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Just for Canadian Laughs

by Linzy 2nd Jun 2010 | 54 comments

Tim is venturing to slightly warmer climes next month for a bit of a busman’s holiday.

He’s heading to both the Montreal and Toronto Just For Laughs festivals for all you lovely people in east Canada, and those in other parts of Canada and America who fancy travelling. Currently there are two appearances confirmed in Toronto and four in Montreal, details of which can be found on the gigs page. There may still be more added to these so keep your eyes on the aforementioned gig page and Facebook just in case.

Look after him for us, won’t you? Don’t want him being trampled by a stray moose now…

Edit: More Toronto shows announced and boy are you lucky ducks! On the 8th, 9th and 10th Tim will be doing a double headliner with none other than Bo Burnham! If you like your comedy musical, then you won’t want to miss this show!

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Jolayne M. on 13th of October 2011

Vancouver needs some hot Tim Minchin action!

Rob H on 1st of May 2011

Saw you with the SSO on ABC – brilliant! Great follow-up to Rock n Roll Nerd doco also on ABC. Please publish on DVD of TM vs SSO in both PAL and NTSC – one for me and several for my family in Canada.

Rob on 3rd of August 2010

I saw one of your shows in Montreal on July 14th. I had never heard of you even though lots people in the crowd clearly had. You were one of the highlights of Just for Laughs. You even made the improvised stuff (screw ups?) with Christmas funny.

I’ll look out for a Western Canadian tour but I’d be just has happy to make a trip back to Australia or the UK to catch a show.


Lorna M. on 17th of July 2010

I want to kill myself. My family is on a trip to Canada and I just found out that I missed Tim in Montreal by one day! He never comes to the U.S. and now I have lost my chance to see him in Canada. Oh, what a sorry soul I am tonight! Please come to Florida in 2011! Most of our beaches are still oil free ;)

Ryan on 12th of July 2010

the show was AWESOME! We came from the U.S. to toronto to be able to watch this. now get over here to the u.s and give us some GOOD comedy!

Rene on 8th of July 2010

Please come to California, Tim.

Grant on 3rd of July 2010

DING DING DING I just bought tickets for the 9th. Again, *please* do a solo show. Bo’s okay, but really not my taste. :(

Liz Shaw on 29th of June 2010

California please!!

Jenny-lee Neal on 23rd of June 2010

Dear Tim, I live in Maine and love you’re work. It brings me up whenever I am down and makes me lol even when I just think of some of your songs. Thank you for what you do and I look forward to more. Keep the rock and roll nerd alive!! Jenny-lee

Mike Wagner on 23rd of June 2010

Oh, if only Tim could do a show in the Maritime provinces for those of us who can’t make it to Toronto or Montreal. But it’s pretty backwater and religious out here. It NEEDS Tim :)

Julianna Romanyk of Toronto on 19th of June 2010

I’ll also support any solo show you do here in Toronto! Bo Burnham is alright, but I’m mainly going to see you. I don’t have more than $200 in my bank account, but I’d do anything for a solo show of yours. PLEASE, if you can’t do it this year, come back with a Canadian tour next year… you know we love ya!

I recommend (in random order):
Toronto (MASSEY HALL please! It’s a grand place, nice crowds. Or Second City again? They also love you. :))





maybe Ottawa and Calgary too.

Plus, maybe some time stop by the nice people in Chicago, LA, and NYC. Though of course we don’t want to torture you by keeping you away from your wife and kids, you deserve some time with them for sure. So when one day you have not much planned (hopefully in the next 2-3 years?), us Canadians would absolutely love to have you again.


Lolly on 15th of June 2010

im so jealous :'(

Jeri on 13th of June 2010

YES YES YES! i’ve been waiting for this for years!

Chris from Montreal on 10th of June 2010

Thank you. So much. I will bring all my friends!

Charlotte on 8th of June 2010

YAY your coming to Toronto!…but I can’t see if there’s an age requirement at any of the venues since they serve alcohol…

Julianna Romanyk of Toronto on 8th of June 2010

I’m not here on these dates, but I’m driving 4 hours just for the night. Tim Minchin I would not miss for the WORLD.

Age 13

Hal on 6th of June 2010

Darn, I am not here on those dates. Damn work!

Yes, please do a solo show for us in Toronto.

Julianna Romanyk of Toronto on 6th of June 2010

Hooray for dropping by Toronto! Wanted to see you live since the day I found you… a dream come true.

I will be there on July 9th, waiting like a hopefully not-so-weird fangirl at the stage door. This Bo Burnham bloke doesn’t look half-bad either… very excited!

I also second the idea of stopping by Vancouver (they need some love), as well as a Minchin only show. :D


P.S. You totally made me step up my level of piano playing. Thanks for the inspiration. :)

Veronica on 5th of June 2010

Just bought my tickets to the second city gig on the 9th. I haven’t stopped smiling since I heard you were coming to TORONTO!! I have waited four years for this moment. BAhaa I’m so excited.

Da5id on 5th of June 2010

15 days between Montreal and Camp Bestival!
Vancouver, is a nice place to relax. (and possibly… just possibly do a show)

Robin Rinzler on 4th of June 2010

If you’re this close to California .. We’d love to have you here!

Chris Naidu on 4th of June 2010

TIM. Get your ass to Vancouver. Enough said.

