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As you can see, www.timminchin.com has had a midlife crisis and gone and got a brow lift and some buttock implants. And bought a custom Triumph and a video camera and is about to set off on a roadtrip through the Andes carrying nothing but a backpack full memories and an HTML tent. And is having an affair with this bit of totty: angry-feet.com. Disgusting.

But deep down, it’s the same old site. Have a poke around, see if you can’t talk some sense into it.

Wossy II

Innocent, or poised feline ready to spring?

I’m on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross again next week, BBC1 10.35pm, 2nd July. How very fun. Not sure what I’ll be doing – chatting to the big man about Matilda and my December tour, I imagine, maybe having a go on the piano, remember this malarkey:



Also chatting to Wossy on that night are Robin Williams and Elle Macpherson. The Radio Times blurb is here.

Tour Dates Imminent

Some sneaky info about my very-soon-to-be-announced tour:

  • There will be few dates but many tickets.
  • There will be songs you know but not as you know them and there’ll be some new songs that are so new I ain’t writ em yet.
  • The UK shows are mostly in December, the Australian shows more like Feb/March.
  • The UK dates will be announced late next week, and tickets will be offered first via an email-out.
  • So if you are not yet on me ol’ mailing list,  join it now here and you’ll get a day or two to buy tickets before the philistines who prefer spam-free inboxes to front rows.

Apology to the peoples of The United States of The Americas

I know, I know, you’ve heard it all before. But I want to again humbly apologise to you wondrous Americans for my failure to perform any US dates this year. I would get down on my knees, but I don’t want to get oil on my trousers. Huh. This musical I’m writing has rather overtaken my life, as have things like babies and radio shows and stuff. I am yet again trying to plan some choice dates in 2011, and am looking forward to apologising even more vociferously when they also fall through. And I apologise for using an ‘s’ in the word apologise. But that’s just the way it goze.

Finally, at the risk of repeating myself, you can book for Matilda here, and Canadian dates here.

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Dylan G on 18th of March 2011

If I were born with red hair yet it changed color during the first few years of my existence can I use the word Ginger? (please come to the u.s., preferably philidelphia)

Robyn Brocklehurst on 25th of August 2010

Just come to Canada. :)

Anna on 14th of July 2010

I’ve been listening to you on youtube for the past ninety minutes, so when I read this, it was in your voice, singing, to the tune of a mish-mash of your songs. *giggles*
And please come to America! Although I’m sure you won’t be anywhere near Ohio, seeing as it’s rather backwards and stodgy. But come anyways, and I’ll try to go see you if you’re a reasonable distance away. *grins*

kaine beetham on 12th of July 2010

love the above statement it made me laugh so really hard my shoes and socks blew off

Steve Vanden-Eykel on 2nd of July 2010

Tim, do you have any idea how many people would love to see you out on the West Coast (Vancouver, Seattle, LA)? I know of at least two, besides myself. Since I only know three people, that means that a good 75% of the population would buy a ticket to see you. Vancouver’s got about a million people, so do the math and hop on a bus already!

Jill Thwaites on 1st of July 2010

Timward Pianohands – just brilliant! Thankyou ;-)

Tom Rhoads on 1st of July 2010

No need to apologize. My wife and I have our tickets to one of your shows in Montreal and are very excited to see you perform. We also look for any excuse to visit Montreal, so driving up there and staying a few days is a bonus.

Henri White on 30th of June 2010

If you are doing arenas this means no stage door meetings or anything like that. Are you gonna do in venue meetings and or public appearances HMV etc ??

Clare Calvert on 30th of June 2010

Any chance of Tim coming to New Zealand on the Australia tour? We’re from the UK and have seen him there but now llive in NZ and miss him dearly!!!

Jayne Hale on 29th of June 2010

Please expand your tour locations, we would love to see you in Portsmouth or Southampton. I always make sure everyone I meet, knows who you are!
Please start selling Tim mugs so I can be the proud owner of one in our school staff room.
Just out of curiosity what approx. price range would you charge for a private gig?

Antony on 29th of June 2010

Money on a symphony orchestra.

timtams_are_just_penguins_and_you_Aussies_know_it on 29th of June 2010

dated announced – not sure if I’m jumping the gun, here, and maybe more will be added, but do we need to wait till April 2011 to see you in Scotland?

