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Here’s a place you can leave random comments about stuff that you feel isn’t particularly related to the News. Maybe you just want to say hi. Maybe you want to critique a piece of my work. Maybe you want to ask me where I live and come and bring me cookies. Whatever. Stick it in the box down below.

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Sally Ladhams on Wednesday, 25 October 2023

Hi, I am going to the unfunny show tomorrow evening, just wondering if anyone can help me with what tim Tim appears on stage. You see I am flying in from Vanuatu and I land at 7.30, so I am kind of hoping it starts with a support act.

Chell on Monday, 23 October 2023

Hello This is not something I normally do but I wanted to let you know how amazing I thought your most recent show was. I saw you in Melbourne last night and I think it was a huge success. It felt true, sincere and entertaining. I did not feel like I had seen a comedy show, I felt the incredible privilege of hanging out with a super interesting funny person who I very much wanted to be friends with. It prompted further investigation and conversation. So hopefully if you are feeling sad, scrolly and drunky maybe you will see this and be a bit less sad. Also if you want some cookies hit me up I make a mean cookie. It would be my pleasure if I got a new friend.

Ann on Saturday, 21 October 2023

I know you are very busy, but I wish you would tour the US again. If you do, please come to Dallas, TX. And I hope you will find someone to tour Groundhog Day in the US. Screw the coasts if they don’t like it because Middle America will love it.

Cam on Thursday, 12 October 2023

Hi Tim, I have no idea if you will ever see read this but I’ve just been to see your opening night in Melbourne and wanted to say how absolutely incredible it was to finally see you perform in person. My piano teacher introduced me to your music almost 10 years ago now and from that moment I have been hooked on your seemingly effortless ability to both inspire and entertain through your work. There have been several periods over the past decade where my commitment to music and piano has been disrupted by some part of my life however through it all, listening to your music seemed to in a way ground me and draw me back to the piano. I just wanted to say thank you, not just for the brilliant show you put on tonight, but for everything you have done to provide us all with a beam of inspirational joy in this crazy old world! Please don’t stop doing what you’re doing, I can’t wait to hopefully see you perform again in the future.

Joseph Buckley on Sunday, 8 October 2023

I stumbled on Tim Minchin on the internet a couple of years ago. And what a magical treat that was. He embodies everything I had been searching for in interpreting this rickety old life each of us is obliged to live. He provides the compass to navigate meaninglessness. It’s allowed me to no longer feel alone and eccentric as I ponder life’s big topics over my almost three score and ten existence. Bravo Tim. Keep on giving us more ‘spiritual’ nourishment to continue our humanist existence. I saw Tim live in Vicar Street, Dublin this year. I hope to get an opportunity to see him live again shortly. In the meantime, I just keep devouring his interviews, songs etc on the internet over and over again. Thank goodness for You Tube. Otherwise I might have missed this gem, this nugget of gold hidden in the dross that surrounds our existence!!!

Lynn Knott on Tuesday, 3 October 2023

On the FAQ, you mention that autographed photos are available, but that because the mail was all discombobulated (at the time), outside of the UK & Australia, it wasn't an option. Is that still the case? I know the world is still just a piggly-wiggly hell of a mess, but I do believe the mail is semi-back to normal. Thanks.

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