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Tim will be joining the lovely and hilarious Richard Herring, as the first guest, in his new London run of Podcasts at the Leicester Square Theatre on Monday 7th May 2012.

Richard Herring, who recently held on to his Chortle Internet Award crown, will be bringing his extremely popular iTunes chart topping Edinburgh Fringe Podcast to London’s Leicester Square Theatre for eight shows May – June. Typically it involves topical humour, comedy chat, improvisation, prizes and more. So, if you fancy seeing Tim jousting* with a fellow comedy knight, fashion icon and facial hair aficionado head along to the podcast recording.

If you can’t make it to the show, due to pesky geography or something, you’ll be able to catch all the episodes on iTunes and the British Comedy Guide.

Tickets and further details can be found here.

* There may not be any actual jousting due to the logistics involved.

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umm... on 22nd of March 2012

:( no actual jousting? What is this?! Jokes :mas:
holy shit. i am so used to saying that on angry (feet).

Jinny on 21st of March 2012

Looks like a differently fun kind of event. Yippee again!

Sam2 on 21st of March 2012

I had a good chuckle at the ‘pesky geography’ – so true when you live on the other side of the world. I’m stoked that it will be on iTunes. I have watched and listened to Tim’s stuff so many times, including wobbly videos uploaded by fans in the crowd at his concerts, that I’m looking forward to this new piece of Tim. It’s in the diary. Thanks!

Jilly on 21st of March 2012

It’s not pesky geography as such that’s the reason I can’t go… I could have driven for 4 hours if it had been the weekend!

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