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December 2009

Cooking up a Storm!

by Linzy 31st Dec | 42 comments

So who amongst you has heard the rumour about the ‘Storm’ animation? The good news is that it’s all true and it’s due out sometime next year (or sometime this year if you’re reading this in 2010; look at you being in the future).

The movie’s production blog has now gone live in the lead up to the release; it’ll feature character designs, concept sketches, inspiration for the film, time-lapsed videos of artwork being created and more, posted by the team responsible for this ace project! It’ll be updated frequently, exclusively, and maybe even by Tim.

For all the latest goings on I suggest you keep your beady eyes on [this], follow the [Twitter feed], become a fan on [Facebook] or maybe do all three!

To get a taster for it, the trailer is now live!

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And so the mission to get my sentimental, atheistic, southern-hemispherical Christmas song, White Wine in the Sun, into the UK charts was a massive success!

Well, it was to me, anyway.

Sure, it didn’t exactly end up ruffling the feathers of Joe’s X-factorial Miley Cyrus cover, nor the teen-angst anarchanthem that, were it a person, would be old enough to drive its grandma’s Volvo, but the odds on it making a real impact on the Christmas charts were always very, very slim, like a post-apocalyptic shopping-mall Santa with gastro, or an Olsen twin.

After all, I only thought to give it a push about a week before they stopped counting, and we were competing against dozens of songs that are played dozens of times a day on dozens of radio stations. Oh, and it’s 6.5 minutes long and doesn’t specifically promote the idea that Jesus is magic.

But I am so very, VERY chuffed by the responses to the song and the amazing support from my frickin’ ace Twitter followers and Facebook folk and fancy celeb-types like Wossy and Gaiman and Mills and Bacon and Wallace and Herring and Brooker and Serafinowicz and, well loads of nice, good people who felt that my song was a reasonably pleasant musical contribution to the festive season.

To everyone who did so, thanks so much for downloading and enjoying.

As you may know, 50% of proceeds from the sale of the song during December will go to the National Autistic Society to support their efforts to further understand and treat Autism. And although our fucking cracking attempt to climb the charts is now over, there’s still 10 days left in the month! So please continue to let people know that the song is available.

(The other 50% goes to me, because I live in a small flat with a devastating paucity of closet space.)

Merry Christmas and peace be with you.
xx tim.

The single can be bought from:

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Tim’s moving, secular Christmas song offers an alternative to the hype-driven singles we’ve come to expect at this time of year. It hit iTunes as a single for the first time on the 14th December and to mark the occasion, 50% of the proceeds from the December sales of the song are going to Autism research.

This is a disability Tim feels is poorly funded with its causes and treatment still not well understood.

The song is a beautiful and intelligent exploration of why Christmas might still be meaningful to those of us who hold no religious beliefs.

You can download it here.

Update: The charity Tim is delighted to be supporting is The National Autistic Society.

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OK, there are red cups at Starbucks and big socks in the shops… so what else is traditional at this time of the year? The Christmas single of course… but not the usual fare eh?

‘White Wine in the Sun’, the beautiful and sentimental encore to Tim’s ‘Ready For This?’ show has been released as a single for the first time and is now available on: iTunes

You can also get it elsewhere, if you are not into iTunes but the best way to ensure that your download counts towards the singles chart is to buy from iTunes.

We know getting it to chart is a ridiculous long shot… but just imagine if it did!

Update: It turns out it can be gifted through iTunes too, which is especially apt at this time of the year and for a Christmas single. Simply click “Gift This Music” under the information on the single’s page. However, it will ask the recipient to download iTunes if they do not already have it or to update if below Version 6. It’s even suitable for your auntie…and beats that pack of hankies she may give you hands down.

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