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If you’re outside of the UK and Ireland, within Australia or the USA and want to see Tim rocking out as Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar, then you’re going to like this announcement!

We’re excited to announce that the UK arena production of Jesus Christ Superstar will be hitting the cinema screens of the USA and Australia very shortly!

Americans, you can catch the show on 29th October 2012 and 1st November 2012 in participating theatres. You can find your nearest cinema and purchase tickets over at FathomEvents.com.

UPDATE 29th Oct 2012, 21:30 GMT: Sorry to report that Fathom Events have just announced on Twitter: “Jesus Christ Superstar fans – due to circumstances beyond our control-the event scheduled for tonight & Thurs 11/1 has been cancelled”. Their account can be found¬†@fathomevents¬†and further information can be found on their Facebook page here. We’ll let you know if we hear of any developments.

In Australia, the screenings will run for a week starting on the 8th November 2012. You can find the list of cinemas showing it over at JesusChristSuperstarMovie.com.au, along with ticketing links and trailers.

As for the DVD of the show, we can confirm that it will be receiving an international release in early 2013! There are no further details at the moment but when we get more information we’ll let you know.

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Wilma on 20th of November 2012

Will be released here in Brazil too?! Or just the countries that speak english?!

Pleeease, release here! *O*

Sarah on 17th of November 2012

I took care of the Italian subtitles for the DVD ([email protected])
The show was so good that I am willing to spend the little money they gave me to buy the final product… Tim Minchin rocks! ^_^

Belvedere on 15th of November 2012

Fabulous stuff..ten thousand times better even on film than the last time I saw JCSS in Aussie..so glad I caught the film in Bendigo..can’t wait for the DVD ..even better ..the show touring next year! ..and Tim..superb just is not a good enough word for a breathtaking performance!

Cindy on 12th of November 2012

Saw Superstar on Saturday and going again tomorrow – it’s brilliant and you are brilliant in it!

facebook_steve.pretzel.7 on 12th of November 2012

Saw the film at Innaloo on Saturday. Absolutely brilliant and can’t wait to get my hands on the DVD. Only problem with seeing it at the cinema is that the sound quality – and particularly volume – left a lot to be desired.

Congrats Tim – superstar performance!

Allan on 10th of November 2012

Well what a performance! Tim stole the show. Every number he sang was a big moment. Mel C and Ben F had big moments too but Tim crafted every song into a masterpiece of music and emotion. Tim there is serious side to you and you should let it out more often. Please come to Australia soon.

Sandra on 9th of November 2012

Just saw the screening in Sydney for JCSS. Tim was fantastic. This was the best adaptation of the rock opera I’ve ever seen. Can’t wait for the DVD. Please hurry!

Bethany on 1st of November 2012

I am so excited that we will be able to see it in Australia!
It is being released in cinemas on the day of my last HSC (higher school certificate exam) I can’t think of a better way to celebrate being finished school!

jane malick-nugent on 30th of October 2012

Wrote before I read. So sorry.

jane malick-nugent on 30th of October 2012

SO disappointed that Jesus Christ Superstar was cancelled in the U.S. Any plans to reschedule?

Jonn Parker on 30th of October 2012

Amazon.co.uk has the blu-ray for pre-order. It is not region encoded!

morgan otto on 30th of October 2012

… Oh please reschedule. Sandy wrecked this show, but PLEASE reschedule

LLama on 30th of October 2012

They just cancelled all of the US showings for tonight and Nov. first. Anyone know why

Bridget on 27th of October 2012

This will tide us over in OZ until the show arrives. My brother saw it in UK and said Tom stole the showso looking forward to seeing for myself. One of my fav musicals.

Allison on 27th of October 2012

DH and I have our tickets for Monday night here in Michigan.

Holly on 26th of October 2012

I and the 4 children already have our tickets for Monday in Arizona. Tick Tock, we are very excited!

Gian on 26th of October 2012


Julie on 26th of October 2012

A thrill awaits US and Australian aydiences – Tim rocks

nellie on 26th of October 2012

would love to take my grandson, but it ends too late for a school night.
Could we have a weekend matinee?

Morgan on 26th of October 2012

I am so sad that the only play time for harrisburg pa theaters is 7:30. I get off work at 8pm. :(

Amanda on 25th of October 2012

This is so exciting! I have already pre-ordered my DVD’s and now this news that we can see it on the big screen too. And it’s on for a whole week out here in Oz – can’t wait! Has everyone else seen the interview with Tim on playing Judas? It’s at http://broadwayworld.com/videoplay.php?colid=419768

Tom on 25th of October 2012

Europe is waiting for your shows. Come to Poland! :)

Rachael on 25th of October 2012

What about us that live in Canada? We’re not that far away from the US… We should get screenings too!

gt on 25th of October 2012

So exciting!! Um…. think you may have forgotten us across the ditch :) Come on promoters – NZ please.

Chezza on 25th of October 2012

A slight squeal just escaped.

Mairead on 25th of October 2012

Can’t wait to get the DVD!! The show was absolutely amazing! :) I hope there’ll be a dvd of Matilda too???

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.