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Orchestra Tour

by Tim 29th Jun 2010 | 156 comments

At last, here are the new tour dates!

8 Dec 2010 BIRMINGHAM NIA – 0844 338 8000
11 Dec 2010 NEWCASTLE Arena – 0844 493 6666
13 Dec 2010BRIGHTON Centre – 0844 847 1515
14 Dec 2010 LONDON O2 – 0844 856 0202
16 Dec 2010 CARDIFF CIA – 0870 154 40 40
17 Dec 2010 MANCHESTER Arena – 0844 847 8000
18 Dec 2010 NOTTINGHAM Arena – 08444 124 624
18 Apr 2011 GLASGOW Clyde Auditorium – 0844 395 4000
19 Apr 2011 ABERDEEN Exhibition Centre – 08444 77 9000

Tickets go on sale 9am (BST) Friday 2nd July 2010 from:  www.ticketzone.co.uk www.ticketmaster.co.uk and www.seetickets.co.uk. In fact, from all major ticket outlets.

EDINBURGHERS: please note: There is a 99% chance there will be a show in Edinburgh in April 2011, we just haven’t managed to lock in the date. If you’re nervous about missing out, feel free to come to Glasgow!

AUSTRALIANS: hold your horses – dates for Feb/March tour will be announced soon.

IRELANDERS: no dates but I’d like to.

AMERICANS: no dates planned yet – sorrynessness.

CANADIANS: no dates but I’ll see you in a week or two to make amends.


MARTIANS: I’ll be there in 2020.

I will performing with the amazing Heritage Orchestra, conducted by the brilliant Jules Buckley.

It is going to be the biggest, stupidest, rockingest live comedy gig ever in the whole universe. There’ll be songs you may have heard before being performed as you’ve never heard them. And there’ll be songs you’ve never heard before because they don’t exist yet: they’ll be brand spanking new and written for this project.

Do come. Yes, do.

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John House in the Field on 11th of April 2014

Tim, you should come to Holland. Just sayin’

Bart Pennings on 9th of January 2014

Dear mister Minchin, I have recently Discoverd you on YouTube and just finished watching your movie rock and roll nerd. Your an amazing artist ! And I cant wait to see you live here in The Netherlands !!! I wish you and your family all the best, may your travels and shows be safe and full of joy !

Robert Morales on 10th of May 2013


Ben on 5th of April 2013

Come to Belgium please!!!

Tripp on 19th of January 2012

TIM! or people representing Tim.

How many comments will it take to bring you(him) to ireland?! I’ll buy your plane ticket and book the venue, you just bring your piano! (Have you seen the price of those things?!)

Jessica on 16th of May 2011

Please can you come back?…With the orchestra I mean, you’re welcome to come back to Adelaide by yourself of course, though I’m not speaking for the whole of Adelaide, just me…But I’m sure many others would agree…Shutting up now.

Alex Mackison on 14th of April 2011

I think it would be in your best interest to play “inflatable you” in aberdeen on the 19th. thanks. X

Ciaran Murphy on 23rd of February 2011

Come to Ireland – Athlone Dean Crow theatre if possible :-) If not Dublin will do fine. Otherwise I’ll have to start getting planes, taxis and hotels and all that :-(

Michael Kearney on 19th of January 2011

Come to Dublin , We would make you feel so welcome and plus we need a good laugh here to distract us from the god awful state of our finances and “government” , plus there is a great Aussie Pub in dublin !

Sarah on 16th of January 2011

Thanks so much for the gig in Nottingham. Loved it so much we’ve just got front row tickets to see you in Sheffield in May. Weirdly as we left Nottingham and your show you were on on Radio 2 in a play you’d written – very odd to have just seen you live and then get another dose on the way home! Bravo to you!

Amelia on 8th of January 2011

Dammit Tim, please come to Dublin!!! We would love to see you and there are so many cool venues here. Plus you would get a great tan. (may be lying about the last bit) But come on over to the Emerald Isle anyway!

