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Tim will perform the entirety of his new album, Apart Together, in a one-off concert at the iconic Trackdown Studios, to be streamed at 7pm (local time) on November 19th, to celebrate the record’s general release.

Featuring extraordinary guest musicians, 6 cameras, 11 songs, and whatever pours out of Tim’s brain in between, the concert will be available online for just 48 hours, and will only be accessible to ticket holders.



Tickets on sale NOW  – get them here.

Ticket prices: AU$15 / £10 / €15 / US$15

Once you have purchased a ticket to Tim Minchin: Apart Together you will receive details about how to access the stream on the day – Thursday 19th November 2020, up to 1 hour before the event.

The show will be accessible to you from 7.00pm (19:00) 19th November from wherever you are in the world.

You will have access to the concert for a 48-hour window. We recommend you watch at 7PM but you can choose to watch the concert at any time while it is available to you within the 48-hour window.

If you purchased the digital album bundle you will receive a separate email with details on how to access post stream.




How many people can watch the stream, is there a chance I’ll miss out, if I don’t buy early?

No, there is no maximum capacity as to how many people can watch the stream.

When will I receive details of how to view the livestream?

Details on how to join will be emailed to you up to 1 hour before the event. All times are displayed in your local time zone.

I’m not from the U.K can I still watch the livestream?

Yes, there are 5 livestreams to choose from:

  • Livestream #1 – Australia – 7pm AEDT
  • Livestream #2 – United Kingdom – 7pm GMT
  • Livestream #3 – Europe – 7pm GMT
  • Livestream #4 – US – 7pm PST (LA)
  • Livestream #5 – ASIA – 7pm HKT

Please click HERE to book for the time you want.

If I reside in Europe can I watch livestream #1, #4, or #5?

Yes, you can watch any of the livestream regardless of the timezone, but please note you can only watch it at the time the stream takes place in the respective region.

Can I fast forward or rewind the video?

You’re part of a live experience! Everyone is watching the broadcast ‘as live’ which means that there is no way to fast forward or rewind the video. The concert will be available online for just 48 hours, and will only be accessible to ticket holders.

Can I watch it more than once in the 48 hour period?

Yes, once you set it as the offline video (there will be instructions to follow for this once you’re in) it can be watched as many times as you like.

What is the runtime?

About 78 minutes, including the credits.

What is a Virtual Event Livestream Ticket Code?

Your virtual event ticket code is like your ticket to the show. Codes are non-transferable, case-sensitive, and are good for your one-time-use-only to access the show on the event landing page.

I purchased a Virtual Event Livestream ticket but am no longer available for the event. Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately this event is non-refundable.

Can I Record The Event?

Audio or video recording on your own device is strictly prohibited. Knowledge of such actions, including posting a video of the stream, can hurt your chances of being able to view or access virtual events in the future.




Tim: “I’ve been thinking a lot about how to make live entertainment in this no-live-entertainment world, and – as always – how to make a virtue of the restrictions placed on us as artists. And I’ve concluded that we have a fantastic opportunity to make a new style of “live” concerts.

Not like the old model, where cameras are inserted into seats in an audience, or put on the shoulder of a camera operator dressed in black, skulking around the edges of the stage, pretending she doesn’t exist. But instead, I want to bring the audience into the room with us. I want the viewer to feel like they have been invited into the studio to watch the final dress rehearsal for a concert, and have been given permission to stand in amongst the band, to sit down next to me (ewww), to be completely inside the experience.

This album we’ve made really lends itself to this sort of performance: the songs tell stories that ask the listener to stay engaged with every lyric; they are generally very personal; they vary in style from proper all-out rock-pop tracks to seriously intimate ballads.

I really hope people settle in with a really good set of speakers, a really good friend or two, and a really nice bottle of wine, and let me see if I can’t give them an online performance that isn’t quite like anything they’ve ever seen. Oh. That sounds like porn doesn’t it. *It’s not porn.”



Tim will also be raising money in support of Ausmusic T-Shirt Day during the stream, with all proceeds going to music industry charity, Support Act. You can donate here.



“Apart Together …is full of gravity-defying balladry and beautifully observed moments”
American Songwriter

“If there’s an artist more naturally disposed to a hybrid of pop and orchestration, I do not know his name”
The Age, Melbourne

“Minchin is a genuine musical virtuoso”
The Times, London

“His songs are jaunty or bittersweet or dark, but always fiendishly clever.”
The Evening Standard

“As with all Minchin’s stuff, it’s a little bit funny, it’s a little bit sad, and it finds the beauty and romance in even the most tragic of circumstances.”
The Guardian

“an LP’s worth of bangers, fizzing with his trademark acid one-liners, plus a goodly helping of more reflective ballads too.”

“‘Apart Together’… is a determinedly auto-biographical effort that has finally given him peace with his own voice, musically and metaphorically.”