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Back in the ‘Burgh

by Tim 2nd Aug 2006 | 57 comments


I think the irregularity of my posts is kind of sexy. I now see myself as one of those enigmatic and aloof, hard to reach, olive-skinned kind of guys.

I am in Edinburgh again. Since I last wrote, I’ve done Dark Side in Brisbane and Sydney (that was fun and sunny), Amadeus in Perth (which was different and hard and good), and Dark Side in Montreal (where everyone talked funny and expected tips).

So, tonight I open “So Rock” at the Gilded Balloon, which is the show I did at Melbourne Comedy Fest, only it wasn’t called “So Rock” then, because I didn’t make up a title in time. I’m looking forward very much to doing the pissing in a hippo joke again. I’ve missed it.

People I’m looking forward to seeing at this festival:
– Tony Law (I think he’s excellent… and have heard his new show is really different and ace).
– Mark Watson (I’m reading his book at the moment. He’s smart and nice and funny and good).
– Rhod Gilbert (Caustic Welshman, very excellent).
– Charlie Pickering (Another stand-up who’s pushing the genre boundary. Nominated for best show in Melbourne).
– Geraldine Quinn (Aussie musical satirist. Think Janis Joplin with gender issues and a history degree).
– Claire Hooper (Another good aussie Sheila doing a late night spot. I haven’t seen this show, but she’s brill and it aint just stand-up).
– Danny Bhoy (Doesn’t need the plug but he’s nice and good and is doing all new stuff).
– Boothby Graffoe (Love him).

I could go on for ever. All the Aussies are ace. Wil Anderson doing his first Edinburgh in 7 years. Adam Hills as always. Loads of great first timers. Go to everything at the Gilded Balloon!

Oh – and I’m hosting Laughapoolooza on Saturday nights (from next week) at the Assembly Rooms.

If you see any good shows, post a comment and let us all know. (Or if you’re one of my friends and are angry at me for not plugging your show, send me a scathing email).


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mick on 7th of December 2007

your a freak come and jam with me

fatfreddyscat on 15th of November 2006

Saw you at Manchesters comedy store ( was with one of the “Steves”

I keep scaring people on the bus laughing to you on my ipod …that alone is fun in itself :O)

Another Rock n Roll Nerd on 8th of September 2006

I don’t seem to be able to pull much weight with Universal, so how about this DVD?????

grant on 8th of September 2006


luv grant

Kirsty on 8th of September 2006

Misspell one more word, Grant, and I will cudgel you about the head with the largest dictionary I own.

grant on 7th of September 2006

hey sarah dus that meen u r gay 2? hahaha n liek talkin about asholes hahaha fuk yes wonderful

luv grant

Another Rock n Roll Nerd on 7th of September 2006

Ok.. So – seen you on TV, got the CD & am now pissing myself in public places worrying the general population (they don’t see the headphones) – when the hell are you going to tour England?

Rob on 5th of September 2006

Hiya Tim. Awesome show at the Ed Fest. Loved it. – Wish you would come on tour in England!! Still laughing from ‘So Rock’ Good Work.

Sarah on 3rd of September 2006

You know who else is wonderful???

Tim is wonderful…

wow me and him have so much in common!!! :)

María on 2nd of September 2006

Sarah, you’re wonderful.
Now I know why there can only be one Biggest Fan…

Sarah on 2nd of September 2006

Maria, I don’t know why I haven’t yet posted in response… but… I’m sure I would like you… I’ve managed to get into contact with a few other Tim fans and I have loved them all so I’m sure you’d be no different!!

I could do with seeing some live Tim right about now… Still waiting to be able to purchase the So Rock CD Timmy… hope that something is done about that!!

Love Sarah

grant on 2nd of September 2006

tim u r so fukn cock


luv grant

ps i am sirius.

