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November 2006

Hey guys.

I really just wanted to let you know that another Duchess Theatre show has gone on sale. Sunday 3rd December 7:30pm.

But I know I need to write interesting blogs, otherwise you’ll all stop reading them.

So to make your visit here today more worthwhile, I’ve uploaded a song that pretty much no-one in the world has ever heard. I recorded it in my bedroom with my Melbourne band, “Rosencrantz”. It’s really silly but pretty sexually inspiring, I think. It’s entitled “Shag With The Stereo On” and it’s about shagging. With the stereo on. You can find it on my downloads page.

Anyhoo. Tickets are now available for Sunday 3rd December at:

The Duchess Theatre
Catherine Street
London WC2B 5LA

Bookings on 0870 890 1103 or online at See Tickets.

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