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We can confirm that Tim has been confirmed as appearing at the Sasquatch Festival, at The Gorge Amphitheater in Washington on the 29th May, 2011.

Other acts playing over the four day event include Axis of Awesome, Reggie Watts and some actual rock bands, like The Foo Fighters and Death Cab for Cutie. The full line up can be found at SasquatchFestival.com

Four-day passes are on sale now and day tickets go on sale on Valentine’s Day, you know, in case you want to make an, erm, romantic gift out of it.

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david R on 11th of October 2011

please some to Hong Kong

Kurt W. on 18th of May 2011

Hi Tim,

I’m very excited to see you at the Gorge. Its very beautiful there. We’ve had a wet spring so the canyon will actually be pretty green.

I’ve been attending Sasquatch with my kids for the last 4 years. We live in a little town about an hour away.

I’m an atheist / rationalist and have tried to direct my kids away from superstition and nonsense. You are one of my favorite performers – please do as many irreligious pieces as possible.

Kurt Wyant

mtaylor on 18th of February 2011

My husband and I purchased tickets for a vaca in Sydney to see Tim live and now he is going to be a few hours from our house??? Oh well, twice in a year is pretty awesome!

CanadianChick on 15th of February 2011

All sold out already!

We need another date! Come to Vancouver, BC! You’re already in the area!!!

Gabriel Burkholder on 13th of February 2011

Yikes! $80 for a single day? :(

Jennie on 10th of February 2011

That’s my birthday :D would be even better if I could go see him though! Haha

Heather on 8th of February 2011

LOVE WA!!! but will be missing this, poop. COME TO UTAH AND PISS OF THE MORMONS, PLEASE!!! yes the caps were neccesary.

Jake A on 8th of February 2011

Tim, you’re my favourite musician and comedian, im also a fan of the axis of awesome and watching the video of you and benny piano duelling on the pope song was epic, sadly im stuck in buckinghamshire and won’t be able to make this one :( but i hope the americans are lucky enough to see you play with the AoA again

Natalie on 8th of February 2011

Oy! I’m from Washington and I love the Gorge…it’s awesome! BUT I’m stationed in Korea so…Tim come to Korea! I hear USO tours make your heart swell hence sending more blood to certain male appendages?!?!! Do it! If not I’m crossin my fingers I get stationed near London next so maybe then!

Charles on 8th of February 2011

DAMMIT TIM!!!! Florida! Come to Florida! PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE!!!!

Base on 8th of February 2011

Hey Tim, since you’re doing festivals here in US, you should perform at Bonnaroo. I’m not asking because I’m already going to be there and it would be amazing to see you play there…….actually yes I am :)

killyosaur on 8th of February 2011

Why WHY Washington! And on that weekend! *SIGH* Gonna miss seeing Tim yet again, running a Marathon that weekend. So when are you making it out to the Midwest, preferably Chicago or, say, somewhere in Michigan? Ah well, hope all who get the chance to see Tim have an awesome time!

Dezi on 8th of February 2011


Leesa E on 8th of February 2011

Come back to L.A.!!! We miss you already!

Paula Valentine on 8th of February 2011

Toronto – please!!!

Shell on 8th of February 2011

Links corrected now Mike – thanks
Danielle – ignore the 2010 thing. When you select tickets the site corrects to 2011 – that’s a blip at their end.
Shell x

Konstantin on 8th of February 2011

God heard all my prays! :)
I live in Bellevue, WA and that is only 1 hour drive from the festival!

Great news!

Rachael on 8th of February 2011

Whoohoo! I knew there was a reason I lived in WA and not just because the weather is the same as England!! Can’t wait!!

Jenny on 8th of February 2011

I didn’t read this right the first time and I was convinced it was in D.C. I was like, “WOO HOO! I’ma going!” I tried to get my mom (a 73 year old new fan) to meet me in D.C. and then I re-read it and was like “awwww mannnnnnn”

Lucky west coasters!

Paulo on 8th of February 2011

I did not even know of Sasquatch until now, having moved to Portland specifically (not really) because I had a feeling His Minchinsty would eventually drop by for an appearance… But hey, Sasquatch it is! George’s Gorge… open up!

Mike on 7th of February 2011

Gotta remove the “www.” in the Sasquatch Festival link. And the “on sale now” hyperlink code is jacked up :-P

But I am soooo stoked to hear Tim’s gonna be at Sasquatch!

Danielle on 7th of February 2011

um tim…. 2010’s list is the only thing listed.

Hey you should really play Lazer fest In Iowa.

heather on 7th of February 2011

i’m pretty sure that most of tim minchin’s fans are only really interested in keeping up to date with his work so that they can read all of linzy and shell’s amazing puns.

Keith Melton on 7th of February 2011

Yay! Tim close to me! Wish you were playing a better venue in town (Benaroya or even the Paramount would rock for you) but I will so be there.

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