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February 2011

An Oscar Winner!

by Linzy 28th Feb | 12 comments

A few days ago, we told you that you could buy Shaun Tan’s ‘The Lost Thing’, which is narrated by Tim, on iTunes for a measly £1.49.

Australians, you also have the option of buying it on DVD, which includes a cute 48 page hardback book, exclusive to the DVD release (non-Aussies, you can import it; it’s region-free)!

Have you been waiting for a reason to purchase this lovely animation, before shelling out your hard-earned money? Well try this one out for size!

‘The Lost Thing’ has won the Oscar for Best Animated Short!

The film was an outsider for the award and beat off competition from the favourite, Pixar’s ‘Day & Night’, as well as the other nominees, ‘The Gruffalo’, ‘Let’s Pollute’ and ‘Madagascar, Carnet de Voyage’.

In his acceptance speech, Tan pointed out the irony of the film being noticed, given its subject of things that don’t get noticed and also said that the award should really go to the cast and crew behind the film, including Tim!

Tim had this to say about it all:
“As many of you will know, Shaun Tan’s “The Lost Thing” won the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film. Excuse me while I gush: I’m incredibly excited for Shaun. He’s an amazing, lovely, wondrous and wonderful man. His dedication to his work is an inspiration, and the fact that I was offered the chance to play my tiny role in this film is a profound honour. I love his work and can’t wait to see what he does next.”

Here’s the trailer again, so you can see exactly what all the fuss is about!

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On the 30th March 2011 Tim will be hosting the snappily titled 25th Melbourne International Comedy Festival Opening Night Comedy All Stars Supershow… *pants* – no the other definition:
v. pants:To breathe rapidly in short gasps, as after exertion or attempting to announce an overly long show title.

This is the Comedy Festival’s 25th birthday bash, with some of the world’s best comedians taking to the stage. Tim’ll be performing and they put him in charge!

You can still get tickets here for this – we know, madness!

Remember how he opened the Gala in 2007?

The Gala will be shown on channel Ten, as in previous years, so we’ll announce the date it will air as soon as we know.

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Last month Shaun Tan’s 15 minute animation, The Lost Thing, based on the children’s book of the same name, was Oscar nominated in the Animated Short Film category! Tim plays the part of the narrator and you can view some videos about the making of it here, including footage of Tim during a voice record session.

Maybe you’d like a chance to see it before the winners are announced at the awards ceremony, on the 27th February in Los Angeles. If so you have a couple of options:

If you live in or near London, the Curzon Cinema in Soho is screening the 2011 Oscar Nominated Shorts this weekend. The Animation Nominees are scheduled for midday on Saturday 26th February.  Visit the Curzon website for details for online booking.
You can purchase the film to play on your Laptop or iPad or iPod or iPhone on iTunes, iDeal if you feel so iNclined…hmm (Priced at just at £1.49)

Talking of iTunes, ‘Ready For This? Live at the Queen Elizabeth Hall’ is now available from iTunes in Australia here.

Aussies! You can still request ‘The Fence’ on Triple J” in the following ways:

online: www.abc.net.au/triplej/requests/makearequest/
twitter: @triplejsr
call: 1300 0555 36
txt: 1975 7 555 (25¢)

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Have you been sat around, waiting for Tim to release a recording of his new, fancy, orchestra show? You’ll like this then!

At the end of March, Tim will be releasing a recording of the show he did with The Heritage Orchestra at Manchester Arena on both CD and iTunes! (Don’t worry, we’ll remind you of this closer to the time).

Lucky Australians who are seeing him live in the next couple of months will be able to pick up a copy before anyone else at the merch stand!

I’m sure some of you are thinking, “I’ve already got a copy of the o2 one; why’s he releasing it again?”. Well here’s why: the o2 recording was a limited run, so congratulations if you managed to get yourself a copy!

It’s also worth pointing out that this release will feature only the songs and not the talky bits, making it perfect for your mp3 player!

You’ll be getting a copy once it’s released, won’t you? Don’t make me use the puppy-dog eyes…

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Are you going to be in London for the Royal Wedding? Are you looking for something to do after the lovely couple, Prince William and Kate Middleton, have tied the knot? Then you might like to head on over to this little do.

Or, alternatively, if you’d rather gouge your own eyeballs out and eat them raw than hear another word about the whole bloody affair, then you might like to go to this as the perfect antidote to it all!

Or, you know, if you just quite like Tim and would like to see him in London with The Heritage Orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall but didn’t like the ticket choice left on the 28th April (or you want to go again), then you’re going to like this!

Ahem… drum roll please.

A second date has been added at the Royal Albert Hall, in London, with The Heritage Orchestra on the 29th April 2011! Tickets are on sale now from the Royal Albert Hall website and TicketZone. Tickets should also be available from Ticketmaster, SeeTickets and TicketLine in due course.

Most of these sites still have tickets left for the first date too, if for some inexplicable reason you fancy coming along to both shows. Oh, and tickets are still available for orchestra shows in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Sheffield and Liverpool through those links and via the gigs page if you can’t get down to London.

See, told you you’d like it.

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