SlNA on 7th of January 2011

Please also come to mainland Europe soon! The Netherlands would indeed be a good country to begin with.

Catherine on 21st of December 2010

Saw the Orchestra Tour in Nottingham at the weekend, worth travelling from Lincoln in doubious weather conditions, and navigating the infathomable one-way system.Totally amazing! Well done Mr Minchin :)

Sue on 19th of December 2010

Went to the MEN arena show on 17th Dec – brilliant, possibly the best live show I’ve ever been to. The man is a genius!

Danny Hill on 18th of December 2010

Went to the gig last night at the M.E.N. Fantastic! Had to walk 2 hours in the snow to get home but it was worth every finger and toe I lost to frostbite!

Jane on 14th of December 2010

I was at the show in Brighton last night and it was INCREDIBLE. It was my birthday, and the best present I could have had. Thank you Tim for your clever, hilarious, lyrically amazing musical genius.

Have a lovely Christmas drinking white wine in the sun :)

Scott R on 14th of December 2010

What an amazing show in Brighton last night !!

Having followed your progression to fame for several years now, I’ve seen you go from hugely entertaining and talented composer (I actually typed ‘composter’ first time – that wouldn’t be so good !), comedian and pianist, to a jaw-droppingly amazing ‘all of the above’.

I’m left wondering what’s next… pianist at Will and Katie’s wedding… sell out performances at Central Park or Maddison Square Gardens…

I await with huge anticipation…

Smell on 12th of December 2010

Last night was the absolute highlight of my year!!! Absolutely brilliant, you also made my boyfriend cry… good work x

Gemma on 10th of December 2010

Such an amazing gig! Tim, you and the (BnP) Orchestra seriously rocked on the 8th in Birmingham! The new material was sweet!

I was strangely attracted to the Conductor, spending a lot of time looking at his back whilst thinking… ‘I must go out clubbing with this guy’… ‘If only’, I say to myself feeling kinda dreamy. I spent a little time asking for him after the show (not to take him home or anything, just to say ‘sweet conducting… like clubbing?’ however, some scary people in hard hats weren’t very sympathetic to my aim and I was turfed out… something about health and safety, but I would like to make it known that I thought he was amazing, and one of the most interesting conductors I’ve seen.

Such a civilised audience you had, I was forced to dance in my seat, laughing, rocking out and, loving every minute! How I wished I could have danced in the isles… new form… I have yet to name, but involves copious amounts of laughter whilst trying to bust a move! (some have told me it may look like a malfunctioning robot, on foraged mushrooms yet to be identified)

You have the perfect combination… Music that makes you dance and smile… What more could I want? Would see you again and again, but you know, I suppose that would be regarded in the ‘Love without evidence’ category! Just expresses how much I enjoyed the show… Ooooh… and the magic!

Sent my Grand-Folks to see Matilda on the 9th at the Courtyard, they came back with nothing but good things to say…

Keep doing what you do Tim… look forward to seeing what the future may bring… for you, I hope it is nothing but amazing amazingness that fills the world with miles and miles of smiles!

‘Till our paths cross again in whatever place and whichever row, or via the medium of dvd technology and youtube’

Take Care, Be Well and many Peaceful Wishes!

James Green on 9th of December 2010

Orchestra Tour in Birmingham last night! Absolutely breath-taking. Hilarious, accompanied by so incredible musical genius. Nuff said!

Hiddlydiddly on 9th of December 2010

Went to the opening night of the tour last night in Birmingham. Absolutely stunning. My first time seeing you and it was just such a superb night. Heritage Orchestra and the BnP band were fantatstic. Thanks for a great night.

