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Time for a Lullaby

by Linzy 16th Feb 2011 | 54 comments

If you missed Tim performing on Ben Elton’s Live from Planet Earth on Monday you probably fall into one of three categories:

  1. You don’t live in Australia.
  2. You didn’t know it was on.
  3. You turned off halfway through.

Have no fear though, we can tell you that he performed a rendition of a new song ‘Lullaby’ with part of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (and he didn’t screw up)! We can go a step further than that as well and provide you with the video so you can see and hear it for yourselves! A note though, if you are trying to stay spoiler free for the new show, you’d best not watch this.

And if that hasn’t made you want to buy tickets for the rest of the UK orchestra shows and the few Australian orchestra shows that still have tickets available, then I don’t know what will!

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Andrew on 9th of March 2013

Is the score original and/or inspired by something else? The fast part reminds me of quirky circus music.

Rosemaryn on 16th of December 2012

So funny when you’re 60!

Rhianna on 17th of January 2012

Lullaby was the first song I’d ever heard by you. I came across it once while I was browsing for lullabies, because I really really like lullabies, and I just had to look up the rest of your stuff. If it wasn’t for this song I might never have found you, the musician who opened my eyes and made me feel so much better about myself and my beliefs. Thank you, Tim.

John Dill on 27th of April 2011

Related: Go the F**k to Sleep.


Dee on 3rd of April 2011


Chris on 6th of March 2011

Hi Tim…I am great fan..and I appreciate the way you point out the many failures of the Christian Church…can I just mention that when you say God does nothing about AIDS killing people…the Australian Anglican Church who runs your old school, CCGS, runs the most effective AIDS awareness and prevention program in New Guinea…and without Christians and their belief in a dead Palestinian insurgent, they would not be doing this work or funding it. Loved the Perth show. Keep it up. OZ rules!

Beth Mitchell on 3rd of March 2011

This just makes me want to chuck it all and move to New York so I can catch a live show. Nobody goo every comes to middle America

Lori on 27th of February 2011

Another song for me to get addicted to!! So f**cking funny!!!!

kk on 24th of February 2011

Love this a lot. I am going to your concert next week, having booked the tickets many months ago. I have a couple of your DVDs. There is a longterm family interest in your work because you apparently once were taught by my father, way back when in secondary school.

Gilles on 23rd of February 2011

This song is beautiful and so true; having a little 6 month girl I can relate completely !

I hope your daughter is doing great and leave you some sleep :)

Becca on 21st of February 2011

I love it! The music is so wild.

Tell it like it is Tim! Not that I know, I’m fourteen :3

So funny! Can’t wait for the dvd, I, alas am not of the privileged many getting to see your show :(

Hannah. :) on 21st of February 2011

I heard this when Tim played at the junction in Cambridge(England) then again at Birmingham (england again)when he played with his orchestra, and I still laugh now! I’m so glad it’s been posted online. :p im really hoping there is an album coming out with all the new stuff. Especially context and sam’s mom. Some of best best songs yet. :D

ScottyA on 20th of February 2011

Great song, reminds me of last week when I baby sat by nephew and was woken up at 3am!
Thanks so much for putting this on here. I taped the show but couldn’t even deal with watching it in fast forward.
Hopefully it will be canned by next week and we can get better shows – what about the Tim Minchin Hour!!

Tracey/rm on 19th of February 2011

Well I suck at staying spoiler free…..

I love this, but only because mine sleeps now (well, sleeps until getting up at the bloody crack of dawn) and I am able to laugh about it.

Hahahahahahaha he used to go to bed at 10pm and wake up between 12-2am and then never go back to sleep hahahahahahahahaha.

I never said the laughter wasn’t maniacal…..


Sini on 17th of February 2011

“Where is the line between patting and hitting? When is rocking rocking and when is it ‘shaking’?” OMG how I know what you mean, horrible but sometimes you get so close to crossing that line… And here we are with a nearly 4 year old, a 19 month old and 2 months pregnant. There cannot be any other explanation for our madness but the fact that love wins after all :D Hugs, hubby and I luv yaXX

Sophie Cusworth on 17th of February 2011


Christabelle Roberts on 17th of February 2011

Wow, that was the cleverest thing I’ve seen in years! As a parent there are moments like that. I can’t wait to see the work he produces when his child is a teenager. Thank you Tim.

Janis on 17th of February 2011

I’m so thrilled to hear a better version of this than the O2 recording. The audio on this one is much better.

mummytan on 17th of February 2011

It’s a brilliant song ! Love the comment about the Ben Elton show though “Switched off half way through” absolute disaster of a show!!!

Jenny on 17th of February 2011

Your hair is fine.
(is that like your mom or something?)

