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July 2007


This being another of my spasmodic blogs. I’m going to start calling them Spasmogs. I’m going to one of the internet’s most unprolific Smasmoggers.

So you may notice I have put up some dates. Not much of a tour – they’re mostly just there to make up for the gigs I missed due to illness earlier in the year. Looking forward to it.

Apart from the ones posted…

Scotland is ALMOST locked in. When I say Scotland, I admit it’s not going to be particularly comprehensive coverage. It’s likely to be one gig in Edinburgh (at the Queens Hall – wikid) and one gig is Glasgow (dunno where yet). We’re looking at the 1st or 2nd weekend of November for those shows… I’ll let you know as soon as they’re on sale. (Helen.)

For you Londoners, I’m not going to be doing any full shows in London in the near future (just cos I’ve not got a new show), but the Beck Theatre in Hayes is a sexy space and not at all far from the city. So go there I reckon.

And Ireland is still in negotiation. (Last year, I did a support set for Deidre O’Kane at the Bulmers Fest in Dublin, and this year they asked me to do a support again, cos they’re concerned my profile over there isn’t strong enough to sell my own show. Soft fuckers … so we’ll see.)

Ahm, what else.

Last Friday, I filmed a ridiculous video of “So Fucking Rock” for the ITV show Comedy Cuts. It involves the compulsory air-guitar and air-drums etc, but also features air-banjo, air-flute, air-trombone, air-decks, air-tennis, air-cows, air-squeeky-toys, and an air-stage-dive. The new season of Comedy Cuts starts in January, I think, so no hurry there.

On Tuesday, I was a guest on BBC Radio 2’s Jammin’. It’s a sort of funny music show thing. The other guest was Hughie from the “Fun Lovin’ Criminals”. Fuckin hilarious dude. We got a bit drunk and the recording took almost 2 hours for a show which will be edited down to 28 minutes. Hmm. Not sure when it goes to air… I’ll try to let you know.

Apart from those wee bits, I’m working on a script for a bit of an idea which may end up being a radio series or a television series or a hollywood movie or a stack of A4 paper torn into strips sitting by the phone for notes and shopping lists.

I’m also working on a script for a film that is being shot in Australia in December. In it, I will be playing a musician (amazing), despite the fact that it’s a boxing flick. I might be writing the soundtrack for it too.

Oh, which reminds me. The Brisbane shows that I started a rumour about a month ago are still a maybe. Just trying to fit them in.

So. That’s the boringest fucking spasmog i’ve ever written. Although others would run a close second.

To everyone, hello.

To all my excellent myspace friends, thanks for sticking around.

To everyone who visits my website – I PROMISE that it’s going to get a major overhaul some time in the next month.


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