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Yes! It’s the long-awaited, long-clamoured for announcement that Tim will finally be releasing a DVD in that popular NTSC, region 1 format!

On the 27th September, you will be able to get your paws on a US-exclusive version of ‘Ready For This?’ from all good DVD retailers, online from the usual places (you know, like Amazon, Tower Records, Best Buy, etc) and at his forthcoming US gigs!

The DVD features the same show that was released in the UK last year, recorded in 2009 at the Hammersmith Apollo in London, with costumes, flashy lights, explosive pyrotechnics and a nice, shiny piano. Also, as if that wasn’t enough, you guys are super-lucky and will be among the first to own the animated Storm movie on DVD, as it’s been included as an extra!

The fun doesn’t stop there as there will be an additional sparkly* bonus CD of ‘Ready For This?’ as recorded at the Queen Elizabeth Hall on 2008, with a full band and a string section!

For those who are still unsure about the whole thing, or who simply want their appetites whetted, here’s a sneaky preview in the form of Confessions.

Finally, for those wondering about what’s happening with Tim’s stuff on iTunes, we can confirm that the ‘Ready For This?’ album will be available on there soon!


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Paul on 23rd of November 2019

Anywhere to buy this now? Introduced my daughter to Tim watching a special on Amazon and she loves it. Really want her to see the entire Ready for This? show with “Storm” in it but can’t find a video DVD anywhere.

James on 4th of October 2015

Fantastic, I can’t wait for “Live at the Royal Albert Hall” to come to Region 1.

Kate on 22nd of September 2011

Oh, thank heavens yes!

Ronalda Ryan on 21st of September 2011

Yay. Personally i bought your so live dvd only a few months ago but have already watched it so much that it doesn’t work anymore!! Talk about a devoted fan. Am soooooo excited you are coming to Oz again. Have got my tickets ready for Brisbane where my kids and i will be watching you with much enthusiasm. By the way, I would chop off both arms and legs to be able to be a part of your entourage. You are the greatest ever!!!!!

Beth on 20th of September 2011

I tried to pre-order this on Amazon and they say that they have only the cd available for pre-order even though the product description says DVD/CD. Does anybody else have this issue? I called customer service and they told me they are unaware of a DVD release. WTF?

Ali lock on 19th of September 2011

Did Tim work in Rimini Italy as a barman about 13 years ago…the Rose and crown?
I worked there too,and just seen him on tv??

Michael Blackmon on 19th of September 2011

FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe that it has taken this long.

Patrick Spelman on 18th of September 2011

I love the footnote

Snark Mark on 18th of September 2011

I’m giggy as a school girl!
Please tell me that the dancing bear is in Bears don’t dig…?

BTW, I did not realize that you lifted that one section from the 1930’s Teddy Bears picnic, genus!

Andrea on 18th of September 2011

correction: bonus CD

(ok, I’m really done posting now)

Andrea on 18th of September 2011

p.s. Thanks for using an asterisk to clarify that the bonus DVD is only metaphorically sparkly. I was confused there for a moment. I was half expecting the DVD to be purple and to sparkle like those bumper stickers. But either way, I’m fully prepared for some magic* to happen.


p.p.s. Dear Tim, ILY.

Andrea on 18th of September 2011


I was in a public place when I heard about this. I don’t think I adequately concealed my excitement. People stared. But that’s okay–I’m happy.

Angela on 17th of September 2011

Quite excited here! Thanks for taking care of that bothersome formatting issue. So I was thinking…

New DVD format = increased customer base for products = increased revenue for supporting the wife and kids…

= Time to take a break from touring to write new material for future U.S. tours?

We can’t all live in England to see the new material you write for events there (Matilda, etc.). Sad but true.

Linzy on 17th of September 2011

All listings are as CD for some reason. Not sure why, but it’s definitely a DVD/CD combo.

Linda on 17th of September 2011

Linzy, Amazon still has the format listed as “audio cd” and as (cd/dvd) next to the title. Is that just wrong?

Susan D. on 17th of September 2011

I want to watch the sample, but also want to be surprised. Think I’ll sit on my hands and wait. Will pick up the DVD in Detorit on Sept. 30. SO EXCITED! Travel safe, Tim; see you soon!

Linzy on 17th of September 2011

It’s America only, I’m afraid, but there’s nothing stopping you ordering it online and importing it.

Linzy on 17th of September 2011

DVDs will be available at gigs. Meant to put that in the post but scatterbrain here forgot!

Lora on 17th of September 2011

Brb, out of my mind with excitement!!!
I can’t afford this, but f*ck it. I’m getting it anyway. :D We love you, Tim!

Stephanie on 17th of September 2011

Yippee! Very tired on only being able to view on my tiny computer screen. Now come to Ohio.

Helena on 17th of September 2011

Thanks!!! I can watch now big Tim* in my big screen TV !
Will the DVD’s be available at the US live shows like in in LA ?


kat on 17th of September 2011

Does this include Canada? or is it just the United States? (we do use the same dvd format!)

Beth on 17th of September 2011

I’m as excited as a virgin at a year 11 ball!!!

Stefanie on 17th of September 2011

FANTASTIC. I want to own Storm in my little paws.

Marina Stern on 17th of September 2011

We’ll be buying that as soon as it’s out. Thanks for embedding the video of “Confessions,” my husband’s favorite song.

Jenny Storey on 17th of September 2011

Oh you lucky people are in for a treat ,this Dvd is absolutely awesome and a must have in your collection.

Dawn on 17th of September 2011

Love this guy!!!

traci thomas on 17th of September 2011

awesome!!! will be picking it up shortly!

Meg on 17th of September 2011

I already have a copy from the two-pack….I think I have to buy this one too (so I can watch it on something other than a computer)!

Can you do a DVD of the Orchestra in the US too?

Tonya on 17th of September 2011

Finally!!! And just in time for my birthday…. thanks guys!

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