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Tim has won the prestigious 2019 Helpmann Award for Best Australian Contemporary Concert for BACK.

He was unable to attend the ceremony because he’s on a family holiday in Western Australia so he sent his thanks via this video:


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Last week, the nominees for the prestigious 2019 Helpmann Awards were announced with BACK nominated for Best Australian Contemporary Concert.

The winners will be announced at a red carpet event on Monday 15th July at the Arts Centre Melbourne.

Tim toured BACK, in Australia and New Zealand, earlier this year and the UK tour kicks off in October. All UK dates have now SOLD OUT so if you have no luck looking for stray tickets at the venues (or if you have any to sell) please try Twickets Tim’s only official ticket resale partner in the UK.


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In February, Tim announced this year’s competition for the Yamaha Great Start Grant, with the prize including 34 brand new Yamaha instruments, specialist training to help to get a school band program going, AND an in-school concert with Tim.

Ravenshoe State School in Tablelands, Queensland, Australia won the grant and yesterday Tim rocked up to the school to present the prize and perform for them.

Tim: “It was really gorgeous! I chatted about why music is important and fun, and I played:
Not Perfect
F Sharp
Carry You.”

Ravenshoe are excited to now be able to get a band started and to develop the music program at the school.

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It’s taken me 4 weeks to figure out whether to tell this sad story, but I think I should because I think some of you may want to help out.

My Australian tour finished a month ago. After 12 weeks of working together, we landed in Sydney, struggled past the assholes standing too close to the carousel to gather our bags and instruments, and hugged each other goodbye.

There were 18 of us in the tour party, and I think we all agreed it had been one of the best tours we’d worked on; beautiful theatres, wonderful audiences, no big issues or illnesses, and an amazing team of people utterly dedicated to the pursuit of silliness and excellence.

The last person I said farewell to was the person to whom we all owed the biggest debt: Greg Weaver, tour manager and sound engineer extraordinaire. He handed me my guitar and we agreed we’d talk the following day to dig into planning the UK tour. He pointed me to my driver, gave me a brief and perfectly unsentimental hug… and that was that. Five hours later I was calling my bandmates to tell them that our Greg had died of a heart attack just a couple of hours after delivering us all home. No warnings, no prior problems… just one of those things.

It is hard to explain the genius of Greg. He was a quiet, extremely hard-working, deeply ironic, funny, unique, talented man. I’d only known him for 4 years, but I’ve been hugely saddened by his sudden passing, and I’m furious that I will no longer benefit from his brilliance!

And I’m a new-comer! He was Sound-God and Tour-Guru to some of Australia’s greatest artists. Paul Kelly and his mob have been working with Greg for 20 years. The Whitlams for almost as long. Sarah Blasko, Phil Jamieson, Boy and Bear, The Clouds and many others. We’re all shattered.

Many, many people commented that our “Back” tour sounded as good as any concert they’ve ever been to. The excellent quality was because Greg Weaver was obsessively, unrelentingly dedicated to his craft. We would soundcheck for over an hour every night, and he would wander around the theatre sitting in dozens of seats to make sure the mix was sounding good. He loved his work, and cared deeply about words and music. The last song he mixed was Carry You (for those who’ve seen it).

If you enjoyed our tour and would like to pay a small tribute to the unsung hero of “Back”, I wonder if you’d drop a few dollars to help out his fantastic wife and boy here: https://supportact.org.au/greg-weaver-appeal/. They need us.

Farewell to the Dream Weaver. This post does no justice to you.

Tim will be featuring in an episode of Anh’s Brush With Fame on ABC TV on 1st May.

The series will screen on Wednesdays at 8pm starting on 17th April on the ABC and ABC iview. (The episodes will be repeated the following Sunday at 5:30pm).

In each episode comedian, author and two-time Archibald Prize winning artist Anh Do paints a portrait of his sitters, whilst he talks to them in-depth about their life and work, as he decides how he’ll depict them. Along with Tim, this fourth series includes: Michael Clarke, Lindy Chamberlain Creighton, Leah Purcell, Walter Mikac, Dannii Minogue, Alan Jones, Saroo Brierley, Deborah Hutton, Georgie Parker, Gordian Fulde, Kylie Kwong, David Wenham and Archie Roach.

UPDATE: For those not in Australia and unable to watch on ABC iview, the embedded Tweets below show a few clips and (SPOILER ALERT) the finished portrait.


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