Dominic Rose on 28th of June 2010

Fuck sake.. Please come to Ireland!!!


shona on 28th of June 2010

Edinburgh please! I pre ordered your dvd twice just to be sure I could get early tickets and I promised a few folks tickets and now your saying ‘few’ dates! Please say Edinburgh is included!

Naomi on 27th of June 2010

So excited about your tour news! Saw you in Reading last year, would be nothing short of amazing to see you there again. Just hoping it makes it into one of the “few” dates this time round, if not see you somewhere else!

GingerBear on 26th of June 2010

Don’t you think we would favor
a bit of your flavor
in the land of the redneck, white flight and blues?

An anthem is needed
for those who have heeded
your blog bearing miserable news. :(

Spaggy on 26th of June 2010

And what about a perfomance in Germany?
I would love to see you here because I don´t feel the need to come to Australia… ;)

JetCityGirl on 25th of June 2010

Don’t worry about it luv, oceans can be crossed from either direction. However, when you do make it this far west have you considered Bumbershoot Arts Festival in Seattle?

Luke on 25th of June 2010

Sorry mate, like to view your site but can’t as it uses flash and I use apple stuff. Could you sort it? Cheers.

Daniel R on 25th of June 2010

This looks like a set up, but I genuinely don’t know Rosemary Dexter.

Make sure you come to Bournemouth!

Rosemary Dexter on 25th of June 2010

Hello lovely Tim,please make sure your uk tour dates include Bournemouth again as I have to bring many peeps to see you.

Milko on 24th of June 2010

Hey we got a ranga for PM in Australia today…….but only a ginger can call another ginger ginger. So looking froward to your Australian tour!

Elaine on 24th of June 2010

P-p-p-p-please come to Ireland! Anywhere in Ireland! For once I wish Ireland was is the UK…but Belfast is…that’d do dandy!

Natalie on 24th of June 2010

Take pity on all of us who enjoy your work here in the States! Come for a visit, eh? Preferably before we all die, starved of your attention :P

Jenny on 23rd of June 2010

edited to fix the spelling errors that is indicative of my crappy education.
I can’t stop being sad about your failure to come to the Americas. Although I may understand fully your reluctance, we can arrange for some tight-ass security. I am a New Yorker, reluctantly moving to the south, so I know that I will never see you. I don’t advise that you come to the south. Even Obama is scared there. Perhaps my family will move down under, and I will be lucky enough to see you perform live before I die. Currently I send links to all my atheist friends and am increasing your fan base. From the goodness of my heart. All I ask is that you make your DVD in a format my player will recognize. Thank you, Tim.
P.S. My husband calls you “Your boyfriend”. It’s not really true though, is it?

Claire on 23rd of June 2010

Very excited about Wossy next week :) i hope it’s as hilarious as last time!.

Please do atleat one scottish date in the UK tour, i just had to sell my Camp Bestival tickets because i can’t afford the travel, i’m absoloutly gutted, but would all be ok if i could see you in Scotland :)

Take care and don’t work too hard! xx

Gary Moore on 23rd of June 2010

Is the tour going to make it to scotland preferably Glasgow.

Louise on 23rd of June 2010

“There will be songs you know but not as you know them” Oooh, cryptic!
A few dates? I hope there’s a north east one, or failing that, a Manchester one on a weekend :)
But yay, Jonathan Ross again!

Mondale31 on 23rd of June 2010

Hi Tim, please come to the Netherlands as well. We are OK people. Definitely gonna watch you on Wossy and I am seriously hoping for a duet with Robin Williams. That would be awesome! Sick, probably, but awesome.

Elaine on 23rd of June 2010

Your website’s midlife crisis is much more interesting than mine. I am taking away a few tips. In the meantime I look forward very much to Wossy, Matilda and a December tour date including them new songs wot you will have writ. x

Becca on 23rd of June 2010

Where does this leave us DVD pre-ordereders? Will we get an opportunity to buy tickets before those on the mailing list? Very excited :D

Joanne Hewer on 23rd of June 2010

Ahhh! Nice to hear news on the tour, shall hopefully be seeing you Mr. Tim. :D x

Danielle Lavigne on 23rd of June 2010

Please tell me the UK includes Ireland. Because I like you, you know. And your hair.

ren on 23rd of June 2010

Tim you make me laugh, how can i possibly stay mad at you ;] see you in the states in 2015!

