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Next month Tim will be heading to two more cities in Southern California to inspire, amaze and awe their residents with the perfect combination of lyrical trickery, sexy dance moves, skin-tight jeans, wonderfully coiffed hair and magical piano skills!

If you’re in the area, you’ll be able to catch Tim in Santa Barbara, at the Lobero Theater, on the 11th April 2012 and in San Diego, at the Balboa Theater, on the 12th April 2012.

Tickets for these evenings of hi-jinx and stupid songs go on sale on 9th March at 10am, however, there are presales happening for both shows – the San Diego one has already started and the Santa Barbra one is from tomorrow at 10am! The password you’ll need in both cases is SAXOPHONE. You can grab your Santa Barbara tickets from the venue’s website and you can buy your San Diego tickets from Ticketmaster.

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casey on 29th of March 2012

Just saw you at the Reason Rally in D.C. As Jonathan Ross said, “You’ve got some balls!”

Come back to Portland or Seattle and I will definitely be there to see the show!

Don on 26th of March 2012

Two shows in LA, yet not a single show in Seattle?

Derp... on 9th of March 2012

California: Land of Fruits and Nuts


Taly on 8th of March 2012

How about a visit to north Cal while you’re here?
The weather is lovely..

Marina Stern on 8th of March 2012

Come anywhere in the Pacific Northwest. Saw you in Seattle last year, would be happy to go to Portland, or anywhere within a 4-hour drive.

Brad on 8th of March 2012

Northern California is so much better! Please come to SF bay area sometime. I can’t go to Southern Cali because I am allergic to smog and arseholes. :D

mark evans on 8th of March 2012

santa cruz is a mere hop skip and jump away from santa barbara, and you’d love the funkiness of it all. come play here. please! :)

Kyle on 8th of March 2012

Come back to the Bay Area. We miss you!

shanti on 8th of March 2012

Can you hear the siren call of Arizona as she beckons you East???

Kerstin on 7th of March 2012

Oh yes, please come to Seattle!!

G~man on 7th of March 2012

I am sure you could fill a whole theater in Salt Lake City also.

Mark on 7th of March 2012

Please come to the bay area, Northern California!

Sarah on 7th of March 2012

Yet another vote for Seattle!

Lily on 7th of March 2012

Mi amor see you in San Diego!!!!!

Bridget on 7th of March 2012

Can I vote for Seattle, too?

Helena Guerrero on 7th of March 2012

Northern California????????????

Linda on 7th of March 2012

Another vote for Seattle!

Mike on 7th of March 2012

Seattle, please.

traci thomas on 7th of March 2012

so thrilled you have more shows in the U.S. coming up.. and seriously hope you can come back to Dallas, TX soon!

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