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Chain Reaction is a BBC Radio 4 chat show with a difference: There’s no regular host. Instead, each week the interviewee selects someone that they would like to interview the next week. So Tim will be on two shows being interviewed and then interviewing.

First, master of mentalism, illusionist Derren Brown, will use the mind bending technique of asking some questions to interview Tim. They discuss critical thinking, beliefs, some of the things magic and comedy have in common and things Tim…
Friday 17th August at 18:30 on BBC Radio 4.
There are lots of opportunities to catch this show as it is repeated on 18th August at 12:30 on BBC Radio 4 then on BBC Radio 4 Extra on 20th August at 23:00 and 21st August at 09:00 and 02:00.

Next, a poorly but sexily husky Tim interviews hilarious author and Times columnist Caitlin Moran as she kindly dispenses tissues. They talk about feminism in every day life and what it means personally and more widely to them both and things Caitlin…
Friday 24th August at 18:30 on BBC Radio 4.
Repeated on Saturday 25th August at 12:30 BBC Radio 4 then on BBC Radio 4 Extra on 27th August at 23:00 and 28th August at 09:00 and 02:00.

If you somehow manage to miss them on all those occasions or want to pick your moment with Tim and friends then there’s always the BBC iPlayer, where they will be up for 7 days after the initial broadcast.

Simply cannot wait until Friday? Then, for a short taster of the first interview, digitally transport yourself to the appropriate player by clicking here.

Will they talk about love, love, love…?

Update 22/08/12: You can download the podcast of the first show, with Derren, for another three days here. That’s where you should go to get the free download of the second interview with Caitlin too, available for a week after that show airs.
There’s another short taster clip of the second show up now here.

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Stephanie on 1st of October 2012

Is it possible to get these interviews in America?

Liz in Oz on 18th of August 2012

Loved the interview and could listen to Tim any time, any place. He is always so interesting and insightful, and despite all the mayhem around him, still manages to retain his true self. It is quite clear that Tim has worked amazingly hard to get where he has. Who could not wish him and his lovely family anything else but mountains of good fortune. Well done Tim – again!

M on 18th of August 2012

The first show can also be downloaded till next Friday using the Friday Night Comedy podcast feed: that’s how I came across it last night. I assume the same will apply to the second one.

susan in calif. usa on 17th of August 2012

Can this be heard on the Internet?

Tabitha Maser-Clarke on 16th of August 2012

I managed to get in to see the second interview with Caitlin Moran and Tim had such a husky voice, it was fantastic. Can’t wait to listen!

Sam2 on 16th of August 2012

Fabulous to read it will be on IPlayer for Tim’s many fans in Australia. He is always such a wonderful interviewee and we miss the fact that he never seems to be on TV. Probably just too busy!!

Alison Dark on 15th of August 2012

It’s got it’s own customised alarm. Looking forward to it!

Janine on 15th of August 2012

Thanks, it’s marked in the diary

Tom Horwat on 15th of August 2012

Excellent stuff, I will enjoy Tim chatting to Derren, .. 2 of my favourite people. Might have to listen on good ol iplayer.

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