Tim Minchin: Live and seems to include inaccurate listings information giving details of his ‘Ready For This?’ show.  It is described as a repeat, so it is more likely to be a re-showing of ‘So F**king Rock’: a 2 hour performance recorded at The Bloomsbury Theatre in London in 2008. It contains material from ‘Dark Side’ and ‘So Rock’ including Inflatable You, Rock n Roll Nerd, Canvas Bags, Dark Side, Angry (Feet), You Grew On Me, Peace Anthem for Palestine, Mitsubishi Colt and lots more.

Witness Tim obsess about shoes and get stuck up a comedy alley…
Think “Gee, that guy’s deep…”

Happy New Year!

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CATRIONA WADDELL on 18th of January 2011

love you from nottingham glasgow bird GET YOUR SHIRT OFF, DARKSIDE YIPPEE XX

stephen grant on 13th of January 2011

i have complained to channel 4 on numerous occasions for this inaccurate listings as they have done it about 4 or 5 times now when i knew it was so f**king rock, it has annoyed me.

congratulations tim on a superb performance at the M.E.N arena it was brilliant and will live long in my memory

Candy Goodes on 5th of January 2011

Hear you have donated the profits from your Xmas song to the NAS (‘heard’ via NAS website not Hello magazine as others would have done). Wow. Thanks. No shoe wearers of the world salute you.

Christina Hanoria on 5th of January 2011

Found you on New Year’s Eve, you are WOW! Now have my 15 yr old daughter wrapped up in your rapture.

Bring it on for the next decade and beyond. Best of Luck and Thank You.

mr. left ball on 4th of January 2011


Helen Sumner on 2nd of January 2011

Happy New Year Timmy, wishing you all the best for 2011.

Linda on 2nd of January 2011

Hi- I received the Ready for this DVD from my baby girl for Christmas! clever girl as she is only 15 months! what a refreshing, breath-taking talent you are! definitely the best thing on the box this year! Thanks, Happy new year x

kyra on 1st of January 2011

happy new year!!!!

Shell on 1st of January 2011

I shall make sure he knows Andrea. It’s about time too, after all his hard work on the matter! ;)

Andrea on 1st of January 2011

Dear Shell,
Tell Tim that, starting with this day, ITALY has banned plastic bags!

Antbee001 on 1st of January 2011

What an incredibly clever man. Made my Hogmannay. Roll on 2011 x

Dan Hocknell on 1st of January 2011

Fucking Amazing. The best way to see in the New Year by far!

Sarah Whitehurst on 1st of January 2011

I couldn’t imagine a better way to bring it in! Thank goodness for E4+1 !

Much love to TIm and family

(who do i sell my soul to to sing with Tim?)

Cassie on 1st of January 2011

Tim Minchin is f**king amazing and i really really am dying to see him live. Hope to soon. Watching the live show on e4 is the best way to see in the new year!!!!!

Stells on 31st of December 2010

@Shell, You’re so right. I bow to your greater knowledge and level of nerdiness. Wow, well done to the production team for making the Bloomsbury look so photogenic. s xxx

sara newton on 31st of December 2010

this show they are repeating is the fist time i ever saw tim on E4 last year :D loved it so much when my friend heard of the tour we booked tickets and saw him in the MEN arena on the 17th of december :D AMAZING is all i can say on that :) i just thought i would give some uninteresting knowledge about my relations with the replay of the “tim minchin: live” on E4 oh and by the way im recording it again ;) love you tim <3 and your web fairies <3 happy new year to all , X.

Liz Merrey on 31st of December 2010

Amazing! You just made my year Tim x

Ellen on 30th of December 2010

Right, on the only channel my cheap Belgian TV won’t show.
Just my luck….

Cooooops on 30th of December 2010

truly brilliant!!!!!! since i watched the live show on 17th december with the orchestra i have listened to the CD countless times!!!!!! this will be the highlight of the new year!!!!! =) =) =)

Shell on 30th of December 2010

Hi Stells
The CD ‘Ready for This?’ was recorded with a band at the Queen Elizabeth Hall but the DVD ‘So F**king Rock’ was recorded at The Bloomsbury as stated above. This is the show that will be on E4, New Year’s Eve. I’m certain of this because I was at both recordings. ‘So Rock’ is an audio recording (CD) and was recorded at the Dolphin Theatre in Perth in 2006. Sorry but I’m an even greater nerd.
Shell x

Kat on 30th of December 2010

I totally HATE new year – now I’m quite looking forward to it!! Can’t fucking wait I should probably say!! YIPPEEEE!!!!!! :)

Stells on 30th of December 2010

Tim has appeared many times at the Bloomsbury but I think you’ll find that the recording of So Rock was made at the Queen Elizabeth Hall. Sorry for being a nerd.

Mary Lou on 30th of December 2010

*record* i might be out celebrating but i anit gona miss this

Cazz on 30th of December 2010

YYYYyyyyyyyaayyyyyyy!!!!! thats made my Evening worth while looking forward to!!!!!!!!!!

Martin on 30th of December 2010

haha, awesome listing information for this on my recorder:

Title – “Tim Minchin: Live: sex, death, dancing bears and ginger body hair”

Desc – “he confronts the pressing issues of the day: sex, death, dancing bears and ginger body hair”


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