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December 2010

Can’t wait a couple of months to see Tim playing with you local symphony orchestra? Well fear not because ABC2 are showing ‘Ready For This?‘ tomorrow night, 21st December, at 8:30pm!

I know you probably all have the DVD but this is the perfect time to grab your grannies, aunts, uncles and favourite pastor and introduce them to the world of Tim. Who could ask for a better Christmas present than that? I know I certainly can’t think of anything I’d like more!

You will be watching, right?

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If you missed it last time or once was not enough, you’re in luck, as there’s another chance to hear ‘Strings‘ the brand new comedy Tim wrote and starred in, for BBC Radio 2. It was first aired in May this year and will be broadcast again this Saturday 18 December 2010 at 22:30 on BBC Radio 2.

The BBC blurb describes it thusly and can be found here:

Another chance to hear Tim Minchin play Jonny, lead singer of rock band Perspex…

Blasting onto the music scene with their hit single Shag With The Stereo On, Perspex are on the cusp of becoming famous. A garrulous Glaswegian A&R man will make sure of that. But Jonny is haunted by a terrible suspicion that he’s not emotionally unstable enough to be a proper star.

A chance encounter with Verity, the beautiful lead singer of Christian pop band, In-X-Chelseas, ignites Jonny’s interest. Worlds apart but undeniably drawn to each other, will their connection lead Jonny to redemption, or supply him with the suffering he craves to create great rock.

Strings contains original songs written by Tim Minchin and performed by Perspex. It also stars Peter Serafinowicz, Will Adamsdale, Rosalie Craig, Emily Watson Howes, Dan Antopolski, Lizzie Roper and Lewis McLeod.

Strings was part of Radio 2’s ongoing Comedy Showcase series…


It should also be available to listen again via iPlayer here for 7 days once it airs.

So set up that reminder on your phone or prominently place that post-it note… Who’s gonna be listening to this for the first time then?

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Yep, it’s as exciting as it seems! Tim will be recording a new CD at his gig on Tuesday at the o2 in London, featuring the 55-piece Heritage Orchestra and a couple of others.

The deluxe double CD is available to pre-order online, as well as being available to buy immediately after the o2 gig itself! Yes, you did read that correctly.

The CD will hopefully also be available to buy on the subsequent UK tour dates as well, if you don’t want to wait for it to be posted. That said though, there will also be a digital download version available, which will also cut out your postage time too!

And for those not in the UK, yes it can be shipped internationally.

While all this is very exciting, if you are going to a forthcoming show, I’d hold off buying this CD until you’ve seen it as, in my experience, the songs are always better seen live!

Update: The o2 live recording was a limited run and has now sold out.

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A new tour means new merch! If you’re in the UK, you can now order the new merchandise online. If you missed out at the show, you’ve got no excuse now!

Products include a large selection of new t-shirts, a hoodie, badges, yes, a canvas bag, a mug and, the perfect stocking filler for your aunt, a tea towel.

To get a look at what’s on offer, click through to the shop page and take a gander to see what tempts you!

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The tour’s starting soon (tickets are still available). For those wondering the best place to discuss it excitedly with others, may I suggest the excellent fan site, Angry (Feet)?

It’s another website all about Tim, except it’s a place to revel in the company of other Tim fans! What better place could there be to talk about the tour, post your reviews and share your memories? I can’t think of any, that’s for sure.

Obviously, there are other benefits to joining up – though why you need them, I don’t know – such as the obligatory free virtual food upon your introduction and oh, the exclusive mp3s and on top of that, if you contribute enough you’ll have access to exclusive Tim news before anyone else (recent examples include pre-sale info for ‘A Conversation With’ and the two Cambridge warm up dates)!

What, you’re still here? Head on over there now and sign up!


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