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Cooking up a Storm!

by Linzy 31st Dec 2009 | 42 comments

So who amongst you has heard the rumour about the ‘Storm’ animation? The good news is that it’s all true and it’s due out sometime next year (or sometime this year if you’re reading this in 2010; look at you being in the future).

The movie’s production blog has now gone live in the lead up to the release; it’ll feature character designs, concept sketches, inspiration for the film, time-lapsed videos of artwork being created and more, posted by the team responsible for this ace project! It’ll be updated frequently, exclusively, and maybe even by Tim.

For all the latest goings on I suggest you keep your beady eyes on [this], follow the [Twitter feed], become a fan on [Facebook] or maybe do all three!

To get a taster for it, the trailer is now live!

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Jai Menser on 26th of June 2019

Would you happen to have the backing for this as i am doing this piece for my HSC <3

tom on 16th of November 2016

Do you have the backing track for this, as I am thinking of doing it for my HSC and would quite like the track

Quiana on 19th of May 2011

At last! Someone who udenrsatnds! Thanks for posting!

Lori on 12th of February 2011

I became a Tim fan after watching him on Conan OBrien!! LOVE “Storm” and can’t wait to see the animated version! I want him to come to Michigan and perform this summer MINCHIN for MICHIGAN!!!!!

ST_JIMMY_RIP on 5th of February 2011

Is this still going to be released? I’ve heard nothing about it but can’t wait for it!

Nic Nicholson on 29th of January 2011

Ha Ha! I got to see it at TAM London! Didn’t have a ticket, and stood outside the door holding up a sign. After I got one, they left the doors open, and didn’t even check tickets. Can you believe that?

Anyway, it’s awesome and totally measures up to the poem. you’ll not be disappointed.

Varion on 14th of January 2011

I’d kill a Christian, a puppy, and a hot slutty goth chick to see Tim do a dark side duet with Peter Murphy.

Tim Minchin – A real musical genius « musicandartlifestyle on 31st of December 2010

[…] celebrated 9-minute beat poem, Storm, has been animated and premièred at TAM London in October 2010. The animated movie will be […]

Jessica Sideways on 14th of December 2010

I can’t wait for the crew to release the Storm animation. I wonder when it’ll make it’s round of film festivals so it can be publicly released?

Josh on 2nd of October 2010

The animation is probably the best I’ve seen anywhere, and the content is very cool :D How long will this be?? Being so interesting, having it twenty minutes long would probably annoy me and leave me wanting more XD

Louis14 on 21st of August 2010

News. I want news (please). When is the video going to be released?

Waffleoffagus on 13th of April 2010

Is it the Storm that has but one eye?
Am I missing the self -aware hypocrisy?
If I were to have a proper-gander at this seemingly tendentious piece
Would I feel less inclined to leap to the aid of she of the annoying voice and poorly conceived argument?

yoyodyn on 19th of March 2010

Was wondering if Tim ever reads Terry Prachett. Storm reminded me of one of the last conversations between Death and Susan in Hogfather.

“Human beings make life so interesting. Do you know, that in a universe so full of wonders, they have managed to invent boredom.”

Keiron & Sigi on 25th of February 2010

Wonderful. The art work is incredible also. My son is doing a NSW Year 12 HSC English assessment and has chosen ‘Storm’ as his extra text. We are great fans – ages 57 and 17 so you appeal to all ages! Have bought all your DVD’s and are so happy you have succeeded. Thanks for the laughs and good luck with everything you do.

Ashley berry (mulet power) on 7th of February 2010

you are the best singer ever, and you make it very funny In flatable you is prob the best. You donât have problems with your weight at all
You never steal food off my plate at all
I never have to masturbate at all
Unstoppable, inflatable you.
I want a cd but carnt find one eny where. Do you have facebook, if yes then can you add me.
Your no.1 fan

Dan Doolan on 1st of February 2010

Look’s absolutely wonderful.

