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Tim Gets Sirius (XM)

by Linzy 5th Nov 2011 | 6 comments

If you’re in America, Tim will be popping up on Sirius XM‘s Raw Dog Comedy, channel 99, this weekend! They’ll be airing an interview with him, which will be interspersed with performances of some of his stupid songs and some of his not so stupid songs. The dates and times you’ll need to hear this slice of awesomeness are as follows:

Saturday 5th November – 4pm ET
Sunday 6th November – 10pm ET

If you don’t have access to Sirius XM and still want a piece of Tim (or if you do, and want more), don’t forget that you can now grab a copy of his debut American DVD, ‘Ready For This?’ and if you’re near Providence or Chicago, then Tim has gigs there tonight and on the 10th, respectively.

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Jane Malick -Nugent on 9th of November 2011

Tim’s show in Providence, R. I. was sublime.

David on 6th of November 2011

The interviewer was kinda clueless. He didnt know anything about Tim and didnt really listen to him.

RobS on 5th of November 2011

Where is it! I’m listening online and they’re not playing Tim??

Mysticl on 5th of November 2011

Tim should pop by occupychicago and give them an impromptu I’m sure they’d enjoy it ;) I suspect there is an open mic available I know there is one in Victoria BC :)

Rebecca Kendall on 5th of November 2011

We saw Tim last night at Town Hall in NYC and he brought the house down! What a great brilliant funny witty intelligent show!!!

Karl on 5th of November 2011

Awesome. ’nuff said.

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