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Here’s a place you can leave random comments about stuff that you feel isn’t particularly related to the News. Maybe you just want to say hi. Maybe you want to critique a piece of my work. Maybe you want to ask me where I live and come and bring me cookies. Whatever. Stick it in the box down below.

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Megan Smith on Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Tim, my husband and I saw your show in Washington, D.C. several years ago. We both love your work so much and were ecstatic to get to see you in person. The show was amazing but we were so moved by you singing Hallelujah. Beings fellow atheists this song has no real meaning to us, but it was moving in a way that still gives me goosebumps to think about. It would be wonderful if a good version of this was available to listen to when I feel the need to have a good cry. Also, it would also be wonderful to have you come back to the states so we could have the opportunity to see you perform live again. Thanks for all the brilliance you bring to the world.

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