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Here’s a place you can leave random comments about stuff that you feel isn’t particularly related to the News. Maybe you just want to say hi. Maybe you want to critique a piece of my work. Maybe you want to ask me where I live and come and bring me cookies. Whatever. Stick it in the box down below.

Oh, and please don’t post links or email addresses, or the spambot filter robot will take offence and refuse to publish.

Hannah Williams on Thursday, 28 May 2015

Hi Tim, I just want to tell you that you have inspired me to play my piano once more with your beautiful and witty songs. I hope that you would consider releasing a music book for your popular songs such as Prejudice and Dark Side. You address some very important issues in our world that need fixing and I hope you songs continue to inspire people to do good. You may not be perfect but you're mighty fine Tim. Regards, Hannah (In the wonderfully windy UK) (P.s. Me and my friends at college enjoy your music very much and we're all teenagers so don't even worry about the teenage market!)

Phip on Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Hello there. I have a request on behalf of all fellow Western Australians.... please Tim can you use your powers of persuasion to bring your sublimely brilliant Matilda to Perth. Pretty please. :)

Sally on Sunday, 24 May 2015

Only a ninja can sneak up on another ninja... My better half and I are both ginger, and we often sneak up on each other and proceed to sing that line. Us gingers have to stick together: END GINGER PREJUDICE!! Ginger Sal x

Dave grundy on Sunday, 24 May 2015

I think we should lobby for Tim to be our oz rep at Eurovision next year! What do you reckon?

ted the impaler on Saturday, 23 May 2015

Hi tim. My mate, reg, suggested i take a look at your vids on youtube the other week. the only time i have in the day to watch youtube, is on the loo.... first thing in the morning. The results of sitting on the throne for over an hour:- 1/ numb legs... me staggering through the door; chuckling, with tears rolling down my face, only to be confronted by the wife who is contentedly sat with her legs twisted together, barking at me that she "needed to go for a pish 45 minutes ago". 2/ me, realising that i forgot to take my adhd meds when i was supposed to.... having lost track of time, am now late for an appointment. 3/ talking of appointments; i might need one to visit the bum-doctor because lengthy sitting episodes combined with laughter on the earlier mentioned lavatory has caused an eruption of bum grapes, that only a masochist would wish for... Fookin' well worth it too, if i may say! Tim, you are a breath of fresh air, blasting into the stagnant-air-filled room of comedy.... I watched your documentary yesterday, and your missus is a star! both of you have thoroughly deserved to reap the gains of what you have achieved together!! Wish you all the best....keep up the good work and rock on!! Ted (: p.s. one question.... "it takes one to know one", as they say here in blighty... Aspergers? I'll eat my hat if your answer is no \m/

Lea on Saturday, 23 May 2015

Hi Tim, love your work. I'm reading the Sydney Morning Herald Spectrum article about you and it says you "cant read or write music" - is this true? If so, 1. Wow! and 2) how do you capture / remember the songs you write?

Alicia on Sunday, 17 May 2015

Hi Tim! I discovered you long ago online and I have loved every second of your material since the first bit I saw. I'm so happy to see that people here in the states are finally getting to know you! I've been spreading the word about you for about 3 years now. Every single person I've showed your songs to has become addicted. Please come to Boston soon! I can guarantee at least 10 people I know would buy tickets! Sincerely, Alicia

Emma on Saturday, 16 May 2015


David L. Kern on Saturday, 16 May 2015

I have loved you from afar for along. I don't know anyone in music or comedy telling the truth I hear from you. Off the charts brilliant, completely original. You give me hope for my species. You for Pope. Heartfelt thanks.

Lisa Rowley on Thursday, 14 May 2015

Saw you kill at Moontower in Austin. You commanded roars of laughter and screams of excitement and lust, and standing ovation at sold-out 1,200 seat Paramount. All except for the couple next to me, mid 30's locals. They didn't applaud upon your entrance. They didn't laugh at anything. Then "The Good Book" and the line about goats and pigs and the man burst out with unrestrained guffaws. Then silence the rest of the performance. Did not applaud upon your exit. The freakiest thing I've ever seen in a theatre.

Elisina on Saturday, 9 May 2015

Tim, you are a genius. I think that says it all.

Kira on Saturday, 9 May 2015

Hey Tim, I was just wondering if you'd ever sing with someone that wasn't famous. I really want to get my music teacher to do Jesus Christ Superstar for our christmas play and if you sang heaven on their minds with me she might be convinced! Thanks!

Chris on Thursday, 7 May 2015

I am a total stranger to all of you, but as passioning as it might sound, I've been procrastinating the writing of my application to a M.Sc for weeks now. You know how sometimes you just know that the right moment will come, the very-second that you will find the inspiration. You then surprise yourself thinking, slightly schizophrenically: "I am not procrastinating. Nope. It's this fucking moment of inspiration that is procrastinating itself! I am not the lazy one, you sneaky brain of mine. I wanted to do it a long time ago, YOU have put us through this shit and now I only have two days left to fill in my application, from scratch!" Well, I guess I just want to thank you Tim. I watched a show and your speech at the uni on youtube last night, and today, full of inspiration, I sent my application form with some bad-ass lines of motivation. Oh yeah. I could have watched it two days later, I would have been fucked. Merci.

Christopher Hutcheson on Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Really love your work, keep fighting the fight against ignorance and bigotry. I'm proud to be one of the few Americans that are right. Hope you stop by on a tour sometime.

Mafe Garcia on Sunday, 3 May 2015

Heeey, Tim! My boyfriend and I love your work! We are from Costa Rica and we are always showing all our friends your work! I can't wait for you to tour in the States for us to come see you! (I'd never picture you touring in Costa Rica...). Keep it up! You're amazing!

Mary on Friday, 1 May 2015

Your humor and voice give such relief to those of us who live in very conservative areas. Thank you. When my car was wrecked, I even thought of flying from Minnesota to San Francisco, to see your show, buy a used car and see Yosemite. The show was sold-out, but the next time I need another beater, I will try to find where you're doing a show (hopefully in the states), and buy it there. Laughing out loud alone at my computer is a bit strange, but so healthy out here on the chemical prairies. Best Wishes.

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