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London, Myspace, Hi

by Tim 11th Sep 2006 | 34 comments

Hello indeed.
Just want to say a heartfelt and slightly teary thanks to everyone who saw my show in Edinburgh. It was – yet again – a pretty insane month, made bearable by the people who came to see the show and had fun. God bless the socks of you. I think I went pretty well, despite feeling a bit of “second-album” pressure. Reviewers were mostly kind, audiences laughed and clapped. Can’t really ask for a great deal more than that.
Now I live in London. Yesterday I went up to Alexandra Palace and had beer with friends and looked out over the city and felt rather happy with the whole thing.
Today I have to go to a business lunch. Nothing ever actually gets done, but generally someone with lots of money pays for it. It’s really just the comedy industry equivalent of dogs sniffing each other’s bums. Fine by me. This is why I moved to London. This is what I sacrificed the Australian summer for. Dogs. Bums. Sniffing.
Oh, I have a “myspace” page. All the cool kids are doing it. And quite a lot of the uncool ones. Click HERE to check it out. It’s really just the internet equivalent of dogs sniffing each other’s bums. To thrash the simile.
The crocodile hunter is dead. Peter Brock is dead.
Since Sept 10th 2001, there have been about 45oo deaths caused by terrorism, and about 95,000 caused by the war-on-terror. I have lunch to eat. Keep it in perspective.
Listen to disco. Be well.
The audio CD of “So Rock – Live” will be available online soon, I promise.

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Sarah Biggs on 5th of May 2009

Well, Tim, here’s me sniffing your bum now ,although I haven’t been close enough to even get downwind of your bum having only seen your dvd and I’ve decided on the grounds that a) I like your stuff, b) you sing like an angry cross between Elton John, Paul Simon and Prince and c) you are a religion hating zealot like me (or have I misread the signs?) Bit miffed I only found out these things about 2 days after your gig in Cheltenham last year, but I’m sitting on the pavement now so I don’t miss you next September. I would like to be your groupie but have just noticed that I am (at 53) old enough to be your Mother and should know better, so have selected a Wicker chair on the pavement instead. I’m therefore not the same Sarah who sent the earlier messages and am probably just an earlier Sarah. Which is better than being the late Sarah. With warm solicitations yours etc etc

Catherine on 15th of December 2008

Hi Tim
Im coming to the gig on the 16th January in Camden cant wait its my birthday present from my mum and I absolutely couldnt have asked for anything better!!!! Catherine XXX

Leanne on 20th of October 2008

I think you are great Tim Minchin.
Welcome to England.
I hope you like it here and stay.

Rebecca Ingra, on 20th of September 2008

U r god, without you I wouldnt be able to survive in mexico, well the cheap wine helps too obviously.
mwah mwah

Cazza/Caroline on 6th of October 2006

God! I’m slipping, I didn’t even read this blog thing until today, despite having been checking this site for news….
I’ve clearly been too busy with your mySpace group to have been checking properly, I will not let my standards slip again Mr Minchin Sir!


X. on 4th of October 2006

We’re harmless.
And sweet.
Just a bit crazy… not for Tim, really. Crazy probably for what he represents, for what he can create and the idea of art.
Always with Sarah’s permission and under her supervision ;-)

Kel on 4th of October 2006

Your fans scare me Tim

Sinead on 30th of September 2006

I can’t wait until the So Rock CD is available over the net!
It sucks that us Aussies got the show first, but everyone in the UK got first grabs at the CDs. I wish it had been online-buyable earlier – then I could have gotten it for my birthday a few days ago!!
And I can’t wait unitl you re-visit Aussie shores Tim…
Hopefully we’ll see you next year?
Love, hugs, and rock ‘n’ roll,

X. on 28th of September 2006

Yeah, it’s me, though I’d rather not state my full name again just in case someone decides to think my poetry is also very bad and my reputation is harmed forever. It wouldn’t be the first time I see such unfairness take place in literary milieux ;-)

I must add that I don’t want to lose the little respect my public still holds for my art by embarrassing myself further. Future employers might read my expressions of enamoured ardor in ten years’ time, and no-one would blame them for wanting to hire someone else…


Sarah on 28th of September 2006

By the way… I’m obviously just assuming that you are Maria and are cool like Tim and hence now sign as M… I apologise if I am wrong and your name is actually M….

Sarah on 28th of September 2006

Oh wow!!! That’s so lovely!! Thank you Maria but I am afraid I cannot yet accept this award for two reasons… The first being that I don’t think I’ll be visiting Spain anytime soon, and the second being that I have not yet see So Rock unfortunately…. Although upon finally getting the CD…. which will *hopefully* be in the next two or three weeks (thank you Kirsty!!!)… I will accept it although I don’t think I can be an honorific fan until actually seeing it…

Thanks so much for giving me this award it means the world to me…

and thanks for defending my TMSFPHFT honour!!! Although I did enjoy Kirsty’s bad poetry…

xx Sarah xx

M. again on 28th of September 2006

Farmer-patronising Brown and the obsessive myspace fans who write bad poetry can stay in rainy UK too sniffing each other’s bums for all I care. The TMSFPHFT is meant for Sarah and Sarah only.