Guy on 1st of December 2010

Man your awsome, I love the picture….Piano Fingers? lmao

Stefflaa on 27th of November 2010

Pretty please come to Bristol,maaaybe even make the age limit 14+ or under 16’s with a adult or something? (preferably the first one) I’m 14 and your my idol,bloody age restrictions D:

Nikolaj Hojgaard on 23rd of November 2010

Why are all English/Irish/Scottish people moaning about Tim going to the wrong cities, like he isn’t worth travelling for? ;-)

I would gladly have flown in from Denmark, except Tim chose to do 5 out of 7 December gigs on days where I have exams and the last two I have to work.. It’s close to being the worst timing I’ve ever experienced.. Do more gigs Tim!!

Piskey on 23rd of October 2010

Tim you wonderful man
Please please please come to Sheffield!!

Only recently discovered you but ‘you grew on me like a tumour’
and quite honestly I don’t need a cure :)

Alex on 22nd of October 2010


nicola meneses on 1st of October 2010

please please come to dublin soon xxx

R Davis on 11th of September 2010

Chicago! Come to Chicago!

Ho-Lex on 10th of September 2010

Americans want you to come here too, please! Just the East Coast is fine.

Suzi-Q (Your friendly Greenham & Newbury Stalker) on 9th of September 2010

Crikey ol’ bean, don’t let all this adoration go to your head. You might not pee for a week.
Sha’n’t say “see you in Brighton” because I don’t know where to type the hyphens and it might sound rather smug.

Johnny Scott on 8th of September 2010

Tim please come to Belfast, or Dublin for that matter, i’ll travel and i’m sure many others would too.

Clara Stephen on 6th of September 2010

I just realized people are writing to you not about you but i can’t wait to see you live.

Clara Stephen on 6th of September 2010

I think and know love Tim Michin he is brill when i watched him this week just past i couldn’t take my eyes off the screen he is so out there and new and i think he is defo going to be the next thing can’t wait till he comes here. clara (scotland)

Jill struyk on 6th of September 2010

Seriously you need to come to the midwest USA. Omaha nebraska in particular. We will promote and sell it out guarantee

Tony Quinlan on 5th of September 2010

Tim you lazy bugger, play a gig at the liverpool philharmonic with the royal liverpool philharmonic orchestra. Bill Bailey did last year and was awesome but i’m sure you would top it. Playing manchester alone is not good enough. The rivalry between liverpool and manchester is like melbourne and sydney. I’ve been to Perth (twice) so its only fair you come to my home city. Just don’t mention the B**tles because everyone in Liverpool is fed up hearing about them(though it is nice to make some money from them, it only took us 40 years to build a tourist industry around them).

David Clough on 4th of September 2010


pete "n" marie in love 4 eva on 4th of September 2010

gonna try get some tikets for manchester!!!!! is tony gonna be there?? hope so!!

Laura on 2nd of September 2010

WHY AM I AT SCHOOL!!!!!! :'(

peter on 17th of August 2010

great i’m coming to the manchester one, should be good, ps, why do you never wear anything on your feet whilst performing tim.

Paula Slone on 11th of August 2010

PLEASE come to Seattle WA USA. We…… have good fish

Ginger Cat on 10th of August 2010

Can you please play Ireland?
You have to cus only a ginger can call another ginger ginger

Ryan on 4th of August 2010

You are seriously missing an IRELAND DATE Tim….. Come on man you can make it happen!!! Plllleeeeaaaasssssseeeeee come to Ireland!?!?!?!?

David G on 3rd of August 2010

If you come to Dublin you even crash in my spare room :)

Danielle on 2nd of August 2010

MARRY ME!!!!!!!!!!!!111one

*awkward silence* ……….

Or… or come to Dublin – either one is just as good…


Derek Gibbons on 2nd of August 2010

Yo Minchin, just saw one of your live shows on Sky’s E4 for the first time and loved it dude!! But then checked out your website and see you have no shows planned for Ireland. . . WTF buddy???
We’d love your twisted sense of humour over here way more than most and could easily fill a date or two for ya so get your arse over here pleeeez. We also would choose not to not eat pigs together and don’t not hate bad language, hell we were brought up on the word F**K!



