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September 2015

A while ago, I did the You Made It Weird podcast with the incredibly kind Pete Holmes.

I don’t often post about such things, and usually never listen back, because it stirs up self-loathing. But Pete is such an extraordinary guy: very funny, with an incredibly generous personality and a wonderful, room-vibrating, heart-warming laugh.

Pete likes to start his interviews by talking about comedy and end them talking about spirituality. He is one of the rare comedians who come from a very religious background. He found his way out, and into an intrigued and intriguing kind of spirituality.

I found this interview curious because of what a total bore I am in the first 45 minutes. Despite Pete’s generosity, I basically come across as a bit of a dick. I think that’s because I don’t really like talking about comedy, and don’t actually know anything about it. And I’m weirdly defensive or something. Dunno.

Anyway, at 45 minutes, talk turns to ethics and humanism, and suddenly the conversation is actually pretty interesting, I think. And although I talk a lot about these subjects, perhaps there’s stuff in it that might be pleasantly provocative for you, and perhaps clarifies my thoughts on stuff. If you’re interested.

So, my advice:
1. Listen from 45mins.
2. Go check out Pete Holmes if you have the chance.


You can listen to or download the podcast from You Made It Weird With Pete Holmes or you’ll find it here on nerdist.com or iTunes.

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