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Hey guys,

Sorry! I’ve been away. Kirsty, I hope someone talked you down… once you’ve cut a canvas bag, you can never turn back. It’s a slippery fucking slope that one, mark my words.

The password-protected post that was here was just a wee Chrissy video-message I made for my and Sarah’s fams in Australia. In the end I buggered it up and it was on public view on youtube anyway, Which was a bit embarrassing because it was quite personal. But that’s ok… not like I was nude or anything. Hohoho.

Hope everyone had a fun one. We went up to see some friends in Claughton in Lancashire. There was turkey and stuffing: the latter being the verb to describe how we consumed the former.

Loving having my very own human. She’s pretty cool – yesterday we drove home in horrendous traffic and it took 8 hours and the wee’n slept about 7 of them. Sweet. With newborns, when it comes to time-spent-conscious, less is most definitely more.

I got: some cds, some books, some socks, some jocks, some jams, some soap, and a special bag thingy to hang on the handle-bars of my bike so that I can ride around London carrying my cds, books, socks, jocks, jams and soap like some kind of affluent, health-conscious homeless person.

So. UK tour starts in a month. Exciting. I have a few corporate type gigs between now and then and an Australia Day thingy.

Oh, and don’t forget to listen to BBC Radio 2 at 6pm on New Year’s Day… for that is when my radio special, “Tim Minchin and Friends” is to be aired. Friends include Reggie Watts, Lucie Silvas and Jeremy Lion. Check out details on the BBC Radio 2 worldwide internet website. (There’s even recordings of a couple of tunes that didn’t make the edit available to listen to right goddam now.)

I’ll remind you of that little puppy again.

Ok. Merry Christmas, Chappy Chanukah, whatever. Peace and goodwill towards men.

And ladies. Of course.

The lovely, lovely ladies.


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Dani on 15th of January 2007

It did say
‘If You Open Your Mind Too Much Your Brain Will Fall Out (Take My Wide)’

But it’s been changed now :-(

I think I like yours better, not sure you’d be able to get away with calling it a typo though!

Sarah on 15th of January 2007

I’m not sure what Dani is trying to say. ‘If you open your mind too much your baby will fall out’??

Dani on 15th of January 2007

Has someone alerted Middle8 to the fact that your wife has had her baby?

Look at the title of track 8 on So Rock


The description may not be as accurate anymore!

jesus mcgod on 13th of January 2007

yo dani sistah where u think u get off damn preachin at all them kids?
u wanna take a leaf outta my book and shut you damn port hole



Dani on 12th of January 2007

This is the year for Peace in Palastine.

I can feel it in me waters!

Darlene on 4th of January 2007

I know this is not a blog in the traditional sense of the word, but I just had to respond to the following statement:

“…legion of silly squealing dumbhead fangirls who don’t really love you like we do :( The thought saddens me. sigh. but yay.”

I’m sure Tim will be happy to have all sorts of fans. There was an interesting article in Bitch magazine not so long ago about the way female fans have been denigrated over the years by being dismissed as mere girls who don’t really know what they’re screaming about.

Such discussion allows the boys to claim to have all the smarts about music or politics or humour etc etc

Bit serious, but….just needed to SCREAM that.

Don’t define for others whether they’re a true fan or not. I wouldn’t have done it in my days worshipping Duran Duran and Cullture Club.

Happy New Year, Minchinians.

M. on 31st of December 2006

Marrakeshi besitos and Happy New Year! Will tell you all about it later…

Abbey on 30th of December 2006

Thanks very much for the message Tim, i hope you had a fantastic Christmas. Lovely to hear about little Violet and the joys of the festive season!

Looking forward to your tour! By the looks of things, i think i’ll be coming to see you in both Aldershot and Reading, which will make it 4 times in about 4 months. I’m fully aware of how fanatical that probably makes me sound, but it’s actually just down to the fact that me and the others have been spreading the word, and now various groups of people want to come and see you perform live.

Which is a good thing! I think.

Have a great New Year, anyway!
Abbey x

A friend of mine has relatives over from Australia for Christmas, and they were kind enough to bring us over a copy of Dark Side each! Exciting stuff.

Nicola on 29th of December 2006

Yes, there’s a difference between squealing true fans and squealing dumbhead jump-on-the-bandwagon immature fangirls. I definitely have had more than my share of Tim-related squeals, as you have >.

Sarah on 29th of December 2006

Hey Timmy,
Thanks for the thought of making a vid for my fam even if you forgot to tell me the password… lucky I found it anyway!!!

Blake and Kirsty… we’ll talk about this later…

You know Tim, I don’t know how it could’ve been embarrassing if you were in the nude… you’ve got nothing to be embarrassed about… I mean… uh… I like pineapple.

xx Sarah

P.S. I’m a girl… and I squeal too…. when it comes to tim anyway… but We were the original squealing Tim fan club… it saddens me too… but makes me happy all at the same time… because I am, and always will be #1!!!!!

Kirsty on 29th of December 2006

I’m a girl… I squeal.


Blake on 29th of December 2006

the screaming girls add to the humour of the show… those “things” are hilarious!
(no offence intended, its true)

Nicola on 29th of December 2006

Oh Tim, you’re getting so famous. It’s a bittersweet situation. I’m so hapy for you that you’re becoming the megastar you deserve to be, but it also means that you’re going to build a legion of silly squealing dumbhead fangirls who don’t really love you like we do :( The thought saddens me. sigh. but yay.

Blake on 29th of December 2006

I got socks for christmas. Comfy black ones. Great for gigs. Which is good, seeing as my other 20 pairs have disappeared. Which may be a commentary on the fact that I don’t do the washing round here.

Kirsty on 29th of December 2006

(Blake, I think Sarah will hurt us all for posting before her. I’m wearing kneepads and shin guards. You’d better wear a cup, just in case.)

Nobody bought me socks this Christmas. But it’s okay, I bought myself some the other day. They’re pink.

Hannah on 29th of December 2006

Socks, eh? I got socks too. (Though not just socks obviously. That would be weird.)
My grandmother is so predictable at Christmas. Socks and After Eights, with some money in a card. Exciting.

H x

Blake on 29th of December 2006

(i just noticed i posted before sarah…. she might hurt me now….)

oh, we renamed the song “wierd about rob”. Its now “wierd about tim”.

Blake on 29th of December 2006

hehe, don’t you hate the internet sometimes tim?
Thanks for the video, was awesome. Only one question…. why a volkswagen over peugeot? :P ….well i suppose you could have had the two VWs with a volkwagen, but stilll!
Our family christmas had turkey and stuffing as well! :D (the later being a noun to describe the insides of the cooked poultry)

Merry Christmas!

Kirsty on 29th of December 2006

It’s okay, Tim… the Christmas spirit overcame me and I released the bag into the wild. It was very moving… I sang “Born Free” as it scampered off.

Not really. It wasn’t my bag anyway… it’s the one the cat stole, and she’s got it back again now.

Hmm… I don’t think I make a very good terrorist, all things considered. Guess I’ll have to start considering a new career path.

Jono on 29th of December 2006

Oooh… Merry Christmas Tim. I saw that christmas video of you, it was soo cute and awesome! Hope your having a good time over in the UK, and i’m looking forward to seeing your show next year (I’ve already ordered my tickets).
From your loyal fan, Jono

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