Friday on 23rd of June 2010

Fantastic news on the UK tour date front, in fact I’ve just signed up to the mailing list to give us more of a fighting chance to score some tickets (the World Cup is in no way influencing me, honest m’lud). However…I do feel this relationship we’ve entered into has been more than a little one-sided of late. We’ve rocked up to your shows, perused Angry-Feet, bought the Merch…hell, I even smile politely while my wife lusts after you…you with your…hair, and your feet, and your eye-liner…and…and…your hair…and what have I got in return? Well, ok…a ridiculously good time, a belly full of laugh-age & coming away infused with the warm feeling of “rightness” and a sense that perhaps life isn’t quite as futile and worthless as previously suspected…but, ASIDE from that…what have we got? I mean…you haven’t even been to one of our gigs or bought an album…and apparently we (we being This Burning Age that is) are the next word in dark “alt-electro-rock”. Assuming the next word isn’t “[email protected]” of course. Which it might be. Why you no love us as much as we love you Tim?? [sob] :p ;)

Tony Rowe on 23rd of June 2010

I went to the show in Cheltenham (UK) and loved it! If I could have bought more tickets right after the show I would have. I can’t wait for the next tour!

Stereotypical Cornishman on 23rd of June 2010

Coming to Cornwall Yet??

Nicole on 23rd of June 2010

Awesome! Can’t wait for the tour, couldn’t go last year even though I had tickets… :( But this year i’m cancelling everything to get to one of your shows! Is Ireland included in the tour though? XxXxX

Tracey/rm on 23rd of June 2010

If I don’t witness a performance of Not Perfect you can take your websites midlife crisis and shove it up your “arze”.

And in typical internets fashion yaylolomgyaddayadda and so on.

Persephone 66 on 23rd of June 2010

Tim, I really wish you could come to America, I love your songs. Though you may want to avoid Texas, considering the Texas State Republican platform, you may not be to popular.

Rachel on 23rd of June 2010

2011?! Tim, the horror of that wait will simply crucify me! Will you make a date for Charleston, WV? We need a class act like you to bring some culture to this place. :)

Connor on 23rd of June 2010

Even if I have to kill someone, I’m gunna see you on this tour! Love your work, can’t wait to hear the new stuff!

Susan on 23rd of June 2010

Scotland, please, Tim. Edinburgh specifically. You know you love it.

Christy on 23rd of June 2010

Yes, I suppose we Americans will forgive you, for now. Good luck with everything you’re doing this year, because it is a lot!

Susan on 23rd of June 2010

I sincerely hope when you do make it over here to the States that you’ll not shy away from the deep South. I would LOVE to see you shake up Nashville. You and Larry the Cable Guy should do a double bill just to mess with people’s heads.

Helen Sumner on 23rd of June 2010

Australia !
Feb/March… Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah…
Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou…. I’ll sell my kids for this…xxoo.

Sean McConegly on 23rd of June 2010

On behalf of the people of the US i accept your apology. Can’t wait to see you whenever you can make it out here!

Ray on 23rd of June 2010

As long as you continue to exist, we’ll be patient in states. Of course, you won’t come to my backwater city, and I wouldn’t want you to.

Jacque on 23rd of June 2010

I will still love you even though you weren’t able to make it to the US… We Americans will just have to make a trip to the other side of the pond to soak up some of the UK culture and of course, you. (I am, however, excited that you will be Canada…it’s only a *short* nine hour drive away)

Henri on 23rd of June 2010

Im sure this means its an arena tour with a band and some new songs. The music sounds like it will be good but id wish for a smaller venue because i liked being more personal with tim rather than being in an arena because its not the same :/

Jodie cooper-thompson on 23rd of June 2010

I cant wait till the uk tour i know your songs by heart and loved strings. Congrats on the new baby and on the musical i wish i could get to go see it but im disabled and cant really get there. X x x x

Rhiannon kelly on 23rd of June 2010

I can’t wait till december now! the last tour was amazing! im sure this one will be even better! Love you Tim x

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