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May 2012

Want to see Tim record a BBC Radio 4 programme? Well it’s your lucky day as he’ll be recording Chain Reaction on the 15th May at the Shaw Theatre in London.

The show is tag-team interviewing with the previous week’s interviewee become that week’s interviewer instead. Tim was interviewed by Derren Brown in January so it’s now his turn to do the interviewing, with his guest being journalist and author Caitlin Moran!

You can apply for free tickets to the recording here, but do remember that having a ticket doesn’t always mean you’ll get in, so turn up early if you’re successful.

For those unable to make it due to not being near London, the shows will be broadcast over the summer and we’ll keep you updated when air dates are confirmed.

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Imagine if Tim was cast away on a desert island and he was only allowed to take eight bits of music, one book (plus the entire works of Shakespeare and a philosophical or religious work) and one luxury item with him.

Just think about the gentle sea breeze ruffling his ratty, golden mane; the sand getting in between the hairy toes of his bare, naked feet and those warm rays of the sun as they caress his beautifully tanned, soft skin… erm… what was I saying again?

Oh yes, this is what Tim will be doing on Sunday 6th May at 11:15am on BBC Radio 4 on Desert Island Discs, so if you’re curious as to what he’d bring along with him, wherever you are in the world, be sure to tune in and find out!

Update: If you do happen to miss Mr Sandy Toes first time around, then it will be repeated on Friday 11th May at 9am and up on iPlayer shortly after it airs. The programme will also be available indefinitely as a podcast. Go here to download it once it’s available.

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