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December 2006

Hey guys,

Sorry! I’ve been away. Kirsty, I hope someone talked you down… once you’ve cut a canvas bag, you can never turn back. It’s a slippery fucking slope that one, mark my words.

The password-protected post that was here was just a wee Chrissy video-message I made for my and Sarah’s fams in Australia. In the end I buggered it up and it was on public view on youtube anyway, Which was a bit embarrassing because it was quite personal. But that’s ok… not like I was nude or anything. Hohoho.

Hope everyone had a fun one. We went up to see some friends in Claughton in Lancashire. There was turkey and stuffing: the latter being the verb to describe how we consumed the former.

Loving having my very own human. She’s pretty cool – yesterday we drove home in horrendous traffic and it took 8 hours and the wee’n slept about 7 of them. Sweet. With newborns, when it comes to time-spent-conscious, less is most definitely more.

I got: some cds, some books, some socks, some jocks, some jams, some soap, and a special bag thingy to hang on the handle-bars of my bike so that I can ride around London carrying my cds, books, socks, jocks, jams and soap like some kind of affluent, health-conscious homeless person.

So. UK tour starts in a month. Exciting. I have a few corporate type gigs between now and then and an Australia Day thingy.

Oh, and don’t forget to listen to BBC Radio 2 at 6pm on New Year’s Day… for that is when my radio special, “Tim Minchin and Friends” is to be aired. Friends include Reggie Watts, Lucie Silvas and Jeremy Lion. Check out details on the BBC Radio 2 worldwide internet website. (There’s even recordings of a couple of tunes that didn’t make the edit available to listen to right goddam now.)

I’ll remind you of that little puppy again.

Ok. Merry Christmas, Chappy Chanukah, whatever. Peace and goodwill towards men.

And ladies. Of course.

The lovely, lovely ladies.


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