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Another one on sale

by Tim 11th Nov 2006 | 26 comments

Hey guys.

I really just wanted to let you know that another Duchess Theatre show has gone on sale. Sunday 3rd December 7:30pm.

But I know I need to write interesting blogs, otherwise you’ll all stop reading them.

So to make your visit here today more worthwhile, I’ve uploaded a song that pretty much no-one in the world has ever heard. I recorded it in my bedroom with my Melbourne band, “Rosencrantz”. It’s really silly but pretty sexually inspiring, I think. It’s entitled “Shag With The Stereo On” and it’s about shagging. With the stereo on. You can find it on my downloads page.

Anyhoo. Tickets are now available for Sunday 3rd December at:

The Duchess Theatre
Catherine Street
London WC2B 5LA

Bookings on 0870 890 1103 or online at See Tickets.

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Sarah on 1st of January 2007

Wow, I just realised that I never posted to express my love of Shag With The Stereo… I’ve got to admit, when I first heard it I didn’t think it was exceptional… but it has grown on me… and now is my most played song on lappy….

xx Sarah

Claire on 11th of December 2006

Marvellous – saw a sad comedian called tom bright last night in a little bar in lytham ( near blackpool)

he sang ” a little song he wrote” and proceeded to warble out a terrible version of inflatable you – when he saw me singing along purposefully he had the good grace to blush ;O)

they say imitation is the highest form of flattery….

C on 22nd of November 2006

We love you.
You in Canada?
Do write.

R on 22nd of November 2006

For someone to out do Jason Alexander and other guests at a Gala Montreal Festival Show – As an Australian – you’ve just got to be too proud. Thanks for a great night out on the other side of the world. Very worthy.

M. on 21st of November 2006

Tim, write something, this is getting boring.

I know I’m being demanding, you’re a very busy man, and I certainly don’t mean by this at all that my fellow fans’ comments are boring. Don’t get me wrong, I love you all, especially Sarah and Kirsty.

It’s just that a Tim place needs a Tim once in a while. Otherwise it becomes an Everyone-but-Tim place.

Or maybe I should unlearn to be coffy-cof once more and join the myspace fans… It would be a shame, though, now that I have finally overcome my obsessions and am aware of my weaknesses in order to be who I am and not pursue artistic ideals such as yourself and others-less-healthy, oh, sweet muse.

Oh, Tim, oh…

Nah, am not myspacey (with all due respect to myspacey people. I understand you only too well).


(It’s not an order, harsh as it may seem; it is an artistic plea. I am thirsty. It is almost charity that you do here…)

Adam, baby, give me an apple to eat?


Helen on 20th of November 2006

Shag With the Stereo On is fab! Very punk rock, I like it.

Abbey on 18th of November 2006

That’s great, thanks Tim. I should be writing a philosophy essay right now, but instead i’m sat here listening to ‘You Grew On Me’. Anyhow, great stuff, really looking forward to coing to see you in London this Sunday with some friends!

ellen on 16th of November 2006

i am loving the song

dino on 16th of November 2006

hey hey tim, me and my buddies saw you at the comedy store in manchester, we all loved your show, best comedy in the world! u better come back to manchester! any way…might travel down to london for the gig…any ideas..how much an illegal minicab costs from manchester to london?

Lou on 16th of November 2006

Damn you Timothy. I leave London at like 4pm on the 3rd Dec. Such bad planning. Whilst you’re having fun doing your gig, I shall be cooped up on the MegaBus. Still. With hours still to go on the bus ride. Joy(!!) Good luck with all these Londinium-based gigs though, mister! :) x

Vivienne on 15th of November 2006

Rosencrantz, what an awesome name for a band. I wonder if there’s a band called Guildenstern.

Love the song, Tim ^_^

Metalkitten on 14th of November 2006

My OH dreamt I left him for Tim a couple of nights ago. It must have been the weekend for Minchy dreams.

Kirsty on 14th of November 2006

Great. Thanks a lot, M, now I’m hungry. And I dare not go and get any food, because I know I’ll only end up accidentally decapitating myself while trying to make a sandwhich.

