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Aussie Tim on Aussie Telly

by Linzy 14th Feb 2011 | 16 comments

Have you missed seeing Tim on your TV? You’re gonna love this week then!

Tomorrow, Tim will be gracing Ben Elton’s Live from Planet Earth. This will go out on nine at 9:30pm, and as the title suggests, it’ll be broadcast live! The show may not have got off to the best start last week, but surely it’s worth tuning in just to see if Tim slips up or not!

The following day, Wednesday, he’ll be on Adam Hills In Gordon St Tonight. You’ll need to tune your tellybox into ABC1 at 8:30pm to see it. He”l be on with the supermodel and actress Megan Gale and the director Peter Weir. Neon Trees will also be performing.

You’ll be watching both shows right? Or at the very least be recording them to watch later, yes? Good.

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ori on 18th of February 2011

all these are only available in australia. bum :(

gwen schofield on 17th of February 2011

Please stay as great as you are Tim!Can’t get enough of your clever work. What about live in Sydney? Hope you don’t mind having Grandmas being addicted to you!

Robbie on 16th of February 2011

Please put on a second show in Brissy. Have loved your work for many a year now but have never been able to catch you live.
Please please please put on another one.

LIsa on 15th of February 2011

How can i watch the song that was on the Ben Elton show last night again????? Have looked everywhere… Was the funniest song and i related to it so much i wanted to learn the lyrics and sing to my Daughter at night when she drives ne nuts!!!

Chezza on 15th of February 2011

I WAS going to say you were great Tim but sitting through that show was just painful…. looks like others got here before me – Though I love to see you on the tele – don’t do that agin.. :)

Linda Paris on 15th of February 2011

Just saw Tim on Ben Elton Live and he was fantastic!!

I loved his song and could really relate, having a toddler myself.

I have to find out where he’s gigging and get tix for me and my partner- we love Tim- he’s awesome!

Mel on 15th of February 2011

honey, i don’t care if the shows are crap, i would sit thru anything to see you! Can’t wait for your Brissy show in March!

ballyjune on 14th of February 2011

i only saw the ad for ben eltons show and thought it looked awful. i really like him and can’t believe he’d be on a show like that. taped last weeks one but havent’ had a chance to see it yet.

James on 14th of February 2011

I agree with Matt. You’re too good for that show.

Matt on 14th of February 2011

Tim, please don’t lower yourself to go onto Ben Elton’s awful show.

Any audience member or TV viewer willing to give Ben Elton a second week is not intelligent enough for you.

Call in sick, or something.

Diane, the "audient" on 14th of February 2011

I will definitely be tuned in to both shows. I’m going through Tim withdrawals.

Anne on 14th of February 2011

Will watch both! Love your work Tim!

Caitie on 14th of February 2011

Maybe they should advertise that Tim is on there. Might get the show better ratings. Last week was terrible.

Simmone on 14th of February 2011

So glad Tim is back in Oz! Will Matilda be coming to Australia?

Looking forward to Tims show on the 25th!

You’ll be able to download the Adam Hills one – http://www.abc.net.au/tv/adamhillsIGST/
And prob the Ben Elton one too – http://channelnine.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=8204083

Peet in Wonder on 14th of February 2011

Great News!!
(in response to above comment: ABC1 shows generally go onto iView for streaming straight after they air http://www.abc.net.au/iview/#/recent but not sure if the ABC site allows O.S. viewers, i know the BBC has snagged me a several times in that regard)

o on 14th of February 2011

is there a way to watch it on the internet? Do any of these channels stream (for the none aussies is the crowd)? Thanx!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.