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March 2020

Photo courtesy of Patch Theatre

As many of you know, in 2019 our BACK tour generated over three quarters of a million dollars for charities in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. The beneficiaries included family & adoption services, mental health support, domestic violence shelters, music programs for underprivileged kids, and refugee support organisations.

For the 2020 encore tour, I’ve decided to donate exclusively to independent theatres. Yay. Ongoing cuts to the arts sector by our incumbent conservative federal government have hit small-to-medium arts organisations hard. I feel strongly that independent theatre is vital to the cultural health of our country. Not only because these groups produce fantastic work in their own right, but because independent theatre is the breeding ground of future mainstream artists. The huge cultural and economic impact of a big commercial show like Matilda the Musical (to choose just one close-to-home example) would not exist without the independent theatres that let Dennis Kelly and I get our hands dirty in the early days.

Below is a list of the fantastic companies we are supporting.

All of this is possible because of my generous audience members who buy the highly inflated “VIP charity seats” we sell for each show. We are also supported in our mission by Live Nation, Ticketek, APRA and the venues we play in, who all have agreed again to waive their fees on the charity tickets.

For the rest of you reading this: go see a play at an independent theatre near you! There’s so much great stuff out there, and it’s often really affordable!


Tasmania Performs
Tasmania Performs maximises opportunities for artists, ensuring their diverse voices and stories are shared across the world. With a recent focus on supporting the careers of the island’s palalwa artists.
Donations from the Hobart concerts have helped leverage a significant investment from both the State and Federal governments for a new First Nations children’s work that will tour Australia in 2021.


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