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Tim’s new single, a studio version of his nerdy pop song ‘The Fence‘, is now on iTunes. It tackles how things are not always as simple as we might first think and is typically clever and catchy. If you are in the UK you can find it here and if you are in Australia go here. However, as it is now available worldwide you could simply search your iTunes Store and don’t forget, if you wish, you can be among the first to review it on there.

This is a unique studio recording with a band, rather than how you might have heard it, or will hear it, with an orchestra. Finally a song short enough for radio play too, so let’s start the ball rolling and request it.

Tim says:
“Aussies, if you want to hear the song on Triple J (and do me a favour), you can request it to be played on Rosie Beaton’s Super Request in the following ways:

online: http://www.abc.net.au/triplej/requests/makearequest/
twitter: @triplejsr
call: 1300 0555 36
txt: 1975 7 555 (25¢)


Radio playfulness.

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~G~ on 1st of December 2011

Is it no longer in the UK store? iTunes says “No.” :o/

Really want to get it – it’s my favourite Tim Minchin song!

Ian on 12th of May 2011

This is not available in the US store. Neither is the new album… you’re losing money, Tim!

RL on 7th of April 2011

It does not seem to be available in the US itumes store :(

Faeriefirefly on 28th of February 2011

I can’t buy it yet! I’m seeing him live in NY in May. I don’t want to risk a spoiler.

Sue (DiB) on 18th of February 2011

Requested it on JJJ, but I won’t be listening as I’m trying to stay mostly unspoiled before I see the show in Brissie.

Ash on 18th of February 2011

Bought it. Listened to it. Love it.

Naomi on 17th of February 2011

First tune I’ve ever bought over iTunes too! :D Being honest- initial impression is I prefer the live version (Which was one of my favourites at the Brighton Centre show) :) listening to it a few times though I can tell this version’s going to grow on me. Plus if it equals more Tim on the radio that can only be a good thing right?

Katie on 17th of February 2011

Woohoo i bought it. i like it :) Cant wait to see the show!

Daan on 17th of February 2011

Sounds absolutely amazing! This was actually the first song I bought via the iTunes store. Loving it!

Janis on 17th of February 2011

Cool. This is one of my favorites of the new material.

Martin on 17th of February 2011

Is it possible to release it in some medium other than iTunes? This way it will be available to people (like me!) who use linux, for example. If it was available as an mp3 download like “vs Orchestra” was that would be awesome.

Chrissie on 17th of February 2011

Can we request it for UK airplay? I’ve been asking for White Wine In The Sun to be played for 2 christmases on the trot.

Going to be downloading the new version today :-)

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.