María on 1st of September 2006

Wow, Ellie, welcome to the club!
You are now oficially Tim’s So F…..g Fan.
(I like sharing my toys, but I can’t teach you mandarin, sorry…)

Ellie on 31st of August 2006

Tim- you’re amazing!! I saw you 5 times at the Guilded Balloon (twice in Shakin’ n Stirred). On the last day of the festival I bought a canvas bag and your CD (which i can’t stop listening to!). I hope you come back to Edinburgh next year!! I managed to see over 30 shows this year- you were my favourite. I love you!! x

Metalkitten on 31st of August 2006

Best show of the fringe by a mile. Due to huge crowd milling around, and us having to run for next show, couldnt get the CD, will it be purchase-able on here!?

Evan on 30th of August 2006

Hey Tim. Your show rocked this year, and I went on one of your off nights (my sister, Mel heard you bitching about your voice not working too well when you were standing outside the Le Crepieire)

I didnt manage to greab a copy of the CD on account of me having no money. I figure its available on the website eventually?

Anyways. I hope you saw Doug Stanhope. If you didnt, then my 121 hours of flyering for him failed miserably.

ps: niggers and rnb!

Trevor on 30th of August 2006

I saw “Darkside” in Brisbane, Fan bloody tastic. I have never been so entertained.

Please come back soon !!!

Caroline on 30th of August 2006

Whoooo…I’m now leading a Timmy voyage of discovery…well I’m recommending you to people who didn’t get to go to Edinburgh…and are now desperate to see you live….TOUR TOUR…I need more TIMMMM!!


Alex on 30th of August 2006

Saw you on the 27th and i cracked a rib laughing. I’m sending you the medical bill….i think thats only fair! I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for you touring anywhere near london…especially if its free. Top show!

Clair on 29th of August 2006

Just wanted to say that we saw in Edinburgh on the 27th, and thought you were fantastic… the best thing we ‘discovered’ at the fringe :)

María on 29th of August 2006

I totally agree with you, “Jazz?”, though I think that your name and comment leave no doubts as to the nature of your intentions. You must be some sort of spyware.

Thanks for the tickets, dear Tim. You were just awesome on my fifth. Thanks for letting my boyfriend watch it for free!

And thanks, Sarah, you’d like me too. People usually do…

And while the shadow may lie between ideas and facts
I say I am who I am, I am his So F……g Fan
Nothing stiffy to lose, no beliefs in outcomes
We’re living in the Perineum Millennium
the in-between years.
Not stealing shoes to dance, not a chance to be free, not caring to compete, not a-seeing the light, not knowing what is right, not believing in titles, not on a quest for status, not fighting for Tim like fucking for virginity…
This is the way the Fest ends:
This is the way the Fest ends:
(not with a full stop, but a colon)


jazz on 28th of August 2006

very sexy.

Kirsty on 27th of August 2006

My friends and I were wondering when exactly you changed the lyrics of the last verse of “If You Really Loved Me” from being about a tax return to something rather more obscene. Thought you’d slip in a little anal play and nobody would notice, did ya?
Good onya.

Enjoy your last couple of shows at the Fringe, wish I could be there to cheer for you.
– Kirsty

Aston on 26th of August 2006

You are so goddamn rock.

Sarah on 23rd of August 2006


Nick on 22nd of August 2006

You’re a true Fringe legend

Jules (Ireland) on 22nd of August 2006

Great discover you in Edinburgh, you funny fucker! Your show was hysterical! Bought the cd too!

Piccie of us in the Spielgeltent:


Keep up the good work! Please come and play in Ireland!

Love Jules xxx

Andrew on 21st of August 2006

Heya Tim – love your work! :)

Hailing from Melbourne, I have to recommend “Macbeth Re-arisen”. It is simply one of the most brilliant pieces of theatre that I have seen, combining the best bits of both Shakespeare and B-grade horror films – extremely clever and funny.

That, and zombies are cool.


Sarah on 20th of August 2006

Wow, I feel empty… María seems to be taking my biggest fan status… So cold…

I will fight to retain my title… and no matter what the outcome will always claim biggest fan status…

Love you Timmy!!

