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August 2013

Tim Minchin And The Heritage Orchestra (Live At The Royal Albert Hall) will be on Channel 4 on Saturday 24th August, 11.35pm – 01:05am and an hour later on Channel 4 +1. It will also be on Channel 4 HD for those wishing to examine Tim’s colourful features and exotic tailoring in detail.

This spectacular show was filmed at the Royal Albert Hall in April 2011. Tim’s joined on stage by the awesome 55-piece Heritage Orchestra, led by Jules Buckley and by Pete Clements on bass and Brad Webb on drums. That’s almost too much beauty on one stage!

The concert features new orchestrations of favourites such as You Grew on Me, Not Perfect, Dark Side, Prejudice and Rock `n’ Roll Nerd as well as Thank You God, Lullaby and many more. It’s a heady mix of soaring music in a very special, wonderfully lit setting with Tim’s sharp satirical comedy and iconic dance moves.

If you want to stay spoiler free but whet your appetite for the show this trailer for the DVD will give you a marvellously cheesy taster and a look at the fabulous Royal Albert Hall:

On the other hand you could dive right in to watch Tim perform Thank You God in all its glory:

Should your interest be piqued and you’d like to read a bit of bloggage, from back in 2011, celebrating the show: Tim, Brad, Pete and Chris Wheeler, producer of the Heritage Orchestra, can be found here doing just that.

Channel 4 is showing edited highlights. If you’d like to see more, the DVD is available from the UK & Europe Shop and the Australasia Shop. Both ship internationally if you are outside these regions and we’ll announce on this site as soon as it is available in North America.

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Tim will be talking science with Dr Karl on triplej, ABC, this Thursday 22nd August, 2013.

As part of the Mornings with Zan Rowe show, Dr Karl hosts a weekly science and myth-busting hour. Although triplej is an Australian radio station, if you are not based on that beautiful continent, you can still listen to Tim talking with Zan and Dr Karl live online (if you’re awake that is). If not, Dr Karl’s segment will be podcast shortly after the show airs.

Mornings with Zan runs from 9am to 12noon with the Dr Karl’s Science on Mornings starting at 11am EST. The all important ATT* is 11:30am.

You can listen live online here and you’ll find the various ways to download or subscribe to the free podcast on the Science on Mornings page or go directly to the show on iTunes.

UPDATE: You can listen to the show here now. Tim’s on about 16:00. The podcast is up too – links above.

Those in Aus can contact the show with a science question on 1300 055536 or hit the text line on 0439 757555. Alternatively you can tweet @DoctorKarl.

* Remember this is only an Approximate Timmy Time so it may be worth trying to tune in a bit earlier, just in case.

22/08/13, 08:50
UPDATE: Tim was also talking to Doctor Karl on BBC5 Live in the early hours (BST)! You can Listen Again here and here’s the podcast.

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Tim is currently making his Sydney Theatre Company (STC) debut performing as Rosencrantz, with Toby Schmitz as Guildenstern, in Tom Stoppard’s absurdist, existentialist tragicomedy Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead.

For the delectation of those not able to get to the theatre in Sydney due to geographical, oceanographical or motivational constraints, here’s a video by Stage Whispers TV, in which Tim and Toby talk about their approach to the play, working together once again and making each other laugh, intercut with scenes from the production showing the amazing set design and their rather dashing costumes: swords, leather, thigh boots! Awesome.

The video is complemented by this piece in Stage Whispers.

The play’s on for another month but it’s pretty much sold out. However, if you fancy, you can see some photos from the show and scan for the odd golden ticket on the STC website. We blogged it on this site here if you want to see Tim’s comment on the show when it was first announced.

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