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Tim is to perform at The Secret Garden Party 2012, as it celebrates its 10th birthday, at Mill Hill Field in Abbots Ripton on the 19th to 21st July. He’ll be joined on stage by his distinguished band, Pete Clements and Brad Webb. Collectively they’ll surely have no trouble at all in complying with the Arts & Expression theme for this year: “Standing On Ceremony” despite all three being seated for most of the show…

Tickets are now being sold on a tiered system and they are available here.

More information can be found on their Facebook page and the full line up is on the festival website www.secretgardenparty.com

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Diego on 19th of July 2012

Have a stage time yet Tim?

liz on 15th of March 2012

What about camp Bestival again? Think of the pleasure to us you public, and the children!

umm... on 14th of March 2012

Adult ticket? What, you mean kids can go???? *getting hopes up*

Jilly on 14th of March 2012

Adult ticket ONLY £185! Guess I won’t be seeing you all there!

Cormac on 13th of March 2012

Hey Lorcan, google is your friend. Also what other country would name a place Abbots Ripton?

Lorcan on 13th of March 2012

Yes Tim , Very Clever, but you have a world wide following, could you find the time to be more geographically more specific?

Evan on 13th of March 2012

I really thought that “The Secret Garden Party 2012” was a new political party in Australia. What it actually is makes way more sense.

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