Brian - Northern Ireland on 29th of July 2010

Come to Belfast! or Dublin! Or my house! Or Tescos… but a Belfast Tescos because otherwise I cant come see you. PLEEEAAASSSEEEEE!!! You said you want to so I think you definately should! We love Australians. But most importantly we love TIM! TIM IS KING!! PLEASE!!?

dom luke on 29th of July 2010

watched tim on tv last night for the first time ever , i`m in awe of his use of language very very funny awesome pianist and comedian fantastic

Glen on 22nd of July 2010

Dearest Tim,

Long story short,

Your Christmas Song has an extra special, sentimental depth to me as my mum has been fighting cancer for the last 4 years and my dad has onset alzhiemers and dementia… I’m a 32 year old man who is reduced to tears every time I hear it… Absolutely beautiful!!!

Bestest regards, can’t wait to see you live again!


Glen on 22nd of July 2010

Come back to Oz Tim!

I’ll be sure to follow you down the east coast and into my current shitty home-town of Can(t)berra…

Love your work and have done so for years.

Pure musical genious!!!


Ali on 21st of July 2010

TIM!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come to Ireland!! PLEASE!!! =( We love you!!! Yer fuckin awesome!!! =] ♥

Buhlin on 19th of July 2010

It feels completly logical that you should come to Sweden and entertain us. I’m spreading the word about your musicalcomedy like herpes among my friends and family, well not so much my family tbh (long blistering story keept short). Keep on the good work and hopefully you will one day join forces with the most atheist country on the globe!

Lady Jane Gray on 18th of July 2010


Jules on 17th of July 2010


Rhianne on 16th of July 2010

Uuurrrggghh! Because I’m a youngster at 15, although a HUGE fan, I can’t go because of the age restrictions :( But there’s always next year!

Di on 16th of July 2010

I see no mention of Brussels or Antwerp on this list? How can that be? Huge English-speaking populations here, warped humour and better English than this kiwi.

Andy on 16th of July 2010

Any chance of a quick gig at the Liverpool Echo?!!

Tracey/rm on 15th of July 2010

You could use 55 piece orchestra to lift you up a la Kylie Minogue.

Gaga for Tim Minchin on 13th of July 2010

OMG Tim i love you so much!!! Please please please come to Ireland!!! I’d buy all your tickets myself!!! xx

Louise Marshall on 12th of July 2010

I have booked tickets for the O2 show in December, can’t wait. Louise M

Cherry on 12th of July 2010

I’m going too Cardiff <3

I've got a pretty good seat in the stalls :)

Cannot wait till December now!!!


rach on 12th of July 2010

bristol baby bristol.
theres banksy,
art n some hippies too,
theres posh people rude ones n heckelers as well…
poor people, big issuers and a city zoo,
oh please come to bristol,
pretty pretty please do

ps its nice

Laura on 11th of July 2010

and what about Italians? We are waiting for you in Italy!

Steve on 10th of July 2010

Tim hope you make it to Ireland. Would love to see you over here. You are brilliant.

betty on 9th of July 2010

When will you be in the US? We need you desperately!

Trenton on 9th of July 2010

Dearest Tim,

My name is Trenton, I am 17 years old and I live in the western area of Kentucky. I became aware of your existence when a fellow comedian by the name of Bo Burnham told me about you. I have been in love ever since. I beg you to do everything in your power to bring your performance to the United States (Preferably close to my geographical area). You would be making me and many others very happy. Thank you sir.

Matt on 9th of July 2010

Come to Switzerland ! ! ! Loved the Jonny Woss song, sublime

janet wills on 8th of July 2010

Dear lovely Tim
Is it you or the venues who say no-one under 16 can come to the gigs? And is whoever it is serious? While one of my under-16-year-old offspring (the one who, with all due affectionate respect looks more mature than you) could pretend (blush) and get away with it, I also live with your biggest fan-who’s-twelve and it’s mean not to bring him. He promises not to mind when you say “boobies” etc so will you tell them to let him in please?
Luv Jan

Tulip_24 on 6th of July 2010

Ticket’s in the bag baby.
Cannot wait to be rocked.
Hope that bear dances!!!

