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Here’s a place you can leave random comments about stuff that you feel isn’t particularly related to the News. Maybe you just want to say hi. Maybe you want to critique a piece of my work. Maybe you want to ask me where I live and come and bring me cookies. Whatever. Stick it in the box down below.

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Christi Noe on Wednesday, 26 April 2023

Hello, Tim Minchin! I'm in Phoenix, AZ, 56 years old, And I LOVE TO LAUGH...I love to Dance, And I've always dreamed of seeing a Broadway Musical...or an off-Broadway Musical...or even any musical...😕 Anyway, I found you on Pluto, first, then on YouTube...I watched SO Fucking Rock 3 times before I passed it on to the members of my house...(8 adults, and I'm the only one with a job!🙄) Everyone Laughed...they all loved your comedy! .....then, that same evening, two of them came to me and asked about "what was the comedians' name?..he was Hilarious!" We all watched it again, and only Then, did everyone notice your talent, on the piano! ...many envious compliments were passed around....and everyone wanted to see it again! I just want to say to you, that You Are Absolutely Beautiful, Gorgeous, and Amazing!!! I'm addicted to your videos, And I Just Gaze into your fabulous eyes!.. I would probably faint, if I looked into them Live! ...Gorgeous!!! I would truly love to meet you, I Admire you so much! *And I agree with your thoughts on religion, too... Hope you're not offended by my expression of desire... !I've dreamed of kissing you..! You have the most beautiful mouth, lips, and teeth..(and tongue.) (yes, I noticed that too!) You're Truly, Very, Sexy. Next time you're in Phoenix, Arizona... And you feel like making someone's dream come true.....Meeting you is My Dream!! Please feel free to respond...that would thrill me!! Sincerely, Christi Noe X X

Maria Margiotta on Sunday, 16 April 2023

Hi Tim I love your comment on Broadcasting House just now, that songs in musicals are like soliloquies in Shakespeare; that they allow you to hear what the character is thinking. Well done with more of your composing/writing genius. I'd better book tickets. Or find a way to be in it! Maria Margiotta Twickenham

Brenda on Sunday, 16 April 2023

Hi Tim I have always loved your work. From your satire songs to your acting career. But nothing jas affected more than your recent music. I love it. If I had the opportunity I would hug you and probably cry. It is absolutely beautiful Thank you 😊

Jordan Brown on Sunday, 9 April 2023

Happy Easter Tim 🐰🐣 :)

Jordan Brown on Sunday, 9 April 2023

Sharing some reflections on your advice for lefties and social media. Self awareness is not absolute, it takes conscious effort to maintain. It's at its weakest when you're emotional. The permanence of social media makes this worse. You might calm down but your comments don't.

Rose Harrison on Thursday, 6 April 2023

Love ❤️ your work and upright and Matilda fabulous. Go you! Rob n Rose xx

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