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September 2006

Hello indeed.
Just want to say a heartfelt and slightly teary thanks to everyone who saw my show in Edinburgh. It was – yet again – a pretty insane month, made bearable by the people who came to see the show and had fun. God bless the socks of you. I think I went pretty well, despite feeling a bit of “second-album” pressure. Reviewers were mostly kind, audiences laughed and clapped. Can’t really ask for a great deal more than that.
Now I live in London. Yesterday I went up to Alexandra Palace and had beer with friends and looked out over the city and felt rather happy with the whole thing.
Today I have to go to a business lunch. Nothing ever actually gets done, but generally someone with lots of money pays for it. It’s really just the comedy industry equivalent of dogs sniffing each other’s bums. Fine by me. This is why I moved to London. This is what I sacrificed the Australian summer for. Dogs. Bums. Sniffing.
Oh, I have a “myspace” page. All the cool kids are doing it. And quite a lot of the uncool ones. Click HERE to check it out. It’s really just the internet equivalent of dogs sniffing each other’s bums. To thrash the simile.
The crocodile hunter is dead. Peter Brock is dead.
Since Sept 10th 2001, there have been about 45oo deaths caused by terrorism, and about 95,000 caused by the war-on-terror. I have lunch to eat. Keep it in perspective.
Listen to disco. Be well.
The audio CD of “So Rock – Live” will be available online soon, I promise.

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