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June 2010

Orchestra Tour

by Tim 29th Jun | 156 comments

At last, here are the new tour dates!

8 Dec 2010 BIRMINGHAM NIA – 0844 338 8000
11 Dec 2010 NEWCASTLE Arena – 0844 493 6666
13 Dec 2010BRIGHTON Centre – 0844 847 1515
14 Dec 2010 LONDON O2 – 0844 856 0202
16 Dec 2010 CARDIFF CIA – 0870 154 40 40
17 Dec 2010 MANCHESTER Arena – 0844 847 8000
18 Dec 2010 NOTTINGHAM Arena – 08444 124 624
18 Apr 2011 GLASGOW Clyde Auditorium – 0844 395 4000
19 Apr 2011 ABERDEEN Exhibition Centre – 08444 77 9000

Tickets go on sale 9am (BST) Friday 2nd July 2010 from:  www.ticketzone.co.uk www.ticketmaster.co.uk and www.seetickets.co.uk. In fact, from all major ticket outlets.

EDINBURGHERS: please note: There is a 99% chance there will be a show in Edinburgh in April 2011, we just haven’t managed to lock in the date. If you’re nervous about missing out, feel free to come to Glasgow!

AUSTRALIANS: hold your horses – dates for Feb/March tour will be announced soon.

IRELANDERS: no dates but I’d like to.

AMERICANS: no dates planned yet – sorrynessness.

CANADIANS: no dates but I’ll see you in a week or two to make amends.


MARTIANS: I’ll be there in 2020.

I will performing with the amazing Heritage Orchestra, conducted by the brilliant Jules Buckley.

It is going to be the biggest, stupidest, rockingest live comedy gig ever in the whole universe. There’ll be songs you may have heard before being performed as you’ve never heard them. And there’ll be songs you’ve never heard before because they don’t exist yet: they’ll be brand spanking new and written for this project.

Do come. Yes, do.

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As you can see, www.timminchin.com has had a midlife crisis and gone and got a brow lift and some buttock implants. And bought a custom Triumph and a video camera and is about to set off on a roadtrip through the Andes carrying nothing but a backpack full memories and an HTML tent. And is having an affair with this bit of totty: angry-feet.com. Disgusting.

But deep down, it’s the same old site. Have a poke around, see if you can’t talk some sense into it.

Wossy II

Innocent, or poised feline ready to spring?

I’m on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross again next week, BBC1 10.35pm, 2nd July. How very fun. Not sure what I’ll be doing – chatting to the big man about Matilda and my December tour, I imagine, maybe having a go on the piano, remember this malarkey:



Also chatting to Wossy on that night are Robin Williams and Elle Macpherson. The Radio Times blurb is here.

Tour Dates Imminent

Some sneaky info about my very-soon-to-be-announced tour:

  • There will be few dates but many tickets.
  • There will be songs you know but not as you know them and there’ll be some new songs that are so new I ain’t writ em yet.
  • The UK shows are mostly in December, the Australian shows more like Feb/March.
  • The UK dates will be announced late next week, and tickets will be offered first via an email-out.
  • So if you are not yet on me ol’ mailing list,  join it now here and you’ll get a day or two to buy tickets before the philistines who prefer spam-free inboxes to front rows.

Apology to the peoples of The United States of The Americas

I know, I know, you’ve heard it all before. But I want to again humbly apologise to you wondrous Americans for my failure to perform any US dates this year. I would get down on my knees, but I don’t want to get oil on my trousers. Huh. This musical I’m writing has rather overtaken my life, as have things like babies and radio shows and stuff. I am yet again trying to plan some choice dates in 2011, and am looking forward to apologising even more vociferously when they also fall through. And I apologise for using an ‘s’ in the word apologise. But that’s just the way it goze.

Finally, at the risk of repeating myself, you can book for Matilda here, and Canadian dates here.

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Tim is venturing to slightly warmer climes next month for a bit of a busman’s holiday.

He’s heading to both the Montreal and Toronto Just For Laughs festivals for all you lovely people in east Canada, and those in other parts of Canada and America who fancy travelling. Currently there are two appearances confirmed in Toronto and four in Montreal, details of which can be found on the gigs page. There may still be more added to these so keep your eyes on the aforementioned gig page and Facebook just in case.

Look after him for us, won’t you? Don’t want him being trampled by a stray moose now…

Edit: More Toronto shows announced and boy are you lucky ducks! On the 8th, 9th and 10th Tim will be doing a double headliner with none other than Bo Burnham! If you like your comedy musical, then you won’t want to miss this show!

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