Gilles on 6th of July 2010

So what about Belgians ? and no excuse about us not speaking english !

Emi on 6th of July 2010

You’re not coming to Ireland? Why would you do this to us, Tim??? D:
I’ve been waiting to see you live since I first discovered you when I was 14…

Andy on 6th of July 2010

I want to come – yes I do but what is the craic with the 16 year old age limit? – when I went to book at Newcastle Arena there is a notice about ‘refused entry for under 16s’. On the plus side – its two tickets as opposed to five – but then I’ll have two very disappointed smaller people and it’ll all be your fault – I hope you can live with that :?

Cydonie Diwell on 5th of July 2010

Come to ipswichhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :)

Trinity on 5th of July 2010

Looking forward to the Edinburgers date any idea how soon you’ll have these tickets on sale!

donna johnston on 4th of July 2010

Please please please come to Belfast!!! Because we are a small island us backwards folk can sometimes get a bit scared to go on a plane. Too many terrorists…haha!!!

Franny G on 4th of July 2010

I wish you would come to Bristol-land!!
I have a tent I could lend you to stay in, plenty of fields to occupy ><
I would sooo wuv yoo to come so I could bask in your glory and omit a hushed awe as yoo clambered onto the stage.

Nigel on 4th of July 2010

Awh dudeeeeeeee!
Should really come Sheffield!
Might have to see if i can pop across the border to Lancashire and see you in Manchester though.

Rhys on 4th of July 2010

You are in Cardiff on my birthday… SOOOOOOOOO there!
What a way to spend my 18th, laughing my penis off to the genius that is: Mr. Tim Minchin <3

Florian on 3rd of July 2010

Tickets booked for Brighton. I am going to come the whole way from Germany …. well okay not the whole way. I’ll be studying in Southampton at that time and will just travel from there :D . Can’t wait. I am already annoying all the people around me with my joy ^^

paula on 3rd of July 2010

please please please come to Ireland

Séan Raymond on 3rd of July 2010

from Ireland:
Please do try to come over eventually
we (that is at-least 1 person with schizophrenia)
would love to have you
and i personally would love to be able to see you live but am too poor and short on time to go to britain :(

Beth on 3rd of July 2010

I second the person that says to book a date in the South West – Exeter would be lovely. Please please come down! If not, I’ll hopefully be seeing you in Cardiff!

Tamsin on 3rd of July 2010

Please can you come a bit further south west (in England!) – Exeter / Plymouth or even Bristol?

Sheila Hall on 3rd of July 2010

It’s a mystery; up early to buy tickets on Wednesday morning but still only able to get tickets for 27th row. So who got all the best tickets?

KEOR on 3rd of July 2010

I really want to get a ticket for my 14 year old son who is a massive fan of Tim we will feel awful coming without him he is a massive fan…I have heard there is a 16 age restriction but then I heard it has been lifted ahh help i want to buy my tickets

Kristeen on 3rd of July 2010

Am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited to see you in Nottingham on the 18th!! Coming all the way to England just to see you! Well….not quite but it is a fantasic bonus! And I don’t have to wait until you make it to Aus! WOOHOOO!!!

Stephen Davies on 3rd of July 2010

Amazing! Can’t wait. Got my tickets… see you in Cardiff Tim. Thought your appearance on Jonathan Woss was great.

Paul on 3rd of July 2010

Tim you’ve made it! Tonight you were not only exposing Wossy as the dalentless dwad he is but also on Never mind the Buzzcocks via Dave – very nearly simultaneously err- ignoring Dave’s remit.
If over-exposure is here already, can wealthy obscurity be far behind? Good luck with the orchestra thingy – can’t make the dates i’m afraid.

Steve on 3rd of July 2010

4th row in Nottingham! Can’t wait!

Annie on 2nd of July 2010

Edinburgh …. yes please!

