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This page contains all manner of Minchin gig dates and info for your diary delectation.


12oct7:30 pmMELBOURNE - New Date

13oct7:30 pmMELBOURNE - New Date

14oct7:30 pmMELBOURNE - New Date

15oct7:30 pmMELBOURNE - New Date

19oct7:30 pmMELBOURNE - Sold Out

20oct7:30 pmMELBOURNE - Sold Out

21oct7:30 pmMELBOURNE - Sold Out

22oct7:30 pmMELBOURNE - Sold Out

26oct7:30 pmMELBOURNE - Sold Out

27oct7:30 pmMELBOURNE - Sold Out

28oct7:30 pmMELBOURNE - Sold Out

29oct7:30 pmMELBOURNE - Sold Out


04nov7:30 pmBRISBANE - Sold Out

05nov7:30 pmBRISBANE - Sold Out

06nov7:30 pmBRISBANE - Sold Out

10nov7:30 pmSYDNEY - Sold Out

11nov7:30 pmSYDNEY - Sold Out

12nov7:30 pmSYDNEY - New Date

17nov7:30 pmHOBART - Sold Out

18nov7:30 pmHOBART - Sold Out

19nov7:30 pmHOBART - New Date

20nov7:30 pmHOBART - New Date


03dec7:30 pmCANBERRA - Sold Out

04dec7:30 pmCANBERRA - New Date

05dec7:30 pmCANBERRA - New Date


19jan7:30 pmGEELONG - New Date

20jan7:30 pmGEELONG - Sold Out


02feb7:30 pmBRISBANE - New Date

03feb7:30 pmBRISBANE - New Date

08feb7:30 pmADELAIDE - New Date

09feb7:30 pmADELAIDE - Sold Out

10feb7:30 pmADELAIDE - New Date

11feb7:30 pmADELAIDE - New Date

18feb7:30 pmNEWCASTLE - Sold Out

19feb7:30 pmNEWCASTLE - New Date

22feb7:30 pmPERTH - Sold Out

23feb7:30 pmPERTH - Sold Out

24feb7:30 pmPERTH - Sold Out

25feb7:30 pmPERTH - Sold Out

29feb7:30 pmPERTH - New Date


01mar7:30 pmPERTH - Sold Out

02mar7:30 pmPERTH - Sold Out

03mar7:30 pmPERTH - New Date


No Events


No Events