María on 19th of August 2006

Hey, good as ever last night too.
I’ve already taken four different groups of people to your show. They all left with canvas bags and, too. Some with CDs.
Any chance of getting one free ticket or a discount for me next time I take another herd?
Yeah, I know, “glad you liked it… I’ve got merchandise”.
Still yours,

CPBrown on 18th of August 2006

still waiting for the mp3 of “inflatable you” – need it …

if you actually have a copy feel free to email it to me (cpbrown @ gmail.com without the spaces) and I’ll put it on my site with a link from here?

go on … its far easier :)

Betz on 16th of August 2006

Hello Tim! My hubs and I just viewed the episode of The World Stands Up on BBC America and what can I say…. you’re phenomenal, fantastic as well as brilliant!! I’ve got your song Canvas Bags stuck in my head now. That’s a good thing. Everyone in the house has been singing the song and we’ve replayed the episode 5 times just to watch you. We’ll be buying the CD!

Caroline on 15th of August 2006

Hi Tim, saw you do some songs at the Guilded Balloon Phat Cave on the 10th- you were brilliant and I was desperate to see So Rock, but not enough days left sadly. Have bought CD though and listening to ‘If You Really Loved Me’ right now. That will have to tide me over until I can get to see you do a full show, which I hope is very soon!

Enjoy the rest of Edinburgh- wish I could still be there!!

María on 15th of August 2006

Oh, no, real sex is not an issue
I clean it all off with a…

And, yesterday, I finished a whole box.

Your name is Tim, platonic muse
Your CDs to write I use
And I think every single song is funny.
Glad I’ve helped inspire you too
Hope you’ll use it in your… shoe..w
‘Cause sure as hell it was well worth the money.

He leaves me in an involuntary cognitive state of limerence characterised by sudden incontrolable
bursts of laughter, realisations, intrusive thinking and compulsive writing that will never be explained either experimentally or logically in the entire history of the world under reasonable experimental conditions, Sarah.

His music makes me write
But it’s alright
Yes, it’s alright
‘Cause he’d never hold me tight
And I keep it out of sight
Deep inside
my Minchin canvas bag

With your digital camera

Increasing my brooding potential, aware
That if our generation is ever remembered
As disenfranchised, ecological, alterglobalist
He will be quoted, as I might
As one who taught, inspired, fought, conquered, made it possible.

I never wait for people after shows
And if I ever did, my boyfriend, Manu, knows
To lay turds in all his plants
In all his potted indoor plants
While developing Linux.

Lest I should discover his feet smell
And lost all my inspiration

María Brander

Sarah on 14th of August 2006

Hello everyone…

Hope you’re all enjoying the fringe! Especially since I cannot… Glad to see you’re all getting to experience the pleasure that is Tim’s show…

Tim Tim… I’ve heard you’re doing a pretty damn good job!! Though I wouldn’t expect anything less… I love you!!

Love your loving and devoted Sarah

Emma Cowling on 14th of August 2006

Hi Timmy,
Just sitting here in sunny Karratha listening to you CD and decided to check out your web site. I love reading all these wonderful comments about your show!!!
I hope you and Sarah are both happy and well.
Good luck with everything you clever man!
Love from the red dirt,
Em Cowling

María on 14th of August 2006

Tim, you’ve left me without words, and that is extremely unusual for an interpreter.
I thought it couldn’t get better, glad I was wrong.
Three times (five last year), and still counting.
Thank you.

Hugh on 13th of August 2006

Hi Tim, I’m here in Edinburgh working for Pleasance. They nearly killed me when they found out I was going to see a show at the Gilded Balloon – there’s so much rivalry! Just like Darkside last year, So Rock is by far the best thing I’ve seen at the festival. I hope the rest of the run goes really well – maybe I’ll get a chance to get you to sign my canvas bag!

Oh, and go see Into the Hoods – awesome breakdancing.

Nat Scroggie on 12th of August 2006

I thought your show was brilliant. And recommended it to all those nice little people who hand me lots of nice little leaflets.

…I’d recommend Andrew Lawrence – although he is a bit like a mini version of you – in that it is his first show and what he does is similiar to you And he has crazy hair, but he isn’t as good as yo uyet. But I still really liked him.

