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Ready for a wild road trip across the Australian outback with Tim’s brand new comedy drama UPRIGHT?

All 8 episodes of UPRIGHT will be available to UK viewers from Thursday 28th November, 2019, on Sky Atlantic and streaming service NOW TV.

In Australia you can watch all episodes from Sunday 1st December at 8:30pm on FOXTEL or watch a double episode premier on FOX SHOWCASE.

UPRIGHT Update: The series will be starting Sunday 19th January 2020 on Super Channel Fuse for viewers in Canada.

Co-written and starring Tim, UPRIGHT follows two misfits thrown together by chance in the middle of the Australian desert, who forge the unlikeliest of bonds in their quest to get a precious piano from one side of the country to the other.

Tim: “Making Upright was a complete joy and a massive privilege. After living overseas for more than a decade, I couldn’t have hoped to come home to a more fun and inspiring project: an original Australian outback adventure story, full of heart and laughter, made by some of most talented and dedicated creatives in the country. It’s a unique but universal story about family, resilience, music, forgiveness, and learning how to find a moment to breath out. And it’s full of silliness, action, and wonderful performances, and will make you want to go to the beach and/or ring your mum”.

When Lucky Flynn (Tim), who hasn’t spoken to his family in years, learns that his mother is dying, he sets off on a 4000 kilometre drive across Australia to see her, packing only his cherished upright piano. His plans soon go awry when he meets rogue teenager Meg (Milly Alcock). Together they forge an unlikely friendship as they embark on a road-trip adventure across the Nullarbor Plain in a race against time.

UPRIGHT features a stellar cast including Heather Mitchell (A Place to Call Home, The Great Gatsby, Palm Beach), Daniel Lapaine (Muriel’s Wedding, Black Mirror), Ella Scott Lynch (Love Child, Janet King), Daniel Frederiksen (Ghost Rider, Matilda the Musical, Catastrophe), Kate Box (Rake, Picnic at Hanging Rock), Ningali Lawford-Wolf (Mystery Road, Last Cab to Darwin), Sachin Joab (Hotel Mumbai, Pine Gap), Luke Carroll (Strangerland, Redfern Now) and Rob Collins (Secret City, Cleverman, The Wrong Girl).

Led by Tim, there’s a brilliant creative team behind UPRIGHT, including the Creator Chris Taylor (The Chaser) with whom Tim is writing the series alongside award-winning writer-actors Kate Mulvany (Lambs of God, Fighting Season, Jasper Jones stage play) and Leon Ford (Offspring, No Activity). The Director is Matthew Saville (Please Like Me). Tim is Executive Producer with Penny Win, Carly Heaton and Helen Bowden. Producers are Lingo Pictures’ Jason Stephens, Chris Taylor and Melissa Kelly (Hounds of Love).

Tim has written some music for the series, alongside a beautiful score by Jackson Milas and Antony Partos and a cracking soundtrack of Australian artists, including Sia, Briggs, INXS, Baker Boy, Paul Kelly, Alice Sky and more.

UPRIGHT is a Lingo Pictures production for FOXTEL and SKY UK, with major production investment from FOXTEL and SKY UK and Screen Australia in association with the South Australian Film Corporation. The series financed with support from Create NSW and Screenwest. Rest of world sales are being handled by eOne.


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Eirik on 14th of December 2019

When will this be available in Norway?

Jasminka on 13th of December 2019


Giedrione on 12th of December 2019


Karen on 12th of December 2019

Well done Tim. Awesome series, beautifully shot and directed. Hilarious, laugh out funny, but had me in tears too.

Daniel Mansell on 11th of December 2019

Mr Minchin. Absolutely fantastic best show I’ve seen this year. The topic covered beautifully with humor and empathy. As a West Aussie loved the local content. Well done Tim

Liam O’Connell on 11th of December 2019

Brilliant series. 5 episodes in and glued to it. Question – what is the song at the end of episode 5 ? All the songs in each episode are so well chosen and I love the mix at the end of each episode. Great story

David M Gordon on 10th of December 2019

Thank you.

Thank you for eight phenomenally excellent episodes of hurt, pain, death… life, love, redemption. Inspiration.
Thank you for introducing me to Milly Alcock, who sizzles across the screen like a bolt of lightning. Molly should have a long, long career of ever-better roles.
Thank you for assembling the perfect team of creative people to… create this miracle of imagination and love.

William Faulkner, when he accepted the Pulitzer, said, “Good fiction is about the human heart in conflict with itself.” UPRIGHT, from the first minute of its first episode to the last minute of its final episode, in every way and on every level, adheres fully to Faulkner’s remark. Viewers are enriched merely for having enjoyed the show. Well, this viewer is enriched.

I live in the USA (Seattle) and am saddened by much of what occurs around me. (The less said, the better.) UPRIGHT provided 240 minutes of relief from the zeitgeist of increasing despair and despondency. Perhaps it is possible we can learn to love each other again, exactly as Tobey and Lucky do.

Thank you.