It’s nice to see you singing this, rather than just listening to it. (I’m in the US, haven’t seen it, but downloaded it)

I can only wish I was still in NY, but alas, I am not, so I can’t go see you in May.
I’m not on the west coast either, so double alas, I can not go see you in June.

Come closer, Timmy, come closer.

Anyway, well done, Darling.

Cathy Rachide on 17th of February 2011

He has fatherhood aced.

Sarah on 17th of February 2011

Thanks for the clarity Tim! Bought tickets for Sydney opera house show when I was still preggers with my daughter, feeling guilty about leaving her for our first night out in forever, she’ll be 6 mths. But saw you perform this song and remembered that I deserve a night off and couldn’t miss you!!!

Melissa H. on 17th of February 2011

Great song! Sounds like that was written at 3:00 in the morning in the nursery.

Tim, the only way your children will be able to rebel will be to become accountants and insurance adjusters.

Cazz on 17th of February 2011

Absolutely brilliant! Sweet with so much insight as Tim ALWAYS does. As for going to a gig, I’ve booked for my 3rd gig with Tim, Jules & the ‘B & P’ band @ Sheffield Motorpoint in May. Can’t wait, a show WELL WORTH seeing!!

spike hammond on 16th of February 2011

laughing ALOT! Your are a genius sir!

Nigel on 16th of February 2011

@Amanda this Is available to download on tims shop or buy on cd..

Anne on 16th of February 2011

I love the hair! And the eyes and the song.

sharon on 16th of February 2011

I might sing this too my kids and maybe they’ll shut the fuck up, bloody brill made me cry laughing especially the bit about looking dead….so wrong but so true!

Danielle on 16th of February 2011

Ahhh, yes. This arrived online just as the niggling thought started to creep into my head: “Maybe it would be nice to have a second child…” Consider my sanity restored.

SuperMam on 16th of February 2011

Just Brilliant! xx

Amanda on 16th of February 2011

I caught this at your Nottingham arena show and have been trawling the internet to hear it again. Only a parent really gets this – fantastic!!!

Kara on 16th of February 2011

Ahh this is amazing as per usual Tim! Sooo catchy!

Yvonne Quinn on 16th of February 2011

I saw you perform this at Manchester …. AMAZING sooooooo funny …… more please ….

Mandy on 16th of February 2011

Fabulous as ever. Any one who has children will know exactly where you’re coming from. Such a talented chappie you are.

Katrina on 16th of February 2011

Will his show be released on DVD? I’m not able to go and it’s driving me crazy not knowing???

becca on 16th of February 2011

Perfect song once again. Fucking funny but so true. Have to agree with the hair comment though. It just wasn’t sticking out at the sides enough. xx

Hugh_Phan on 16th of February 2011

oh please please please WASH YOUR HAIR!!! It’s just driving me nuts!
you are so scrummy, but the hair looks dirty!

Johanna on 16th of February 2011

I love it!!! my children are not babies anymore but it really brought back memories…. :)

Jessica on 16th of February 2011

Absolutely Fantastic! Thrilled you will be in the states for Sasquatch Fest!

Luise on 16th of February 2011

lovely <3

Laura on 16th of February 2011

i haven’t listened to your music for so long i forgot just how much i love you :P and just how gorgeous youare ^_^

Dale on 16th of February 2011

I’m pretty sure he nailed it on his mini warm-up gigs, at which they were equally excellent! Nice work Tim!

Zlatko Maric on 16th of February 2011

I almost fell of the chair laughing! :D

It started so nice but I knew from the start that you would turn it upside down. :D

Lisa McCann on 16th of February 2011

you always make me cry with laughter! you start out so sweet and adoring, like we all feel, then the horrible horrible, but brilliantly expressed moment when you might just throw them out their bedroom window comes along. still, honesty is healing, and so long as dingo’s haven’t really ripped your baby’s head off ..
Tim this is wonderful- how the hell do you keep the standard up?
love ya x

Sue on 16th of February 2011

Thank you Tim, it’s good to let other parents know they aren’t alone in these kinds of ‘thoughts’! Kudos to you for sharing with the world!

Jason on 16th of February 2011

Great job… hilarious!

Louise Lynton-Evans on 16th of February 2011

How true those words are…..brilliant

Heather "Snooze" Hamilton on 16th of February 2011

Frackkin’ A! Billions of sleep-deprived, red eyed parents out there are on their knees saying “thank you” !

Valje on 16th of February 2011

Simply fantastic :D

Joanne on 16th of February 2011

<3 that is all :D

Judi on 16th of February 2011

a few generations back there used to be this lovely lullaby that went “today is the day they give babies away with a half a cup of tea, so if you know any ladies who want them some babies then send them on to me.”
Tim has done a lovely job of modernising the premise!

Debbie the Cat Detective on 16th of February 2011


Erin on 16th of February 2011


krzywho on 16th of February 2011

I am positive you make an excellent father! Great job! :)

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