Cannot wait to see it, I wonder if there will be a download-able version for my iPod Touch/iPhone?

Or will it just be youtube?

Dombledore on 29th of January 2010

I love you…

Simple As =]

Emily on 21st of January 2010


Gemma on 20th of January 2010

Hmmm… i posted a comment on a blog done in 2007 without realising… how clever of me

Anyhoo, the jist of it was, come back to manchester so i can get tickets and wave them in my partners face while chanting, “I have tickets and you can’t go-oo” Or something along those lines

Oh and i was jealous that you wear eyeliner better than me ;)


Purple shoes!!!

Lyndsey Evans on 13th of January 2010

I love it!! DC you’re so clever! :)
Can’t wait to see the finish product. x

siena on 11th of January 2010

:D when your doing your storm animation tour thingy, do you think you will be going back to northampton or near there like milton keynes cas i missed you last time :( i no its full of chavs and eer people BUT… me and a bunch of mates would LOVE to see you live cas your just weird and wonder :D like me ;)hehe xx

Amy chidlow on 9th of January 2010

storm is a great poem (rant) and its all very true which makes it funny , in the process of makeing my mum like it :D i will succeed

Mel on 8th of January 2010

trailer is excellent, can’t wait xx

Cy. on 8th of January 2010

Oh my god o3o
I just watched the videos. I can’t wait!! ^.^

Colin Whitehead on 6th of January 2010

Your amazing! Are u by any chance touring in the uk?

Suzanne Flowers on 5th of January 2010

HELL YEAH!!!! No butterflies on this chick!! I love prescription medication!!! Thanks for the encouragement to have the faith the pharmeceutical companies!!!! Hehehe, luv to u and ures :)

XxEmilyRosexX on 5th of January 2010

whoooooooooooo!! xD AWESOME!!

victoria korshak on 5th of January 2010

tim youre fantastic i think your dead sexy and extremly talented i love youre music listen to it every day i just wish you would tour the usa.please know you have fans all over. love you

Sam Brunt on 5th of January 2010

Hahaaa. I Will look forward to this. XD
Why wasn’t we notified of you being part of The Big Fat Quiz Of The Year… I nearly missed it… and that would have been catastrophic :(

Lisa Naughton on 3rd of January 2010

Happy New Year Tim.
Hope you have a good year :)
Loads of love, Lisa xxx

Ian on 3rd of January 2010

Sorry – I like tim’s stuff a lot but am clearly not cool enough to have any idea what this is about. Any enlightenment available?

Eathan Sveinson on 2nd of January 2010

this is the song that made me truly addicted to minchin! in fact new years day i was reading a book on how homeopathy works at a friends place and couldn’t stop gut laughing when i remembered this song. so needless to say i can’t wait till this animation is out!!

Monicaca on 1st of January 2010

I honestly can’t decide if this is a joke but as I consider Storm one of the faves and testament to the Minchin genius, lets see. Hope it is true.

claire on 31st of December 2009

so excited about this one! gonna be good!

amylouuu on 31st of December 2009

can’t wait :D:D

ahh storm animation, happy thoughts, happy thoughts :D

cooljooles on 31st of December 2009

Sounds very exciting.. can’t wait!

Katie Huxtable on 31st of December 2009

this is possibly the most exciting thing ever!

(apart from when Mr Minchin hugged me :D)

Elaine Pickering on 31st of December 2009

Thanks, Linzy! Look forward to it.

(Hark at you getting down with the kids, Andy Pickering, with your “cool”! I like it! ;-)

Heather on 31st of December 2009

The snippet that we saw at TAM London was ace. I’m quite excited about this!

Wendy on 31st of December 2009

All 3 done! Horah! Now just sitting here waiting, waiting for things to be twittered and facebooked and the like…. *waits patiently for Tim* :)

Andy Pickering on 31st of December 2009

Well I’ve done all three already. I’m sure this is going to be so cool… :-)

Zokou on 31st of December 2009

YEY <3 can't wait to see the 'Storm' animation

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