And for something serious fahrenheit 451. Brilliant. And also go see Polarbears everyone at the underbelly. It’s my friends play

I liked Russel howard like mr tony above. Now I shall stop rambling..

tony on 12th of August 2006

your show was awesome, very very funny. one show you should go and see is russel howard at the plesence. also need to sort ur download page.

Den & Jim on 12th of August 2006

On a mate’s recommendation (he even bought us the tickets for the show. Cheers, Johnny D!) we saw “So Rock” last night and it was fantastic.
Reckon you’ve just won over another 2 fans. Can’t wait to see you back here next year, and we may even buy our own tickets this time.

Tim on 10th of August 2006

Dear you
This website makes me angry
everytime i see the MP3’s and Downloads page a press it and see coming soon. Please be buying some text involving the what and what not’s to do when uploading stuff.
From me

María on 10th of August 2006

Hey Tim!
I’m one of the founders of your European fan club last year in Edinburgh.
I’ve seen you twice already this festival. First on the 4th, and then today, on the 9th.
Keep it up, Tim!! You ARE THE BEST!!!
Make those fuckers clap!
And don’t drop the joke on your mother before you pick the acordeon ;-)

Jennifer on 9th of August 2006

I went to see “So Rock” on Monday night! it was awesome!!! your timing is AMAZING! i dragged my flatmates along with me! they were worried when i made them buy tickets&they didn’t know who you were…needless to say they are now fans!!!

Gord, New York City on 9th of August 2006

I saw “Darkside” TWICE at Montreal’s Just For Laughs festival. The best. As much as the laughs, I found the sheer display of talent to be unexpectedly moving. Am looking forward to the next opportunity to see you perform. And “Darkside” is on my iPod, too.

John Howard on 8th of August 2006

I disagree. Danny Bhoy does need a plug.

Sarah on 7th of August 2006

Timmy, just saw your interview and performance of Rock and roll nerd on ABC2… You look exhausted… I hope you’re looking after yourself!!

It was fantastic either way!!

Love sarah…

SheerBrilliansce on 6th of August 2006

I haven’t laughed much since Big Momma’s House 2

B.M.C.A. on 5th of August 2006

I think the irregularity of your posts is a form of neglect towards your fans. Don’t flatter yourself . . . . any more than you have already.

Jono on 4th of August 2006

Go Tim! you trendy international jetsetting comedian you! Am much looking foward to seeing you perform again when you come back to Australia, I think i’m starting to have Tim withdrawel symptoms. The CD’s just don’t give the same experience as your live shows. (Although both are still incredibly brilliant)
Well Done Mate!

M.C. on 3rd of August 2006

You so rocked last night!!! My inflatable friend and I had waited a whole year to see you again and you were tremendous!! Awesome stuff !! Your new material is genius but just one request – Please please please sing the pig song!!!! …

amy saunders on 3rd of August 2006

we are so gutted that we’ll be missing the burg this year…
we have a super gig instead, but we’re missing everyone. please pass on big love and have a fabulous show and time
love da girls from la clique…currently in new york (oooh get us…)

Meagan Gorham on 3rd of August 2006

Yet again it breaks my heart that I don’t make it into Scotland less than a week after you’ve finished your run so you’d better be sending notice of your London shows ASAP Sir Tim! Have a wonderful month and best of luck for your new show!

Anthony on 3rd of August 2006

You’ve foiled me again, Minchin, you sneaky bastard.

Laura Bowen on 3rd of August 2006

Not to sound like a suck-up, but I have a ticket for your opening show tonight. Looking forward to it…..

My top tip for this year is Mark Watson’s Seemingly Impossible 36-Hour Circuit of the World. Yes, thats right, 36 hours. Its going to be awwwwesome!

Toby Malone on 2nd of August 2006

Bloody outstanding seeing you here in Canada, Timmy – like a little slice of Perth landed right in my backyard. Darkside’s on my iPod as we speak and Mum and Dad were stoked to see the photos. Come back any time.

Anthony on 2nd of August 2006

I’m just pleased you’re subverting the whole notion of satire by misspelling ‘satirist’.

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