Bryan on 2nd of July 2010

Hey Tim, the real reason people were rioting in Toronto last week wasnt because of the G 20 summit. It was because they heard there were no Orchestra tour dates yet. LOL
Hoping to see the orchestra here in 2011. Wont be able to catch you next week. Please come back soon . LOL
Thanks :)

Rachel in York on 2nd of July 2010

Hey there, any chance of coming to Yorkshire? Sheffield Arena for example…. would be muchly appreciated!

Abi on 2nd of July 2010

Ooooo so excitring :) It means a 3.5 hour drive- but more than worth it for such an amazing venue :D Can’t wait until Birmingham! :D x

dollybird on 2nd of July 2010

got 2 tickets for me and my son, for birmingham, 8/12. can’t wait to see you live and also to have a night out with my boy!!!!

Jack Richardson on 2nd of July 2010

Book some down south, we’d love to see you again. Plymouth or Bristol please =D Cardiff’s a bit far =/

Melissa on 2nd of July 2010

booked my tickets at 9am this morning, see you in Manchester for the first time Tim! :D can’t wait!

Caz on 2nd of July 2010

Hey, tickets booked for Manchester in December, would have liked to be closer to the stage but with four of us wanting to sit together, 2 wheelchair users and 2 other friends, we had to get a space further away from the stage but I do hope to be seeing you in future tours when I will be closer to the stage. I can’t wait!! See you in December

Egle on 2nd of July 2010

please Please PLEASE come to Ireland!

Bex on 2nd of July 2010

I really need that picture as a poster/print!

Teo H on 2nd of July 2010

Ah damn… I suppose you don’t plan on visiting Romania with your big fat juicy orchestra anytime soon, do you? It’d be quite lovely though, I promise we Romanians have a hellish sense of humour :D

Do think it through, do.

Sam on 2nd of July 2010

Just got tickets for Brighton!! Can’t wait

Leigh on 2nd of July 2010

Tim!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why iz you not playing in my Kitchen!!! It has lovely worktops.

Pam C on 2nd of July 2010

What about New Zealand again Mr Minchin?? I’ll be in Auckland in Jan/Feb with my daughter but will you??? Pretty please??

paul m on 2nd of July 2010

no one ever comes to bradford.wonder why.we have all the famous murderers lol. the media museum too.

emma bourke on 2nd of July 2010

tim you are a legend! got into you when i saw you on jonny ross last year so looking forward to tonight! got tix for manc and newcastle from my wonderful husband! can’t wait to see you live for the first time, i have warn out my dvds. and in case you are wondering i am one of those sad muso’s who just loves f#! perhaps you could do this with the orchestra all playing their favourite keys??!! love you! emma bourke

Jennie K. on 2nd of July 2010

Why is mainland Europe getting stiffed here? I’ll have you know that there’s quite a flock here in Denmark who dig your stuff. We’re sooo good at English, and totally understand Australian accents. Just sayin’.

Is there some childhood trauma beneath I wonder?

stacey on 2nd of July 2010

=( just read the tour dates and destination the closest one to me is brighton and even thats an hours bus journey and 3 hour train ride. But im gonna do it ^_^

Amy Bacon on 2nd of July 2010

I got my tickets :) <3
can't wait i love Tim Minchin XX

Jules Fletcher on 2nd of July 2010

Australia and New Zealand I am sure will be awaiting your every move. You so rock, I absolutely love that song about Christmas. Being an Kiwi and an Aussie . NSW Pleaaaassseee. Don’t suppose you would come to Tamworth ? You rock Dude.,

Scottish Nature Boy on 2nd of July 2010

Oh boy oh boy oh boy – the prospect of a Glasgow gig AND and an Edinburgh gig is so mouthwatering, I’m (almost) drooling!

Rachel Lorretta Chafer on 2nd of July 2010

I know it is a long shot but I came to your last tour and it was fuckawesome! Will you be touring Asia at all? I recently took a job in South Korea and I will happily eat a puppy to see you!

