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September 2011

Tim has three wondrously varied gigs coming up in the next couple of months so here are a few details and ticket links for your perusal:

As you might have noticed Tim tweet yesterday, on Saturday 22nd October 2011, at 10.30pm, he’ll be joining the lovely Alex Horne and his marvelous band, along with the other special guest that evening, Bruce Airhead, for The Horne Section at the Criterion Theatre in London’s West End. It’s a unique blend of late night musical and comedy jazz. Further details can be found via the ticket link below.
Tickets are priced between £15 and £25.

Friends of the Earth present their comedy evening: Laugh or the Polar Bear Gets It on Friday 18th November 2011, at 7pm at the HMV Hammersmith Apollo, London. Tim joins many other big names on the bill: Dan Antopolski, Greg Davies, Simon Day, Justin Edwards as Jeremy Lion, Richard Herring, Josie Long, Francesca Martinez, Lucy Porter and Rob Rouse, with music from special guest Badly Drawn Boy. All profits from the event go to Friends of the Earth and their vital environmental campaigning.
It turns out that if you don’t buy Tickets priced from £19.50, to this, that poor polar bear gets it!

As if stepping up for ‘Snowy’ and the planet wasn’t enough, on Wednesday 23rd November, at 7.30pm, Tim is back performing at the Royal Albert Hall. This time raising funds for The Prince’s Trust at their Rock Gala 2011. Assembling to raise the very high roof of that hall, along with rock legend Pete Townshend are YolanDa Brown, Kenney Jones, Mark King, Julian Lennon, Cerys Matthews, Imelda May, Charlie Siem and Midge Ure. You’ll find more information about The Prince’s Trust and the various ticket prices via the link below.

So there really does seem to be something for everyone there.
Anyone already booked?

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I could take this post either way. I could go with Elvis puns, because, let’s face it, who doesn’t love The King? Or, I could go on about how ironic it is that Tim’s playing a town whose name means the protective care of God or of nature as a spiritual power, given his beliefs.

I think I’m gonna go with Elvis…

Tim and his distinct lack of (blue suede) shoes will be bringing the (jailhouse) rock to Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel in Providence, Rhode Island, on the 5th November! Tickets go on sale tomorrow at this link here so be sure to get in quick as you don’t want to be all shook up when you find out it’s sold out and be sure to put in the right address as these are tickets that you won’t want returned to sender!

Mind you, if you’re lonesome tonight, there’s a presale password available so you can buy your tickets now! The word you’ll be needing to do that is REESE.

I think I got away with that…

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Hi all. As some of you may have heard, our lovely wee musical, Matilda, is being postponed by a week so we can make sure that when it does open, it is fully functional, safe, and generally totally excellent.

This is not an uncommon occurrence in shows of this size (Spiderman anyone?), but it is very disappointing for those who had tickets for the cancelled shows. I know the affected group will include a lot of people who frequent this website, because you are the people who always come to everything first! It is for that reason a huge pity.

Here is a statement from the RSC:

The RSC has today announced that the first five previews of Matilda The Musical will no longer take place. The production will now play at the Cambridge Theatre from Tuesday 25 October and opening night will be held on Thursday 24 November.

The structural work and extensive installation required for the show has taken longer than planned and it is with regret that the Company has had to take the decision to delay the cast’s move from the rehearsal rooms to the stage.

People who have booked for the cancelled preview performances are being contacted directly by the RSC and their ticketing partners, and alternative performance dates offered.

André Ptaszynski, Executive Producer, Matilda The Musical, said:
“Every musical theatre production of this scale goes through similar challenges during this pre-opening period, but Matilda has a cast made up of three different teams of young actors and four young actresses in the title role. This means that, unlike other shows, we cannot extend everyone’s working hours, take shortcuts and reduce the number of dress rehearsals to meet the date of the first preview. We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused to people who had booked for these early performances and we are working hard to ensure that the re-booking or refunding process is as quick and as easy as possible.”

André’s quote is most pertinent: the RSC would – in other circumstances – have pulled out all stops to accelerate the “tech-run” period of rehearsals. But every time we make a change – even if it’s just adjusting a dance step or moving a piece of scenery – it has to be rehearsed by three teams of actors… It actually comes down to genuine concerns about safety, as well as a desire to make sure the show is as good as it can be. This show may well run for a considerable time, and it would be short-sighted to cut corners. Be assured that a great deal of negotiation and soul-searching has gone into this very tough decision.

To those who are booked to come during what was the first week, I dearly hope you can find a time to come back and see it… and that you won’t be too cross with us!


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In case you’ve missed all the super-exciting American news that we’ve announced recently, here it all is in a neat, little roundup for your easy consumption!

Ready For This? DVD/CD

Tim’s first ever region 1 DVD will be released in the States tomorrow, available from all good retailers, as well as online from the likes of Amazon, Tower Records and Best Buy! It’s essentially the same as the UK Ready For This? DVD, but instead of the UK extras, you’re getting the animated Storm movie! And as if that wasn’t enough, the DVD will come with a bonus Ready For This? DVD as recorded at the Queen Elizabeth Hall with a band and string quartet!

Fall Tour Dates

To coincide with this DVD release, Tim will be touring around America (with copies of the aforementioned DVD to sell) and there are still plenty of tickets available for the following dates!

And as a little something for everyone, non-Americans included, why not sign up to Tim’s mailing list? You never know what you might get sent through to your virtual inbox…

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As opening night in the West End approaches Tim talks about the recently released cast recording and the preparations for the move:

Tell us about the cast recording.

Tim, Kerry, Adrianna and Josie
(Original production cast from Stratford-upon-Avon November 2010)

Early on, there was debate about whether or not to release a live recording of the Stratford show. I was strongly in favour of holding out for the studio. A cast recording is an opportunity to create an independent piece of work. In the live show, there is so much going on at all times that an audience can’t possibly take in every lyric and every nuance of the orchestrations etc. In making the album, I wanted to make sure we could record and mix it to an extremely high standard so that there was a pure record of the songs.

It took a couple of weeks, in May, to record at Air studios in Highgate. It is an incredible place that was started by George Martin. It was recorded and mixed by the lovely sound engineer Rupert Coulson, and produced by the great Chris Nightingale. I rocked into the studio for three days in the week before I went to the US. I tweaked the structure of a couple of songs, did an arrangement of ‘When I Grow Up’ which will become the curtain call reprise, and put my nose in where it wasn’t needed every now and then. It was incredibly fun.


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