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September 2010

So my efforts to accumulate a workable level of fitness with which to attack the Royal Parks Half Marathon next Sunday have been undermined, predictably, by an unpleasant and uninvited autumnal cold. I’ve not been for so much as a jog for a fortnight. ‘Snot a problem. Coughing equally so.

However, I’ve said I’ll run the bloody thing, and (pending pneumonia or the unscheduled amputation of one of my primary limbs) run the bloody thing I shall.

I have to admit that the possibility of beating the time of my dear friend and nemesis, Mark Watson is now under an even gloomier cloud of doubt, but I’ve certainly not given up on the idea. Whatever the result, having a cold may be twisted to my advantage: if I beat his time, I’ll be an heroic stoic; if I don’t, I’ll have an excuse.

Either way, this will be my last proper plea for sponsorship. The whole point of this nonsense (aside from my masochistic tendencies) is to raise money for The Prince’s Foundation for Children and the Arts. More info and the chance to donate can be found here.

And thank you so very much for your generous donations so far. I aimed to raise £2k+, and it’s looking good.

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Correction to the previous News item for those in or around Perth, Australia:

Our apologies: there is indeed a second Orchestra Tour show in Perth on Saturday March 5th as follows:

Tim Minchin vs the West Australian Symphony Orchestra at
Pioneer Women’s Memorial – Kings Park & Botanic Garden

BUT we were given the wrong on-sale date to announce. It is now being rescheduled and to avoid further confusion, a mailout will be sent when the new on-sale date is announced, with all the information you need. Do make sure you are signed up to the mailing list.

Sorry for any confusion or frustration this may have caused you. We know just how you feel!

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Radelaide the third.

by Linzy 15th Sep | 2 comments

If you’re not an Australian look away now as this is another post announcing another extra date for Tim’s Australian tour.

Australians, well aren’t you lucky ducks? Especially those of you living in or around the Adelaide area as Tim has announced a third date with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra at the Festival Theatre on Thursday 10th March.

Don’t go and disappear to book your tickets for this new show now as they’ll be going on sale on Thursday (16th Sep) at 9am from the same place as the other Adelaide dates.

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Run Timmy! RUN!

by Tim 13th Sep | 22 comments

As many of you know, I’m running the Royal Parks Half Marathon in London on October 10th to raise money for the Prince’s Foundation for Children and the Arts. (The Prince in question is Charles, Prince of Wales and heir to the English throne, not the tiny, funky artist formerly known as the artist formerly know as Prince. And luckily Charlie doesn’t have too much to do with the run, else he might suggest a homeopathic training schedule involving the maintenance of near to absolute stasis.)

If you can afford a couple of minutes to go here and sponsor me, the kids and I would be most grateful. Seriously, even one or two quid would be hugely appreciated. And remember to leave a comment mocking my pain in advance.

I initially pledged that I would try to run the bloody thing in under two hours, but unfortunately my dear friend and nemesis, Mark Watson, ran his recent half marathon in 1:50, so I’ve had to up my game and have now set my sights on 1hr 45mins. If I beat the sickeningly weedy novelist’s time, he will donate £150 to Children and the Arts… and if I fail, I’ll donate the same to his mob. If you too have gambler’s bones, feel free to use the “comments” box to pledge an extra donation if I hit my target. Nothing like a bit of jeopardy.

There’s more information on the run and the charity on the donations page.

Thanks so much for your support. xx

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Well this is something you won’t hear on ‘Songs Of Praise’, even this fine Sunday evening.

Remember back in April, when Tim and animator, Fraser Davidson, unleashed The Pope Song video on to YouTube? And you know how it’s had over half a million views since? And you know how lots of you were requesting that it was released as an mp3?

Well, to coincide with His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to the UK later this week, Tim has decided to let you have the mp3 as a free download; once the Pope disappears from the UK, this download will too, so get it while it’s hot like (imaginary) hell-fires!


We’d also like to point out, that the wonderful members of Angry (Feet) have been able to download this already for the past couple of days because that’s the kind of benefit you get from joining up!

EDIT: Due to popular demand Tim will leave this song up for you to download even though Benny has now left these shores.