Freya on 2nd of July 2010

What about BOURNEMOUTH????

KP on 2nd of July 2010

Can’t wait for the tour of Oz!

Sam on 2nd of July 2010

This is gonna be epic!

26peanuts on 2nd of July 2010

please please please come to ireland!! wel obv go to glasgow or whatever but dublin would be feckin easier!! :P cant wait!!

jonathan devlin on 2nd of July 2010

got my tickets for brighton gig on 13/12 cant wait even if its a bit of journey getting there. good deal pre-ordering Ready for this dvd to get pre-sale tickets.

Stephanie Vick on 2nd of July 2010

LOVE the Timward Pianohands ;) I know you apologized, but not doing American shows is a disservice to your fellow man (and woman). We need you more than anyone else on the planet! Help us keep America secular! The religious freaks are coming out in droves and we need some ammo to take them down! Comedy is a powerful weapon.

Jimmy on 2nd of July 2010

Saw you last year, would love to see you again. My Councillor says I should make the effort, but his cat said otherwise…

Helen on 1st of July 2010

Much as NZer’s normally hate being lumped in with Australia, I’m really hoping that in this case we have been. I mean, if you’re going to travel that far, you may as well hop over the ditch eh? *fingers crossed!* :o)

just ellen. on 1st of July 2010

come on Tim, do it. unleash a date in Edinburgh. Im really scared incase i miss out, so do it. now! pleease. i’ll heart you a little less, and thats not a good thing D: promise you wont regret it! Edinburgh has done so much good for you, so be good back yeah? great. Love you. (you smell good);)

Kevan O Brien on 1st of July 2010

ah you have to play Ireland, we love a good sing song so we do!! It’s in out blood :D

Mondale31 on 1st of July 2010

It’s easy to forget mainland Europe isn’t it.. :( It’s quite a sad thought that Martians will be able to see you perform live sooner then us Europeans.. But I’m with Ine de Vos on this one. Please come to The Netherlands as well.. Though we have no statue of a peeing boy as a national symbol like in Belgium. We do however have a phallic symbol for war victims in Amsterdam. I know drugs are not gonna win you over…Will Heineken do? Or play with the Metropole Orchestra here…pweaze?

Ray on 1st of July 2010

I need someone to give me money to fly to london for spell; otherwise, curse you for not coming to the states (I lash out because I love)

Emily on 1st of July 2010

PLEASE come back to southampton. me and my friends were front row last time and you spoke to us both times you were there! you HAVE to come back!! LOVE LOVE xxxxxx

Laura on 1st of July 2010

why oh why are you not coming to oxford this year? :'(
i may just have to trek all the way to london or brighton instead…i hope you’re ashamed of yourself.

Ine Devos on 1st of July 2010

I say, come to Belgium.
We’re that sad little country in between The Netherlands, France and Germany that is constantly on the verge of splitting up.
We have a peeing statue of a guy as national symbol <- very convincing

Tracey on 1st of July 2010

What, no Derby? You had such a laugh there last time!

Rafał on 1st of July 2010

Hoooooooly shit! For that I must fly to England. To bad you never will tour in Poland, stupid people not understanding english speaking comics

Sonia on 1st of July 2010

Tim please please please come to Southampton – I missed your gig last time. The Mayflower is an awesome venue. Pretty please :o)

marianna on 1st of July 2010

please please PLEASE come to Los Angeles! We’ll eat you up we love you so! Your family can stay at our place in Ontario! (yes, there’s an ontario calif)

MR T on 1st of July 2010

Tim you have to come the yorkshire! perhaps sheffield you would be excellent at the arena :D

Ami on 1st of July 2010

Damnit, I’ve wanted to go to one of your concerts for ages, but I’m studying in America from August to May!!! Bad luck, bad luck all round :( But I hope the tour is successful and I’ll just cross my fingers for catching a concert in the future xxx

KateyB on 1st of July 2010

I have been waiting for this moment since I discovered you on a Channel 4 screening of So Fucking Rock last year. I have got fourth row tickets for Birmingham. Will you be able to see my purple shoes from there? I do hope so. They will have been dyed especially. x

Laura on 1st of July 2010

What about the South West? Cardiff is a bit far on a work night, especially when you have to teach 31 five year olds the next day… Plymouth please????

