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August 2006


I think the irregularity of my posts is kind of sexy. I now see myself as one of those enigmatic and aloof, hard to reach, olive-skinned kind of guys.

I am in Edinburgh again. Since I last wrote, I’ve done Dark Side in Brisbane and Sydney (that was fun and sunny), Amadeus in Perth (which was different and hard and good), and Dark Side in Montreal (where everyone talked funny and expected tips).

So, tonight I open “So Rock” at the Gilded Balloon, which is the show I did at Melbourne Comedy Fest, only it wasn’t called “So Rock” then, because I didn’t make up a title in time. I’m looking forward very much to doing the pissing in a hippo joke again. I’ve missed it.

People I’m looking forward to seeing at this festival:
– Tony Law (I think he’s excellent… and have heard his new show is really different and ace).
– Mark Watson (I’m reading his book at the moment. He’s smart and nice and funny and good).
– Rhod Gilbert (Caustic Welshman, very excellent).
– Charlie Pickering (Another stand-up who’s pushing the genre boundary. Nominated for best show in Melbourne).
– Geraldine Quinn (Aussie musical satirist. Think Janis Joplin with gender issues and a history degree).
– Claire Hooper (Another good aussie Sheila doing a late night spot. I haven’t seen this show, but she’s brill and it aint just stand-up).
– Danny Bhoy (Doesn’t need the plug but he’s nice and good and is doing all new stuff).
– Boothby Graffoe (Love him).

I could go on for ever. All the Aussies are ace. Wil Anderson doing his first Edinburgh in 7 years. Adam Hills as always. Loads of great first timers. Go to everything at the Gilded Balloon!

Oh – and I’m hosting Laughapoolooza on Saturday nights (from next week) at the Assembly Rooms.

If you see any good shows, post a comment and let us all know. (Or if you’re one of my friends and are angry at me for not plugging your show, send me a scathing email).


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