M. on 14th of November 2006

Nice song, Timmy; not my favourite by you… Funny, though.
I suppose asking you to write one about the situation in Oaxaca was a bit too much… Plus, the situation in Oaxaca can’t be funny in any way.
How about one on new airport regulations, then? Liquid stuff allowed on the plane, that sort of thing?
Next they will be asking for our water/skin-an- bones ratio in cubic per square cm. before we board the aircraft.

They have recently allowed on planes a type of moist pastry filling called “cabello de ángel” (angel hair) made from squashes and found inside a Majorcan delicacy called “ensaimada”. You see, ensaimadas, a bit like your doughnuts, can have angel hair or not, and it was becoming impossible for airport officials to open up all ensaimadas wishing to travel from the islands to the Peninsula. And who would want to eat them afterward, eh? after having been fingered, like your m…(sorry), by someone not wearing gloves?
Plain skinny ensaimadas have always been allowed to travel. Just the fat ones had to lead provincial lives, being eaten only by islanders, as did young ladies in olden days when they came of age…

So now angel hair is OK, but liquid chocolate filling isn’t. What if the ensaimada is old and the chocolate has dried up? What if you eat half of the ensaimada to make sure it doesn’t explode? I suppose it could constitute a new type of ejectable baggage, which would include anything soft from marshmallow to crème brulée…

You get to the airport and join the queue where it says “S.V.P insérer votre bagage vomissable”.

They made me swallow a camembert and saucisson baguette the other day at a Canadian airport- no drinks to go with it or anything, needles to say, and it was a bit dry. They could at least offer some water on the house while you tuck in.
Apparently I was violating a few rules by importing porcine and bovine produce from France, plus another one on plant and seed imports, as the half a slice of tomato in the sandwich bore baby tomato seeds.
Thing is, when you eat the sandwich, the little baby seeds pass the airport control anyway. So is it alright then if they end up as manure, or as faecal import, in turd form, dans votre beau pays?
And now that I come to think of it, except for the seeds, of course, the rest of the sandwich could be said to have become more liquid…

Nicola on 12th of November 2006

Injuries sure are fun, aren’t they, Kirsty? Indeed I put my back out for three days after washing the floor too vigorously at work and then proceeding to fall unceremoniously on it :D

Kirsty on 12th of November 2006

That song is brilliant… totally worth me bashing my head on the underside of my desk while plugging my speakers in so I could listen to it.
(lately I haven’t been able to do anything without injuring myself somehow… I have a cut on my hand from trying to put a clip in my hair and a pulled muscle in my neck from trying to turn my heating down. *sigh*).
The song reminds me of a retrospectively amusing incident involving a Tripod CD and my now-ex… but I’m not going any further into that tale right now, or ever.

I’d be there on the 3rd if I wasn’t so very busy that weekend. (I’m only mentioning that so it looks like I have a life. I don’t really, I’m just going to be taking photos of some guy dressed as santa for a magazine article… ooh, how fucking exciting).

Oh well, I guess the gig on the 26th will have to do. Teeheehee!

Clair on 12th of November 2006

“Oh hey tim, I had a dream last night that I was hanging out at this nightclub sort of setting which only played your music. You made an appearance at one point, but no one was going OMFG IT’S TIM”

I love this comment… because you don’t want to know about the dream that I had last night! Terribly rude. I feel very guilty about it.

Jono on 11th of November 2006

I like it, but then again, I always do.

jim Fatz on 11th of November 2006

dont say that, we all love your posts, however boring they may be.
love the song.

Nicola on 11th of November 2006

I am a little aggravated because something is preventing me from finishing my above comment and now I look stupid. Great.

Nicola on 11th of November 2006

Nicola on 11th of November 2006

Oh hey tim, I had a dream last night that I was hanging out at this nightclub sort of setting which only played your music. You made an appearance at one point, but no one was going OMFG IT’S TIM

Nicola on 11th of November 2006


Clair on 11th of November 2006

P.S. Great song :)

Clair on 11th of November 2006

Looking forward to the Duchess on the 19th! Will have to see if I can save some pennies to go on the 3rd as well.

Taryn on 11th of November 2006


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