Jen on 8th of December 2019

SO very impressed by “Upright”! Fantastic to see such quality and clever writing from Australian talent! I would put this up against anything in the awards category! The cinematography brilliant and the representation of real Australia was inspiring, not to mention the great music!! Tim Minchin and Australian film can easily compete globally!!! Two thumbs up!!!

Danny Bigsmile on 7th of December 2019

A hot gem of a story, with a suburban desert backdrop.
Gorgeously written Tim, touching & brilliantly funny. So impressed by the cast ensemble. Milly you were just WOW! I cried so much at the beauty of the ending but I was also heartbroken I wouldn’t see these two people I cared so much about again.

Max Belmonte on 7th of December 2019

Fantastic series! Yes I binge watched, as is now the norm when I find a series I really like.

Central Coast Jakal on 6th of December 2019

We’re 3 episodes in and HOOKED. Tim and Milly knock it out of the park… so glad to have some great Aussie TV to devour!

Barbara Helms on 6th of December 2019

Please please make this available in the US!! Your fans here adore you!

deborah bristol on 4th of December 2019

absolutely loved every episode. Australian drama at its best.
laughed, cried while being totally absorbed by the great storyline.
handled with humour and sensitivity, beautiful, including the landscape.
was blown away by Milly Alcock, what a natural. one to watch.
you were pretty good too Tim.

Andrew B on 4th of December 2019

PLEASE find a way to broadcast or stream the show in the US. You have so many fans here!

Karen Walsh on 3rd of December 2019

We binge watched this over two sessions and laughed and cried and didn’t want it to end – never watched anything as moving funny and comforting as this – will watch again in a few months and know I will enjoy it just as much

Chris on 2nd of December 2019

Watched the first esp so far and wow great show can’t wait to watch the r e st tomorrow

Martyn March on 2nd of December 2019

I was an extra on this series and dont have foxtel…. is there a way of buying the series or watching it in Australia.

Kate on 2nd of December 2019

Oh you beautiful soul ….. love love love Upright

Ben Catton on 1st of December 2019

Watched all eight episodes and then watched it all again. Loved the series I was laughting and crying.

Can anyone tell me where I can get list of the music which was played through out the series, there was some song what really picked at the heart string which for the life of me I can’t find.

Cheers, Love
Ben carton

Greg on 1st of December 2019

Loved the first 4 episodes of Upright so much I didn’t want it to end in one night so I’ve saved the last four for tomorrow great show

John on 1st of December 2019

Top notch TV… Made me laugh, cry, think, dream and laugh more… A pure pleasure. Must see… 10 out of 10..Thank you for sharing..

Aussie TV rocks.

Steve on 1st of December 2019

You bastard, I binge watched Upright and you tugged poetically at heart strings I knew were there and discovered a streak of emotional wonderment in the mine of my melancholy soul.

Truly wonderful from start to finish.

PS I need ‘Carry You’ to be release asap. Much thanks.

Lesley on 29th of November 2019

Watched the whole of Upright. Soooo good. Laughed a lot cried more.
And blown away by Back in London. Hope you survived the last two dates of the tour Tim. You need some sunshine.

Diane on 28th of November 2019

Can’t wait to see this Tim! Great you’re back home in Oz ..

Lorna on 28th of November 2019

Watching right now. Good job.

Linda on 28th of November 2019

YES!! We here in the US want to see this as well. We love you too Tim Minchin.

Linda Kay on 28th of November 2019

YES!! We here in the US want to see this as well. We love you too Tim Minchin.

Becky on 28th of November 2019

Hi!! How can we watch this without a sky subscription? Is there a digital version for Uk viewers ? Love you work Tim!!

Shell on 25th of November 2019

Hi Peggy,
There are eight episodes in the series.
Shell x

Peggy Emmett on 25th of November 2019

Would you please advise how many episodes in the first Season or Release of this show. There are 6 episodes up to the end of the year. I was wondering how many more there are.
Many thanks Peggy.

Roy Klein on 22nd of November 2019

When will it be available in Israel? Any chance of seeing it on Netflix?

Stacey on 21st of November 2019

Please tell me this will be available in the Us??? We really want to see it!!!

Mathias on 19th of November 2019

Im just a swed (yes from Sweden) but I want to see it to!
Oh… I also happened to be a ginger but am old and the shining ginger handsomeness is almost gone sooo… I guess thats it.
Thats all the reason you need.
Now fix it 😂🐪

Matthis on 15th of November 2019

As a half-american I feel for these other poor people…
But I, as someone who is living in the netherlands, want to see it too!!!

Em on 4th of November 2019


Suzanne on 28th of October 2019

When this is available on DVD, please let us Yanks know. Some of us have a dedicated optical drive for Tim releases in the proper format!

MARY J FITZPATRICK on 6th of October 2019

You have a new viewing adventure? Why only available in Australia and UK? Americans, contrary to current perception, are ” intellectually bi-curious” too. At 71 I thrive on your versions of madcap genius.

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