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Orchestral Manoeuvres on CD

by Linzy 23rd Feb 2011 | 42 comments

Have you been sat around, waiting for Tim to release a recording of his new, fancy, orchestra show? You’ll like this then!

At the end of March, Tim will be releasing a recording of the show he did with The Heritage Orchestra at Manchester Arena on both CD and iTunes! (Don’t worry, we’ll remind you of this closer to the time).

Lucky Australians who are seeing him live in the next couple of months will be able to pick up a copy before anyone else at the merch stand!

I’m sure some of you are thinking, “I’ve already got a copy of the o2 one; why’s he releasing it again?”. Well here’s why: the o2 recording was a limited run, so congratulations if you managed to get yourself a copy!

It’s also worth pointing out that this release will feature only the songs and not the talky bits, making it perfect for your mp3 player!

You’ll be getting a copy once it’s released, won’t you? Don’t make me use the puppy-dog eyes…

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Vicki on 15th of April 2011

I’ve just ordered my CD. Cant wait for it to come now.

Vanessa on 13th of March 2011

I’m with the DVD requests?? Went to Adelaide show was amazing!! I would expect nothing less!! Really hope DVD and Australian CD is released can anyone please confirm??

#1 Minchin Fan on 10th of March 2011

i listen to the talky bits in my mp3 player though.
hearing the words “piss in the hippo’s”, on the train sent me into hysterics last night.

LiasonIce on 5th of March 2011

Will there be a CD with the talky bits cause they are really funny and i unfortunately missed out on the o2.

Nicolee on 3rd of March 2011

Saw the Friday nt show at the Palais in Melbourne. I’m new to TM , yes where have I been??? , and my mind was blown from the whole fantastic mega epic experience. I bought cd after show. Brilliant. Flying to Sydney for another live experience at the Opera house. There I will buy the DVD and maybe a tshirt and a bag! My life is changed. F#*king yippee.

jen on 1st of March 2011

DVD too please. Manchester gig was amazing.

kelly on 1st of March 2011

PPPPPLLEEEAASSSEE will there be s dvd of Tim’s latest tour as was at the Manchester show and loved it. My sis would defo want a copy too.

Amy on 27th of February 2011

I wish that you would release the entire show from last night (Feb 26) including the talky bits! You managed to deal with that crazy heckler in such a quick and witty way that I actually thought she may have been a plant. But when she started ranting again in a seat closer to me it became obvious she was just a wacko who provided an amazing example of irony. So congratulations on a great show and not getting too flustered! Many thanks for (inadvertently) making my 21st birthday absolutely epic.

gareth shergold on 26th of February 2011

went to see tim last night (26-2-2011) his show was very very funny only down fall was a F@#KING stupid women got up and told tim she was offended LADY GET A LIFE !!

Harry on 26th of February 2011

Tim! I am so jealous of all you people that got to experience these shows. Living in New Zealand has its down sides (Tim-less). I would love to buy a copy of a dvd of one of these incredible shows. And, how could you NOT have the talky bits? Soo not ok!!!!

Lynz on 24th of February 2011

DVD? Please? I’ll do my puppy-dog eyes which some say are more like rabid zombie-dobermann eyes…

Louise on 24th of February 2011

Will there be a version made from any of the Australian shows?
If so – please let us know and INCLUDE THE TALKY BITS they just make it even better!!

Becca on 24th of February 2011

I was also at the MEN Arena, so it would be great to have a recording of the best night of my life. I agree with everyone else the night was topped of by the snow, it made the whole thing more magical!

Shame it took me nearly 4 hours to get home, two of which consisted in waiting in the cold snow and I only live an hour away! But It was well worth it.

Charlotte Gnessin on 23rd of February 2011

Will we in the US be able to buy it? (Bigger Puppy-dog Eyes)

Pedro on 23rd of February 2011

I like the talky bits! I love the talky bits!

Lucie on 23rd of February 2011

Thanks so much Tim “Best arena in the country” as you said :D Saw you in Newcastle and Manchester on the arena tour, got the O2 CD but it won’t be the same as having a recording at MEN, in my hometown. Can’t wait to buy it!! xxx
PS Sue that might have been us in the car park with the loud O2 CD ;-)

Kyle on 23rd of February 2011

We would love for you to bring this show to Winnipeg. We even have our own Orchestra! Pretty please???

Mondale31 on 23rd of February 2011

I would honestly go for the DVD and I’ll do the begging thing one more time.. Pleeeeaase Tim, come and do this (or any other show) in The Netherlands. We’ve got a lovely orchestra to aid you..The Metropole Orchestra.. Pleeeaaassee.. Pretty please.. Heavenly please?

Sue on 23rd of February 2011

Can’t wait to hear it! Amazing memories of a fantastic gig and a two hour wait to get off the snowy car park with someone kindlly playing the O2 recording at full volume Only a ginger…….