M. on 28th of September 2006

Sarah, I don’t know how you manage but you always make me feel so f…..g great!
I must say I understand how you feel only too well, as any fellow female human being would.
All I can do on my part is distinguish you with the Tim Minchin So F…..g Peaceful Honorific Fan Title, which is unique in the world and is meant to be granted only to the coolest So F…..g Fans of the incomparable Tim Minchin. You can pick it up whenever you visit Spain with, or without, your new (and undoubtedly awesome, I’m sure) digital camera. Mi casa es su casa.

P.S. Tim is definitely not invited to the prize-giving ceremony of the TMSFPHFT, sorry, because it would be pretty egocentric of him to be a So F…..g Fan of himself, though all other consorts are welcome.

Farmer Brown on 27th of September 2006

Sarah does have problems. But she is pretty cool and can deal with them well.

aaron on 27th of September 2006

hey tim, when are we going to see your hairy face in manchester?
we want you tim!

Sarah on 26th of September 2006

Oh Jono, of course I know that I have serious problems! How could I not???

Well, its not really a problem… Love for Tim is no problem for me… ok it is… you’re right… But I don’t mind having such a wonderful problem!!!

I think Tim has a bigger problem than me… after all… he’s the one who has to put up with all my obsessive emails and comments :)… which I might add, he does a very good job of it!!!!

xx Sarah xx

Jono on 26th of September 2006

Oh Sarah, you have some serious problems, you know that right? :P
But i suppose that they are ok aslong as you are supporting Tim to your full potential; as you always do!
Oh and Timmy, you keep up the goood work to! I started production work on the doco the other night, its looking good!

Sarah on 26th of September 2006

Hey guess what everyone!!!….

yeah, that’s right… I looove Timmy!! because he’s so wonderfully funny… and everything else… :)

Anyhoo… I realised that its been more than two weeks since I’ve posted…. on this site… so… you know… I couldn’t resist!!

xx Sarah xx

Lauren on 24th of September 2006

Hey there,
Just needed to say that I saw your show twice during the festival and laughed my ass off. I was equally pleased to see you freestyle at an otherwise awful phatcave evening. You coming to America anytime soon? Even the unwitting world-destroyers appreciate a good laugh. Hope to see you again soon.

M. on 22nd of September 2006

Hey Timmy,

THANKS for your e-mail. Not everyone takes care of their fans as you do.
Still listening to your CD, sitting at my new desk.
Besitos from Salamanca,

Nicola on 21st of September 2006


Nat on 21st of September 2006

I saw you in Edinburgh the day before my As levels came out and you really really cheered me up!! The show was Fantastic and i hope you come to Leeds!!!! I also bought your ‘so rock’ CD which is now on my i-pod!!!!

lily on 18th of September 2006

Waaah no more Tim in Melbourne! Oh, the tragedy. Me and the kid both miss your shows.
But oh, what a pretty myspace picture you have!
Best of luck with yer UK ventures. :)

Kel on 18th of September 2006

I’m curious to know if you will be doing the 2007 melbourne comedy festival cause word on the street says you will not, and that just bites.

M. on 15th of September 2006

Hey Tim,
You’re welcome in the name of all your So F…..g Fans.
You also made my pretty insane month bearable- I’m moving to another country, new city, new job, new life, and going through an existencial crisis- aaaall at the same time…
But then again, Tim, some people have it worse than I. I could be stranded on an island with a jar of Nutella, etc.
I REALLY have to thank YOU for making me laugh this August.
Good luck in London,

ellen on 14th of September 2006

Tim……….Brighton would be fab.But i have just worked out how much it would cost for me to get down there to watch you, and unfortunatly im getting married as you so kindly declined my invitation to join us! and we are buying a stupid house. Can you come nearer to the midlands? are you just keeping us in suspence?

Kirsty on 14th of September 2006


Kirsty on 14th of September 2006

Smooth, Tim. Now no-one need ever know this blog entry once contained an error.

Metalkitten on 13th of September 2006

The show was fantastic and we hope to see you again soon – Glasgow please, if you’re taking requests!

Nicola on 12th of September 2006

I can’t WAIT for the So Rock CD. So incredibly bummed I missed it when you were in Perth (but I did see you in Amadeus. You warmed the cockles of my mozart-geeky heart)

Jono on 12th of September 2006

How Cool Timmy! Can’t wait to get a copy of the CD. Enjoy England man, all the best.
Now… to add you on myspace!

Dani on 11th of September 2006

I’m glad you’re enjoying London but we miss you here!
A cd of a show you did when you were 19 went off on ebay for about $80 a month or so ago. You know you’re making it now!
Thanks for making So Rock available on cd. I shall buy 2 copies and flog one off on ebay in a decade or so when it’s worth 6 times as much :-)
seeya next year

Sarah on 11th of September 2006

Hahaha… I hate you Kirsty…
which in Sarah language translates to I love you…

I hate you too Timmy…
So rock BETTER be online soon or I’ll hunt your ass down and rape it!!

I would rather if the myspace similie was a metaphor though…

Anyway I hate you all

Kirsty on 11th of September 2006

must… comment… before… Sarah…

Incidentally, I’m coming to see you in Brighton on Oct 7th. Be warned.

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