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March 2019

WAAPA Speech

by Tim 29th Mar | 15 comments

Hi. 22 years ago, I went to WAAPA to try to learn to read music. I learnt other stuff instead. Recently, they put on a genuinely special ceremony and gave me an undeserved-but-much-appreciated honorary degree. I gave them a too-long speech.

The text is below.

“Of all the unexpected outcomes of my unexpected career, one of the more annoying is that I’ve managed to get a reputation for being able to write a reasonable speech. Like with my gigs these days, I battle a pervasive feeling that I can therefore only let you down. Woe is me. With this one, I left myself a whole day – yesterday – to write, and then yesterday went to shit, and so now it’s a three-hour jobby from this morning. It might be a little rambly.

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