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So yesterday we brought you Tim’s lovely new ‘Lullaby’ performed with part of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, which aired on Ben Elton’s Live from Planet Earth.

Well the next day, Tim performed a cover of the Crowded House classic ‘Better Be Home Soon’, on Adam Hills in Gordon St Tonight on ABC1, so it seems only fair that we share that performance with you too:

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Paul c on 16th of December 2011

Tim make a serious album your talent is there for all to see
Rock on

Lori on 26th of February 2011

Love this song and the beautiful way he sings it. I’ve had to watch this video (among other favorites) every day since discovering TIm on Conan OBrien in the USA

Michelle on 23rd of February 2011

Love this! Much as I love Tim’s comic lyrics it is nice to hear him doing a more serious song (and picking such a good quality one!) Such a talented man, still under rated if you ask me.

Helen Sumner on 23rd of February 2011

When I watched this on the TV that night it aired, I was left crying on the couch..!
Absolutely beautiful. xx

Timbo2 on 22nd of February 2011

Killer cover! Champ would be happy to hear you on a train, plane or automobile. Was great!

Lee on 21st of February 2011

Everyone feels homesick every now and again and there are days when you miss your family and friends more than others. The great TM manages to floor me everytime when he talks of home and makes me miss my mum & dad so much.

A great song, sung by a great singer songwriter.

Bev on 19th of February 2011

I love….. LOVE… Tim’s talent. Lyrical genius….. Saw him at Manchester M.E.N in December….. BRILLIANT

Mandy on 18th of February 2011

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! What more needs to be said?

Ella on 18th of February 2011

Stay in Australia please.
You’re awesome

Steph Dix on 18th of February 2011

All his serious songs seem to be about going home. He must either really miss Australia or hate London.

Emily on 18th of February 2011

Always loved that song, and hearing it from Tim has made it even more special. Come back to the UK soon! xx

Annette on 18th of February 2011

absolutely beautiful, you have the most stunning voice Tim.

Nikki on 18th of February 2011

Effortlessly beautiful! I could listen to you sing all day! Such an amazing voice! Xxx

George Mutter on 18th of February 2011

Fantastic Tim!

Susan Kenny on 18th of February 2011

fantastic voice, fantastic song! keep it up

Simeon Jones on 17th of February 2011

considering you’re a ginger, australian, barefooted, painted jezzabel, that wasn’t half bad. There might be a career in entertainment for you, have you thought of throwing in a few funnies?

Peony on 17th of February 2011

Brilliant and Beautiful.

Roger Finch on 17th of February 2011

Excellent.Full of emotion.u must release it

Amanda on 17th of February 2011

That was so so lovely, I love listening to you sing.

Kelly allum on 17th of February 2011

Beautiful ;) xxx

Izzi on 17th of February 2011

Absolutely wonderful.
I wish I could sing like this.
Hell, I wish I could do most of the things you can.

Hettie on 17th of February 2011

Oh you lovely lovely man. What a lucky wife-ington you have :)

kerrie foster on 17th of February 2011

must admit i was waiting for a fun song from tim but i love this song and think tim did it justice. Well done Mr. Minchin

Monica on 17th of February 2011

love love love.

my fave ginge genius + my fave Antipodean band + their bestest song = whadda combo!

Good work, (again) Tim.

Sophie Cusworth on 17th of February 2011

R u ok Tim?, song seems like ur a lil down. Hope ur all gd xx

alasdair on 17th of February 2011

I absolutely love this song, and this is a wonderful rendition of it….can’t help thinking of Paul Hester when I hear it – Tim would have made him laugh until he wee’d.

Amy Rothwell on 17th of February 2011

I will repeat a word that will be said many times in these comments. Simply beautiful. Tim you are amazing!

TimFanHungary on 17th of February 2011

eyebrow ^^

Patrick Spelman on 17th of February 2011

Tim this is proof that you are far more than just a comedian. Your voice changes you from just the hilarious man that you are, into the hilarious man who truly is an artist with a beautiful voice.

Laura O Brien on 17th of February 2011

:O A-mazing!!! :D

Rosemary Dexter on 17th of February 2011

Absolutely beautiful. UK seems empty without you Tim.

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