Annabella on 1st of July 2010

Tickets for Nottingham booked! See you on the 18th December! =)

Chrissy on 1st of July 2010

I think you should come further south … maybe like Plymouth ;)

♥ ♥ ♥

Sara Humphrey on 1st of July 2010

Tried to book tickets for Brighton today, but your pre sales sold out. Looks like I’ll be giving out card details on the train to work at 9am tomorrow. I’m willing to risk the identity fraud! Please don’t sell out until I’ve got mine!xx

Rebecca Blake on 1st of July 2010

Got tickets for Brighton, see you then – can’t wait! Woop Woop!

Annabanana on 1st of July 2010

No Edinburgh festival this time??? Awwwwww….you’ve gotta book that April date in! We miss you!!! Glasgow’s too lucky…they get all the better gigs….Tim, come to Edinburgh, you know you love us! xxxxxx

Charis Howard on 1st of July 2010

Tickets booked for the O2, so excited block A2, yay, awesome priority ticket deal from pre-ordering the DVD, WOOOOOOOOOOO!

Rachel on 1st of July 2010

I’ll see you in Manchester :D

Siobhan Bellot on 1st of July 2010

Tickets booked and i will see you at the 02 in december i cannont wait…ekk :)

Nikki on 1st of July 2010

Going to the opening gig.. further away from home but closer to the stage than MEN ha cant wait! Lyrical genius!

Emily Wiltshire on 1st of July 2010

Why no Bristol dates?!? There were many on the last tour!

Luis Paulo Meleiro on 1st of July 2010

OK, I’m not an American but I’m stuck in sodding California.
How am I supposed to wait until you decide to come here to make the 60’s British Invasion look like a mild American temporary flair for exotic hairdos and plaid?
C’mon! This year!!

Chevindogwalker on 1st of July 2010

Where is God’s Own Country? No dates in Yorkshire, Tim? I’d cook you some black pudding!

Stephen Staunton on 1st of July 2010

You just gotta play Ireland, you just gotta!

Emma louise on 1st of July 2010

I saw you live in vicar street in dublin we loved you so much we all would love you to come back so please do :) your a genius we love you xxx

Laura on 1st of July 2010

I wait all year for you to come back and I’m in London on the Cardiff date at another gig! Uberfail

Bethany on 1st of July 2010

tickets books!! cant wait to see you at the 02
i saw you last year at hammersmith apollo
knocked my socks off!
this is gonna be the highlight of my year you brilliant man! :D
cannot wait! see you there!!

Lucia on 1st of July 2010

Can you please come West Wales one day? Aberystwyth Arts Centre ideally….you can stay at ours! Cardiff won’t appreciate you the way we will!

Raehub on 1st of July 2010

How could I refuse such a fantastic invitation – see you in Cardiff.

claire on 1st of July 2010

AARRRGGGHHHHHHH Tim!!!!!! i have been waiting forever for you to tour the UK, and its sods law that i am due to give birth on 5th december….gutted!!!!!! oh well there’s always next time!!!!!!

Joanne Hewer on 1st of July 2010

Glad you’ll be performing for the martians, surely the best way to come in peace to new species :P
Seeing you at the o2 mister :D

Leigh on 1st of July 2010

I’d offer to let you stay at mine for the London gig. But I’m worried you’d eat all my corn flakes.

Baz on 1st of July 2010

Tickets are booked. See in you the 3rd venue in Aberdeen in 18 months.

Danielle Lavigne on 1st of July 2010

I’d offer to open for you if you play Dublin, but only if I’m allowed to crash and burn to make you look good.

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