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March 2007

A quick wrap-up of Aspen, for those who fell victim to cancellations forced upon them by said festival.

I flew there in an aeroplane. I caught a bus to my hotel.

Waiting for me in my hotel room was a welcome pack containing a Nike Ski Jacket, Tom Baker Sunglasses, a couple of shirts, and a whole lot of other crap including discount vouchers for Botox treatments and Private Jet hire. You getting the vibe?

I was involved in two shows – 20 minute sets at the end an “alternative comedy” night called “The Fat City Lounge”. I opened my set with “So Fucking Rock” and by the end I was panting so hard that I had to ask for tinned oxygen. It was spearmint flavoured. And very amusing. The reasons for the panting were (a) my on-going poor health born of that flu I got a few weeks back, and – more significantly – (b) the high altitude.

On Saturday I went Skiing. Skiing is a sport involving standing on slippery things and going down a hill. It is enormously enjoyable and as a result I have done it twice.

While I was skiing I got a text encouraging me to go to an Awards presentation that I hadn’t realized existed. (I had found no evidence of it, and am not inclined towards faith). However, when I turned up, it did indeed exist. To explain just how much it existed: William Baldwin was in attendance. And the mum from “Who’s the Boss?”. I won the award for best Alternative Comedy performance. I was presented my award by that really cool girl who plays that cool IT chick, Chloe, in the television series, 24. Mary Lynn Rajskub.

Aspen is fun. If you have thousands and thousands of monetry units sitting around somewhere, I’d spend it on a trip to Aspen. There’s loads of shops selling the furs of dead animals crafted into apparel. And many of the local people have teeth that didn’t originally belong to them.

And you can buy oxygen in a can.

If you want to read an article regarding Aspen which is flattering towards me, clicking to this little puppy should fully sate your desire.

So. Four more shows in the UK. Looking forward to seeing loads of my online chums this week. Let’s just pretend I don’t have tonsillitis.

With feelings of great fondness I remain forever yours,
Timothy D Minchin.

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Hi guys.

This one for the Aussies. I’ve finally uploaded the details for my Australian tour. You can find out everything by clicking on Upcoming Gigs on the right of the page… or you can use the calender thingy to look up a particular date. Cool huh?

I also just want to make sure the Melbournites know that the show I’m doing at the Comedy festival will be all old material. I’m having a non-writing year due to migration and baby and touring business. I also realized that a lot of people in Melbourne have never seen me, especially the Dark Side material from 05, which I haven’t performed since back when I was a total nobody, rather than the vague shadow of a maybe somebody.

Perth and Wollongong are also going to be a “highlights” show.

Sydney is getting “So Rock”, which is the show I did in Melbourne and Edinburgh last year… even though in Melbourne, I hadn’t given it a title yet.

Adelaide is getting something called “So Rock”, but I might chuck some “Dark Side” stuff in it, because pretty much nobody in Adelaide has seen my stuff. (Unless you were part of the elite group who ventured into the foyer of the Festival Centre during the 2005 Cabaret Festival.)

As for Brisbane… my deep apologies for anyone who was resisting suicide only to see my show this year. I’m not able to get to Brizzy, mostly because the Powerhouse – my venue of choice – is closed during the months I’m in Oz. And other venues made nasty offers. And then we ran out of time. However… I will be back. Promise. Sorry.


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