Lucy on 23rd of February 2011

When will this be released on DVD?? Loved the performance at newcastle and really want to add this to my collection :D

Kevin on 23rd of February 2011

I was at the Manchester show, and thought it far better than the recording from the O2. more atmosphere, just a nicer sound. I’m sad the spoken bits won’t be there as well, Tim’s interactions with the audience were fantastic.

Cathy Rachide on 23rd of February 2011

I like the talky bits.
Will this also go out on US iTunes?

Beci on 23rd of February 2011

Totally agree with all the comments here, the Manchester show was immense! Just one of those total special evenings.

dave m on 23rd of February 2011

I was at the manchester gig and I am so glad that this is the show that is being released on CD….there was a sense that it was something special between Tim and the audience…..it was a truly unforgettable evening. Shame it has not got the talky bits in between songs, the conversation Tim had with the annoying loud girl who was heckling him was very amusing. And the snow afterwards, made for an interesting walk back to piccadilly station praying that the train had not been cancelled

Lisa on 23rd of February 2011

Yay! I was at this show… Shame about no talky bits as there was the funny bit with the drunken girl sat behind us! Got the o2 recording, but will buy this too! Never can have too much Tim… X

Hideki on 23rd of February 2011

There’s romour of a DVD of RAH… Can you categorically confirm/deny?

Drew Baugh on 23rd of February 2011

I sure hope this one is available in America! Because Ive been wanting to hear this since I heard about it :)

Roz on 23rd of February 2011

Ah yes, memories of walking back through Manchester city centre in the snow after the show. Brilliant to think that our screams and woops will be on the recording! Fab memento of a fab night

Garfield91 on 23rd of February 2011

Web administrator person! I have the O2 CD but for sentiments sake I’d love to buy the Manchester one as that’s where I saw the live show. Will it be possible to preview a song somewhere (preferabbly for longer than the iTunes 20-30 secs)? If so that would be great so I can make an informed decision. Though I may not but it for a while because I’m travelling to Edinburgh to watch it all over again!!!!

Louise on 23rd of February 2011

Oh I am so getting this. Snow or not, that evening in Manchester was epic – can’t wait!

But puppy-dog eyes would be nice too :D


Meg on 23rd of February 2011

I’m definitely getting this CD! I have the O2 one as well and think it’s amazing but it would be great to have two different versions. I can’t wait!

Kathryn on 23rd of February 2011

I was at the manchester gig too! So exciting to get the recording of the one I was at.
Also, that was the night Tim made it snow :’)

kjm on 23rd of February 2011

And i bought the dvd but it was the hammersmith one which was nowhere near as good as the o2. Bring out the o2 dvd soon!!!! I loved the cage and lullaby

Coops on 23rd of February 2011

i also went to the the MEN arena one, but…the o2 one has the talky bits, and i also spent a few hours getting home in the blizzard and have a tshirt for memory of the show and also the snow!!! but a DVD would be AWESOME!!!!!! going watching the same show again on 11th may =) CANT WAIT!!!!

kjm on 23rd of February 2011

But you didnt mention the poor quality of the o2 cd when i bought it. The sound is all over the place. Sad face! Its a good job yur songs are fantastic and the o2 performance was outstanding.

Chris Gallagher on 23rd of February 2011

Excellent! Got to see Tim in Manchester as a birthday present and I also remember trekking home in the epic blizzard too…lots of fun! Definitely a buy for me I think =)

AdamM on 23rd of February 2011

I double clicked buy and ended up with two copies of the first release, so can’t really justify a third :-)
Besides, the talky bits set the scene for the songs so I’m happy to keep them. Sam’s mum’s catarax or the pope songs need the intro.
I’ll join the racket of DVD requests though.

Phil on 23rd of February 2011

Well im not going to buy just yet, to not ruin the Royal Albert Hall date! no spoilers for me… :)

ChuckRD on 23rd of February 2011

Double dip? Say it isn’t so! I was at the O2 gig, so I’m happy to have the CD from that show. Improved audio or not I agree with Keith, I’d much rather get my hands on a DVD.

lisa on 23rd of February 2011

got my o2 copy so im happy as i like the talky bits, make my days in college go so much quicker, just need the dvd now :) please xx

Rachel on 23rd of February 2011

I already have the O2 CD, but I was there at Manchester screaming my head off for Tim, so I will DEFINITELY be being the new CD whenever, however it’s released…a special memento of the best night of my life (every single song I wanted), and also the night I spent 5 hours in a blizzard trying to get home. The things I do for the love of Tim…

Keith Melton on 23rd of February 2011

-I did manage to get the 02 show so I may skip this one
-I like the talky bits so that may alter my purchase desire
-hopefully it will be available outside of itunes for those of us who refuse to pray to the almighty apple
-will there ever be a DVD of this magnificent show? I would buy that in a heartbeat.

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