Steve on 3rd of June 2010

Another STRONG vote for a solo show in Toronto!!!! I have waited years!

Kryshia on 3rd of June 2010

Tim, will you be my piano teacher please?

Carole on 3rd of June 2010

The most picturesque route to Canada is via New Zealand Tim – Air NZ all the way – a warm, yet wintery welcome will await you (would you look at the alliteration on that beauty!). I’ve been taking my canvas bags to the supermarket – honest! Please come back to NZ.

Jenny on 3rd of June 2010

Oh, and Tim, darling, if you do venture into the states, would you please take Ken Ham back with you? Just drop him off somewhere random like….I’m sure he can find a dinosaur to give him a ride back into civilization.

Jenny on 3rd of June 2010

New York!!! New York!!! New York!!!

Christy on 3rd of June 2010

The US, please come to the US! You will be warmly welcomed, I assure you!

Iain on 3rd of June 2010

As long as people are putting in requests (as if THAT will ever make a difference) I might as well throw Halifax into the mix. We might be small but we’re… well…. small… and eastern…. and Halifaxy. But we’re fun and we’ve got lobster. We’ll give you one and you can put it on a leash and call it Frank. It’s a good name for a lobster and although you can’t teach it to roll over and play dead, there’s no more “picking up” after your pet and if things get tight: you can eat him. Anyway, my point: you should visit Halifax.

Randy Peterson on 3rd of June 2010

I live near Calgary, but I would definatly travel to Vancouver to see you…

Jelle on 3rd of June 2010

i don’t expect the Netherlands is on your route?
Too bad, cause i’d just love to see you perform live on stage

Heather on 2nd of June 2010

Come to Vancouver Please!!!

Sean on 2nd of June 2010

Yeah, as long as you’re out on the left hemisphere, you might as well make a tour of it. I live about eighty kilometers outside Los Angeles, if that makes a difference.

Beth on 2nd of June 2010

While you’re filling up a North American tour how about Chicago PLEASE!

Jesse on 2nd of June 2010

Dearest Tim,

my wife and I have waited for what seems like forever for you to come to Toronto, and now you are finally coming!!! But, alas, such ticket prices for only a shred of yourself. Is there any chance of doing a solo show in Toronto??? I would gladly, GLADLY, pay twice the amount to see an entire Minchin show. It would make us both so happy, and it makes good financial sense! how can you possibly go wrong?

We beg of you, dearest Tim, one single solo show. You will not be disappointed (to say nothing of us!).

Peta on 2nd of June 2010

Yet another vote for Vancouver!

D3v on 2nd of June 2010

I’ve been shamelessly promoting you for long enough that I think at least one visit to LA is merited, whilst you’ve got some southward momentum, no? That English fellow with the absurd chompers has found a spotlight to stand in out this way, I think you should too. You know, considering that you’ve actually got a sense of humor.

Ori V on 2nd of June 2010

East Canada? EAST CANADA?! Come on, Tim. What about the rest of us, over in the West? We need some Minchin-lovin’ too! It’s going to be warm here as well, and it won’t be quite so muggy. Please, Tim, come to Vancouver. A little bit of East, a little bit of West… of all people you should know it’s best to mix it up.

Don’t let them have all the Tim… Vancouver is a fantastic city and I hope you get your butt over here pronto.

Gil on 2nd of June 2010

Since you’re clearly going to Vancouver, why not also come south a bit to Seattle?

Crystal on 2nd of June 2010

Please come to Edmonton!! My bf and I love you and share your songs with all our friends!

Jonathan on 2nd of June 2010

Chalk up another vote for a future Vancouver show! We all love you here, apparently :)

Michael on 2nd of June 2010

Also voting for Vancouver :)

Scarlett on 2nd of June 2010

Will there be any solo shows? I want maximum Tim time for my money.

Melissa on 2nd of June 2010

Another vote for a Vancouver visit.

S.Esq on 2nd of June 2010

Come to Edmonton – we’ll build you a statue! Well, I’ll build you a statue…

Angelica on 2nd of June 2010

Hell, I’d let you have the spare bed and drive you to Toronto myself if it meant I got to get in for free!
But in all probability, I will still end up paying for a ticket and going regardless…

Charlie on 2nd of June 2010

When are you coming to Edinburgh? The Fringe needs you!

Steve Vanden-Eykel on 2nd of June 2010

Another vote for Vancouver here. Even Canadians tend to underestimate the distance between Toronto and the west coast. It still surprises me when I remember that if you’ve driven from Vancouver to Winnipeg, you’re still only halfway to Toronto.

janice on 2nd of June 2010

Well if your in canada you might as well stop in Edmonton on your way to Vancouver!

Denise on 2nd of June 2010

Adding another vote for Vancouver please! It is loads of fun here and a pretty gorgeous place to visit too!

Kathryn on 2nd of June 2010

Damn, I’m going to be in Montreal… in 2011.

KimV on 2nd of June 2010

I, too, vote for a visit to Vancouver. You have many fans on the West Coast and many will travel large distances to see you. We just don’t want to travel to Montreal or Toronto (have you looked at the map lately? That’s just too far :/)

Dorothy S. on 2nd of June 2010

New York, please.

Wendy on 2nd of June 2010

While you’re this close you may as well venture out to Vancouver too! We’d love to have you here and we’re far prettier than our sister cities to the east! (I’ll be hugely ridiculed for saying that, I’m sure!)

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